The feature I like the most about my Marg Software is its easy usage. It has made my business prosper in the long run & the after sales services are also reliable.

R.Bags-Waseem Akhtar

Marg General Trade Software

My ERP software had to be easy to use & Marg made that happen for me! I am dedicatedly using this software from past 5 years & not once have I encountered any problem. It also has an impeccable support team & that’s why I recommend it to others also.

Marg Enterprise team

MargPharma Software from Waheguru Medical, Singrauli, MP

I have a Pharma Wholesale business & my Marg Software plays a great role in shaping it. Besides being user-friendly, it is a satisfactory product for a hassle-free business.

Mr. Daud Akhtar

Pharma Ji Life Sciences, Singrauli, MP

Today, as a Accountant I am not just a operator, I need to move out of technology and help business. It is really amazing Business Intelligence software because now we are working not just like accountant but the accounting analytical expert of our company and due to this very scalable solution we could better control our accounting and inventory management process and we could centralized our whole company’s process with this single software.

Mr Vijay Prakash

M.D. – Bestochem India Ltd.

Marg software is easy to migrate with our past software. Our team and users have been proactively thanked because it is user friendly which made their job easier.

Lokesh Jain

Prop. – New Medicine Chamber

For distribution Marg software is the best. MARG MIS is very helpful for me to improve my business and I feel very comfortable

Mr. Shekher Gupta

Prop – . Gupta Aushadhi Bhandar

I had used lot of softwares, there are many problems like : problem in account , problem in stock , and the bill was automatically invisible. My Faith was completely finished on computer. Some tell me about Marg, from 2000 I am operating MARG and I am very much satisfied

Mr. Yogesh Agarwal

Prop. – Goodluck Distributors

Marg has made my business a very successful. Marg upgradation & service time to time are appreciable

Mr. Sharad Rastogi

Prop. – Sharad Medicos

We had a look at the best automation tool to manage our inventory & accounting, stocking and Supply chain management and found that MARG was adequate for our needs; it offered a simple yet a very powerful interface to our internal processes to manage through inbuilt system of MARG Software. From Business satisfaction and data accuracy prospective, I would say we are very much confident and comfortable after deploying MARG. Self Service, Fast and accurate decision making is something which we have achieved because it resulted in a huge cost benefit for us. In our current environment, I would say that I was able to reduce size of my accountants and MIS team to 50%.

Mr. Dinesh Agarwal

Prop. – Medicine Agency

The interactive reporting from MARG analytical dashboard or Reporting feature provides employees and accountants with the capability to drill down to granular details in just a few clicks. Today, the time-consuming accounting & inventory reporting process has been completely eliminated, making accounting & finance team highly productive and even more valuable to our company. My whole company’s process and working is become faster and quick after implementation of MARG.

Mr. Anil Malhotra

Prop. – Pharma Care Enterprises

Marg In my hand success & customer satisfaction with me . Marg ability increase my work capability & energy , customer satisfaction & also increase my business according my expectation

Mr. Surender Shukla

Prop. – The Medi Worm