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eRetail App for Ordering is the one stop solution for Retail Chains & Stores
(C & F’s stores, retailers working in sales and product’s ordering). It not only enables
the retailers to place orders to their suppliers or distributors online but also tracks
them for short supplies.

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The retailers have a tough and busy life to manage their business operations. With the development of several mobile apps, it has changed the behavior of consumers and their expectations. As more and more businesses are relying on these mobile apps to help them find a convenient solution for their problem and business challenges which they are facing in order to revolutionize business processes with the power of mobile apps.

We have developed most advance & affordable Android & iOS Based Mobile App Solution which automates your ordering process without involving manual intervention. This app will bring revolution in the world. eRetail App for Ordering is the one stop solution for Retail Chains & Stores (C & F’s stores, retailers working in sales and product’s ordering). It not only enables the retailers to place orders to their suppliers or distributors online but also tracks them for short supplies. Retailers get to view supplier offers, stocks, rates, schemes, ledgers & outstanding. eRetail helps you in increasing the retailer’s efficiency to order.

It is a cloud-based system integrated with Marg ERP 9+, which means that other software vendors can also send & receive data through excel or APIs. Downloading product data from a web server, placing orders & uploading them on the server become handy for the retailers. Suppliers can then generate those orders into bills & send the relevant bill information to the retailers for maximum impact. It is also based on SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. It is best suitable software for the companies specialize in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Sales, retailers and salesman working in Sales & Product's ordering.

Marg has brought in the system that will change the way retail happen in this country. It's an opportunity for the retailer to be in the e-commerce space so that stay connected with their loyal customers.

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E-Retail Features

    • Selection of one or multiple Supplier Selection prior placing order
    • Full view access of order details like Order time, items MRP, rates & deal etc
    • Items wise color reflect
    • Place New Order, List order and Delete order from Order Menu
    • Diary System to automate the process of noting down Short stock items and products, Order placing to multiple suppliers from Single screen & single button and search supplier wise item in diary
    • Real time status view and track of ordered items for its delivery with single click sign
    • View Order to Bill to Dispatch system
    • Complete preview of Bill details like quantity, MRP, rate, deal, Billed amount
    • Preview the short supplied items
    • Preview of items coming soon
    • Integration with Marg Software provide preview status for the items order over phone or listed in salesmen dispatch menu through area wise party allocation to salesmen
    • Current Stock, Price, Promotional items & Schemes of Suppliers
    • Single screen view of Multiple Price or rate list /deal of one or multiple suppliers
    • Category Wise Product List
    • Barcode Scanning
    • Order allowed beyond stock limit Set/indicate Minimum Stock quantity view for each distributor to place order to one or multiple suppliers
    • Beautiful look & feel of products defined in colors and fonts
    • Ledger Balance for Due Outstanding
    • Preview of Tax register details and summary both
    • Supplier wise Post Dated Cheques
    • Supplier location on Map through GPS
    • Dashboard view of distributors for the item’s rate wise, quality wise ,stock availability wise , Faster dispatch history or record wise
    • Add/Map un-registered distributor or supplier in your panel to place order
    • Tax Statement Reconciliation & Summaries
    • Analytical Sales & Stock Dashboard & Reports Statement
    • Advanced find Filter to get as you wish reports or information on defined criteria or parameters

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How do I activate my eRetail App?

First, you have to download retail app from Google play store (search as Marg  eRetail App) then open eRetail App>New user registration >fill all details & submit > submit OTP > login >tap on three dot >Add your Distributors/suppliers>sync .

How can I add my Distributors/suppliers in eRetail App?

There are three way to add your Distributors/suppliers in App.
1-Near By  (all Distributors/ suppliers near you will show on your Apps).
2. By code (you can also search a particular distributor by his unique code).
3. By search (just enter your city name and supplier)

Does the App work Offline?

Yes, it works offline too but requires the internet when you want to send those orders.

How I do order from eRetail App?

First Open App Do Sync > select Distributor > sync > Order > new order> search items & fill Quantity> Click on Add >Save.

How Can I track my Orders Status?

Click On Order > Order List > Sync.
1- when first red icon will turn into the green that means order reach to distributors/suppliers.
2- when 2nd icon will convert into green means distributors/suppliers generated that order into the bill. You can also see Bill preview. And 3rd icon indicates your dispatch status.

How many Distributors/suppliers I can add in eRetailApp?


How Long Will It Take For My Order to reach distributor/supplier.

Maximum 2 mint

Can I send my multiple orders at one time to multiple distributor/supplier.

Yes, It’s possible through e retail App. Click on dairy>select items> chose items from different-2 Distributors/suppliers >save.

what are benefits of using eRetail App?

By using E retail App you can compare multiple distributor’s items rate and deal. You can check your shorts and supply. You can order to Distributors/suppliers any time (not bound to salesman and call). You can check your ledgers, tax summary and outstanding.

how do I get support?

Click on support either you want to mail us or call us.

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