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Technology Consulting

The technology consulting process includes the identification of right technology, hosting RFP, process management and professional services required for smooth functioning of the technology operations behind the business. The process often includes the IT Infrastructure planning and vendor selection process and the guidance on complete technology operations for the business.

The Technology Consulting includes the following steps:-

Arrow S/W vendor selection
Arrow Project Management
Arrow IT Infrastructure planning
Arrow Third party solution
Arrow Performance Optimization
Business Process Consulting

 This aspect includes the process of defining the backend processes for setting up the business. The consulting process defines the complete architecture of processes that are required for smooth functioning of the projected business. The process also includes defining the flow diagrams about the core business identification and the best processes involved in the fulfillment. 

The Business Process Consulting includes the following steps:- 

Arrow Activity Flow diagrams
Arrow Core Business Process Identification
Arrow Process Reengineering
Arrow Best Process Identification

Internet has experienced a significant growth over past few years, and the demand for Internet applications crossed the supply long back. Today, there are number of companies providing solutions for e-business, starting a portal, managing Internet operations and Internet marketing, however there are a few of them, really focusing on understanding needs of businesses and helping them chalk out a right strategy over Internet Success. And this fact, made us think!

The online marketing consulting is done for the growth of emerging businesses. The process involves various methods to acquire more numbers. It includes building strategy for user acquisition, enhancing the brand presence, building traffic through various sources and optimizing the conversion rates for the existing businesses which are already into operation.

The online marketing consulting includes the following steps:-

Arrow User Acquisitions Strategy
Arrow Brand Building Strategy
Arrow Traffic Building Strategy
Arrow Conversion Strategy
Internet Consulting
The navigational elements of your site are important for several reasons. They form the paths that users take to gain information about your company and services, and ultimately contribute to either a negative user experience or a positive user experience.

A user’s experience on your site can heavily impact:

Your company’s corporate and brand image. Often, your website is the first impression your customers get of your business. A usable navigational architecture can ensure that your first impression is a good one.
The main objective of site is to easier & faster availability of users so that they can access the site information efficiently & effectively. Without a persuasive architecture, visitors are left searching through your site, seeking information they need to take action. Provide them with an easy route to their goal, and you can enjoy much higher conversion rates.

Our team of consultants has a strong working knowledge of site navigational elements and the importance of correlating them back to business drivers. We will evaluate your site’s navigational architecture. We discover where the opportunities are, and where current disconnects are occurring.
Next we will form a site blue print that intuitively organizes and connects your target users to the information they need. These paths will efficiently deliver leads and sales, empowering your site to become a business tool, not a brochure.

Our core strength is strategic & dynamic Internet consulting which is provided by our experts who are working on the same domain from past many years. Our Internet consultant has the knowledge, experience and tools to help your company bridge the gap between technology & marketing to manage operations effectively and develop an effective Internet Strategy.