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Send Bills, Outstandings on WhatsApp

Marg ERP has provided a very beneficial provision of sending Invoices, Outstandings, Stock & Sales Analysis, Ledger Balances, Sale/Purchase Order and various types of reports to customers/parties directly on their WhatsApp through the Software.

Through this feature, the user can also send a reminder to customers about the Outstanding Invoices on their respective WhatsApp. This feature can be used only if the user has activated Home Edition Version of Marg ERP Software.

Direct Call From Computer

Marg ERP has provided a very beneficial provision of Direct Calling for Distributors, Retailers and Businessmen that will eliminate the need to manually place calls to their customers/parties again & again to provide them information related to their Outstandings, Sale Bill and for receiving the payments.

With the help of Direct Calling feature, the user can easily connect the computer with their mobile and, in one click can place calls to their respective customers/parties. This automated process saves time and also reduces the manual work.

My Shop QR Code

A revolutionary way to Smart Business. Marg ERP has introduced a new option of My Shop QRCode to ensure contactless business. The user can simply print the QR code from software and paste outside their shop/counter to experience a new modern business with ease.

Designed for Distributors as well as Retailers for ordering from a safe distance. The user can customize the information of items he wants to provide like Availability, Prices, Schemes as per his requirement.

eRetail Web Application

Marg eRetail Web Application is a platform through which retailers can place online orders to their distributors directly from Marg ERP Software and check the status of all their orders.

The retailers can also view on the eRetail Web that which distributors are available nearby and which items are available with them & along with that what schemes or offers those distributors are giving.

Order Calling

Marg ERP has provided a simple and automated provision of Order Calling to eliminate the need of typing contact number to place calls and receive orders. The user can directly call their customers by scanning the QR Code in the software.

This option enables the user to easily keep track of the working of their operators. This saves time and increases the efficiency of the operators. With the Order Calling feature, the user can also apply a filter to check pending and generated sale bills with a colour indication.

Sales Analysis on Google Map +
Find New Customers in Marg Erp

Sales Analysis on Google Map in Marg ERP is a platform through which the distributors can increase their sales by 15-20% by searching Area, Date & Route- Wise sales of retailers on Google Map and can identify which retailers are available in which particular areas.

The distributor can view a list of other retailers to whom salesman is not contacting for sales and enable growth in their business by keeping a track of the sales through Business on Google maps.

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Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup, also referred to online backup enables the user to secure the data from being lost due to machine failure or theft. It allows the user to upload his data online directly on Google Drive and One Drive. The user can also access the uploaded, secured data from anywhere and restore the backup as per the requirement.

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Free Drug Information (Pharmanxt)

PharmaNXT free drug information helpline feature enables pharma distributors to easily view complete information of a particular item i.e. which company's item is currently available, its MRP, in which packing that particular item is available and can check the location wise availability of suppliers etc.

This feature makes it even more convenient to find a substitute in case of shortage of any item of the same salt composition in different units.

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Gate Entry before Purchase Entry

Gate Pass Entry option in Marg ERP Software enables the distributor to create a Gate Pass for those goods whose purchase bill has not been generated. The benefit of Gate Pass Entry option is that the distributor would not be able to sell the products whose gate pass has not been generated which will help the distributor to maintain and track their stock and reduce the chances of stock mismatch.

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Floor Wise Store Room Billing

Floor wise Billing is a beneficial option in Marg ERP Software for the users who deal in multiple brands like Cadbury, Parle, Nestle etc. and maintains these products in various sections on different floors.

This option enables the user to easily generate one bill of items of different floors and that bill will be automatically bifurcated floor wise. Then, the user can easily collect the goods and dispatch them.

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Online Purchase Import Activation [Collaborative Commerce]

Collaborative Commerce enables the user to import invoices on the basis of GST number and eBusiness code. However, the user would now need to activate online purchase feature to import/download the invoice.

When the supplier generates the bill then it is automatically uploaded and the retailer could easily download it.

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Credit Limit Management

In Marg ERP Software, there is a very beneficial option "Advance Credit Limit". With the help of this Advance Credit Limit option, the users can set the credit limit for their customers.

This option helps to receive timely payment and the users can also keep the track of the payments that are to be received from the customers.

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Loss Management

Marg ERP has developed a new and advanced feature "Loss on Bill Indication". The user can get to know whether any losses are being occurred or not to the user according to the delivery and costing.

The user can also view the Reports of those bills which are created in loss along with the Bill Value and the amount of loss. This report can further be exported in the Excel Format or printed.

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Suggested Item

Suggested Item is a beneficial feature which will help the salesperson in selling related items to his customer which he might be looking for and increase his sales. For example: If a customer purchases an item "Mobile", then a list of products related to the item Mobile will be displayed on the billing screen like Screen-guard, flip cover & phone case.

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Using an alternate feature, the user can define multiple Substitute in the item master and can search for items as per defined Substitute at the time of billing. The suggested product list is displayed on the right side of the dashboard whenever you select any item.

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Subscription Billing

Using Subscription Billing, the user can automate the process of generating monthly bills in just one click. For example multiple bills for cable connection, CA fees, newspaper, etc. The user can also define the rate and generate bill area-wise as and when required.

Self Define Fields

Self-defined field option enables the user to create new fields in his bills as per his requirements. While billing the user can add new information like colour, size, quantity, category as per the need of the hour. Using this option the user can customize various fields in advanced features like bill item, bill start, bill end, item master, party master etc.

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Stock Clearance Items

Stock Clearance option enables the user to set some items which need to be sold out as soon as possible from the inventory. The user can push the stock forward to sales and recommend the listed products to his regular customers. In this way, the user does not have to wait for the order of that particular product and his stock is cleared.

Mode of Payment

The mode of payment option enables the user to accept payment in multiple modes and keeping a record of the transactions in an easy & organized way. The different modes of payment through which customer can settle or pay their bills are Cash, Cheques, Debit & Credit card, payment wallets etc.

Cheque Management

Using Cheque Management Option, the user can easily maintain all information regarding cheques and cheque books accurately in a systemized manner. Once the user receives the check, and he enters the information on the system. The check details are stored in the system and he can easily track the cheque anytime. The feature displays the information like the number of cleared cheques, advanced cheques, reconciled cheques, outdated cheques and dishonoured cheques in a single window.

SMS Setup

Using the SMS setup option, the user can send direct Bulk SMS to Customers, Debtors, Creditors, Field Staff etc. The user can SMS current or outstanding bill details to his Party or customers and send multiple reports. It also allows sending SMS regarding Post Dated Cheque & Bank deposit reminder. Along with thanks SMS for Receipt or Payment.

Email Setup

E-mail Setup is a facility for the user to send the softcopy and PDF of sale/ purchase bill through SMTP and Outlook. It allows the user to send an e-mail of softcopy and PDF on the issue and receive of invoices and also to send e-mail on a new bill, modified bills and on bill audit. The user can easily schedule emails using email scheduler.

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