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The Technology Consulting includes the following steps:-

Want to think about business with some sips of Coffee? Getting n number of solutions without having a proper idea of effectiveness? Let's sit down and talk about the specific business and technology challenges your organization is facing. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your situation is foundational to everything else we do. Coffee is on us.
Business Technology & Consulting

We provide complete business and not just technology solutions. A strong team of business and management professionals ensures that we deliver 'Workable Business Solutions' and not just best technology solutions.

The product definition process includes the functional aspect of business. It clearly defines the value proposition for the targeted market segment using the technology and other functional aspects. The products are complex and may have dimensions. With product definition consulting we help the clients define the goals and objectives of the desired output

Arrow Business Vision Document
Arrow Feasibility Study/Project appraisal
Arrow Requirement workshop notes
Arrow Functional Specification
Arrow Data Modeling

Marg consultants are experienced practitioners that apply rigorous methodologies and frameworks, critical thinking, deep analytics, and knowledge management to solve your greatest challenges. Composed of many former technology leaders and veteran Internet Consultants, Our Internet Business expertise are helping clients to optimize IT operations and manage major changes .Our great advantage is the full power of Marg Research and the richness of insight that flows continually from many of Marg client engagements. Marg research ensures our analyses and advice is based on a deep understanding of the IT environment and the business of IT. We are committed to working with clients' resources, culture and capabilities in producing an overall strategic plan and product for their businesses.

Business Technology Services basically helps the clients to realize high business value by implementing information technology & forming information strategy, modules association, functional mapping, operational evaluating, business collaboration, business integration and managing IT risk, across the value chain of the enterprise. Marg helps you to understand this need of technology for your business so that you may apply advanced technology including Cloud Computing, Sustainability, Mobility, Social Computing and Analytics among others.

Our Internet Specialist Consultants and Business Consultants help you to identify your needs; show you how to cut costs; increase productivity and generate more business.

Problems take time and money. By reducing problems you save time and money. Meeting with you we prioritize your problems, suggest solutions, and then work with you on the results. Problems are reduced and your Business Performs better!

Make Technology Work for You
Arrow Reduce current expenses!
Arrow Operate more efficiently!
Arrow Improve revenue opportunities!
Arrow Make running your business and life easier

Business, Media and Technology
Our first step is to fully understand your business focus and strategy. After an intense analysis and review of the problem or the opportunity we will proceed to evaluate your existing or proposed online business activities

You tell us what you want to accomplish; we then determine how to accomplish it.

Developing and executing a web strategy requires at least five important phases:

1)  Consulting - we will evaluate your long term and short term goals and demands and analyze your market. A project scope will be established including factors, like work                              plan, budget, etc.
2)  Design - we develop the look-and-feel and technological framework for the project. Alpha versions are presented and altered upon request.
3)  Construction - text copy, images and applications are brought together. Beta versions are presented to you for approval and are altered accordingly.
4)  Implementation - the final product will be launched. Final corrections can be made.
5)  Quality Assurance - we monitor and systematically analyze the success of the product after the launch.