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  Marg online software  
  1. Static IP  
  2. Broadband (Internet)  
  3. Server : Windows XP/Windows 2000 or above with 2 GB RAM  
  4. Before installation have to configure modem and open port 3389 and virtual  
  Marg Online Setup : –  
  1. Download setup from Marg Website - Download >> MargUtility:    
  2. After download SETUP file double click and run setup and click Next -   
  install ERP program  
  Marg install ERP program next  
  3. After Click Next now message will appear:  
  "The destination directory doesn't exist. Do you want to be create" Press Yes so Setup will be start after installation successfully this message will appear so re start the systems.  
  Marg install ERP program completed  
  After Reboot System this message will appear Click on Continue    
  excellent performances for your user  
  How to create user at Server:  
  Right Click on My Computer and go to Manage this window will appear   
  Create user at server  
  Fill the User Name & Password in this window   
  Marg Software  
  After that your user has been created this user name and password has to put while you Generate Exe via Client Generator.   
  Now Click  Start  >>   All Programs   >>   Administrator workbench   
  Administrator workbench  
  Admin tool  
  Online software  
  Online software  
  After that Click in Seamless Remote Application if you are going to create EXE for Windows XP and  Click on Check Box Use RDP5 PROTOCOL AS FALLBACK  and close this windows    
  Online software  
  Now  Click on Go Button and EXE  file will be Generate on your Desktop and send it location  
  Online software  
  Online software  
  Online software  
  Online software  
  1. If client EXE run and message found : mstax.dll not found then create short cut of exe and go to property type –RDP5    
  After inverted comma   
  Online software