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Mandi Software: Specialized Solution for Sabji Mandi, Aadhat, Vegetable, Fruit, Grain & Dry Fruits Merchant's with Mahajani Accounting.

Marg Mandi Software is Intelligence and integrated solution for Mandi Industry. MARG, A complete Real time Business Accounting Mandi Software with Financial Accounting, Vikray Parchi, Auction Sales, Lagat, Consignment, Bikri, Nakal, Mudat, Mahajani Accounting, Inventory, Barcode, Planning, Costing, Production, Quality Control, Order Management, Receivable & Issuable, Targets & Achievements, Sales Tax & VAT Reports, E-Returns, Service Tax, FBT and MIS Reports & 1000's Sales Reports, Comparisons & Analysis etc.
MARG Mandi Software is an ISO certified

MARG Mandi Software is only software having 1000+ setups to change software & formats as per customer need. You have not to change your working style our software change as per your requirement. There is no need to feed manual purchase in MARG Mandi Software. We have developed Purchase Import facility in our Mandi Software, You can Import all the issue of your supplier in single click (if your supplied send you soft copy).
You can also send soft copy of you is issued to your customers & suppliers so that they can also import purchase/returns. MARG Mandi Software is equipped with SMS & Email facility. You can send SMS & Email to your Customers/Field staff for latest offers, payment thanks, Bill detail, Ledger Statement, Outstanding, and New launched Items & Seasonable greetings etc just in single click. In MARG windows version Mandi Software you can get all the reports in Excel & Word Format. You can get your customers ledger in PDF format also.

The Concept of Mandi Trade

In Mandi, The commission agents, sells goods supplied by a farmer (Supplier) to different customers. At the time of sale the one suppliers account is credited and all the Buyer account is debited. The Commission Agents commission, Labour, Mandi Tax is calculated and posted in respective account. The commission agents have to provide their sale proceeding report (Bill) to the Mandi Samiti, Supplier and Buyer after deducting or adding the expenses (Freight, Postage, Labour etc.). There are a number of issues involved in these transactions.

Issues Involved
The commission agents have to make adjustments in rate and weight of goods. Sometimes you have to quote higher price to supplier and sometimes you have to quote lower price. Suppose goods are sold for Rs. 1000/-, you may report it 1100/- or report it 900/- to your supplier depending upon your business policy. The same kind of adjustments can be made in weight. Customer's reports will be maintained as per actual Sale Price and suppliers reports are maintained as per our desired price. That affects your profit and loss accounts.

Sometimes the whole stock is not sold in the same day, then stock transfer to commission agent accounts.

In manual working the commission agents and their accountants spend more than 7 to 8 hrs. daily to maintain their books, make adjustments, make day wise ugrahi registers (7 days / 4 Days Collection Register), creating customers bills, creating suppliers bills, making outstanding lists (area wise), maintaining stock balance, maintaining stock balance of items sent for sale, reconciling cash/bank accounts, check customers accounts etc.

As per our survey, business in Mandi is very good and profitable. An average commission agent in a town, can sell Grain, Fruits and vegetable amounting to Lacs Rs. In one or two hours in morning. But to maintain his records, he has to spend 7 to 8 hrs. If this work is carried out with the help of software, he will be able to maintain his accounts in 15 to 30 mins.

The main problem in Sabzi Mandi is related to bad debts. If your accounts are not properly maintained and you have no watch over your daily customer, chances of bad debts are high. Marg shows you which customer has not arrived for how many days. You can attach customer's photographs with his account details etc.

This software is not just for accounts; it removes your tension to a great extent. their customers balance has been in proper order, cash and bank balance is ok, their parties stock, self stock, stock in store is maintained in proper way. They have a check on non visiting customers, their collection register is maintained properly, your receivables and payables, daily summary, trends and graphical analysis on sales, collections, payments, items, parties is available on a single click. Profit earned is calculated on every transaction, computerized bills and slips make a genuine impression on customers and suppliers mind. These point help in growth of their business in a nutshell.


Billing Features
Billing FeaturesArrow Vikray Parchi
Arrow Per Bag Weight & Bardana entry
Arrow Self Designed expenses on screen
Arrow Calculation Method (Sale/Purchas )
Arrow Auto TDS-Deduct system
Arrow Easy to maintain Aadhat (Commission), Mandi Tax, Tulai, Muddat, Dalali. etc
Arrow Consignment In/Out & Adjustments
Arrow Loss Control on Billing
Arrow Billing Through Challan
Arrow Jump from one window to anywhere
Arrow On Screen display of each report
Arrow You can see outstanding/Stock/Purchase/Sale/Account Detail at the time of Billing
Arrow Auto Generate Sale & Self Purchase from Vikray Parchi
Arrow Multi Rate Billing (kg./Qnti./Bag/Man/Unit
Arrow Overhead display at Sale Bill form
Arrow Item-Wise/Party-wise expense define for Vikray / Sale /Purchase as per self/seller/buyer
Arrow Auto Post in Ledger Aadhat (Commission), Mandi Tax, Tulai, Muddat, Dalali. etc
Arrow Consignment no. wise sales
Arrow Negative stock Billing Facility if required
Arrow Sale Return & its adjustment
Arrow Easy stock Feeding
Arrow Godown wise Stock/Billing
Arrow Flexible Printing (User definable)
Arrow Account Entry (Payment/Receipt/Journal) at the time of Sale

Purchase Features
Purchase FeaturesArrow Purchase & Consignment In
Arrow Display Last 4 Deals of Selected item to cross check Rate, Deal, Dise, Tax & Cost
Arrow Supplier wise various outstanding reports & reminders
Arrow Stock adjustment add for without purchase
Arrow Local/Central Purchase
Arrow Self Expenses for post in item Cost/Expenses Ledger/
Arrow Cash/Credit Purchase
Arrow Pending Dr/Cr & Replacement Notes
Arrow Easy option for management to cross check bills
Arrow Sales option at the time of purchase

Accounting Features
Accounting FeaturesArrow Trading Account/P&L/Balance-Sheet/Trial-Balance
Arrow Multi ledger/voucher/Dr-Cr note Printing
Arrow Complete Outstanding (As per Bill/Due date)
Arrow On-Line accounting
Arrow Direct Voucher entry from Bikri
Arrow Single entry advanced system
Arrow TDS Entry
Arrow Mandi Tax
Arrow Zoom In-Out Facility at any level
Arrow Bank Reconciliation/Interest Calculation
Arrow IT – ST auditor reports
Arrow Trial Balance, P&L, Balance Sheet on tips
Arrow VAT & Sales Tax Reports
Arrow Multi Ledger/Voucher Printing
Arrow T-Format Printing
Arrow Frequent Voucher System

MIS Reports
Marg Software MIS ReportsArrow Bikri with Many Features
Arrow Gross Profit analysis
Arrow Outstanding/Dalal wise/Route wise
Arrow Dalal Ledger
Arrow Bill not printed/No. Of prints
Arrow Stock aging & valuation reports
Arrow Voucher, Bill, Bank Deposit Slip
Arrow Purchase/Stock/Sales analysis
Arrow Interest
Arrow Pending Challan List & Bill conversion
Arrow Complete Query systems
Arrow Supplier wise various stock reports

Other Features
Other FeaturesArrow Single Version/LAN Version
Arrow Tried & Tested (100% error free)
Arrow Calculator & Cash Return Adviser
Arrow Suppliers, Customers & Personal Directory
Arrow Hot Keys for switch over from one report to another
Arrow Data Security With Self Backup & Carbon Copy System
Arrow Sales/Purchase, Bank, Ledger & Data Freezing on any Date
Arrow Cheque printing option
Arrow Multi Godowns upto-12 [Additional]
Arrow Self Design Hot Keys For easy to use operator wise
Arrow 100% Data Security & Accuracy
Arrow Multi Currency, Unit, Godown & Financial Years Facility
Arrow Month Calendar with Appointment Diary & Note Pad
Arrow Telephone Book, Envelope & Labels Printing
Arrow Software/Operator/Company Passwords & Boundations
Arrow Auto recovery of bill for Unsaved bill due to Power off
Arrow Any Report Printing from anywhere
Arrow Operator Control System
Arrow Auto Backup
Arrow Operator Logbook

Reports of Mandi
Reports of MandiArrow Bikri
Arrow Rokad
Arrow Ledger
Arrow Sales Register
Arrow VAT Forms
Arrow Cash Book
Arrow Bank Reconciliation
Arrow Goods account
Arrow Mandi Tax Register
Arrow S. T. Forms
Arrow Sales Tax Register
Arrow Auto Bank Reconciliation through Internet Text File
Arrow Nakal
Arrow Vikray Parchi
Arrow TDS Form 16-A
Arrow Purchase Register
Arrow Bank Book
Arrow Dalal wise Outstanding
Arrow Outstanding Ledger
Arrow ST Form Reminder Letter
Arrow Outstanding Reminder Letter
Arrow TDS Party & A/c wise detail
Arrow Bank Reconciliation
Arrow General Features of MARG