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MargBooks Retail Chain Management offers a comprehensive ERP solution for managing retail chains, including features for both headquarters and outlets with secure access.

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Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app

Master Data Management

  • Create and distribute custom attributes centrally to all outlets. Organize outlets by location, such as COCO, COFO, FOCO, and FOFO, and set specific values for each outlet. Ensure consistency of data by preventing duplicate values. Implement a unified contact master for suppliers, customers, and inventory. Utilize a unique packing hierarchy that supports multiple packs and enables automatic conversion of packing units during inventory transactions

Warehouse Management

  • Allows retail stores to manage inventory across multiple warehouses based on location and ease of replenishment. It tracks the entire inventory movement process, including requests for the stock from outlets, receipt of stock at warehouses, dispatch of stock from warehouses to outlets, and receipt of stock at outlets. It also keeps track of stock in transit between outlets or warehouses that has yet to be received.

Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app

Supply Chain Management

  • Tracks supplier performance, status of purchase orders, and goods received notes. Generates discrepancy reports for discrepancies between purchase orders and invoices, invoices and goods received, and allows for central control of approving these discrepancies at the headquarters. Read More

    Allows for multiple EAN codes and prices for the same item, and tracks inventory based on goods receipt. Additionally, it allows for automatic stock selection from warehouses and generates reports on non-moving inventory based on the date of receipt. It also allows for setting reorder quantities, and minimum and maximum stock levels for all items, and supports replenishment based on indent requests from outlets, for both franchisee and company-owned outlet models. Lastly, it allows for real-time inventory monitoring at the HQ to aid in effective replenishment.

Price Management

  • Easily import and export price changes for multiple items and match them to the appropriate outlets. Have control over setting prices by receiving notifications when the selling price is lower than the landing cost, yields a lower gross margin than expected, or exceeds the MRP when entered into the system. The retail price can serve as the foundation for setting prices for other customer groups such as institutional, wholesale, and online.

Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app

Outlet Administration

  • With our centralized business process and transaction configuration, you can tailor your system to fit the unique needs of your business. This includes control over items scanned, discounts, price levels, stock selection, and more. You also have the flexibility to implement these settings for select stores,Read More

    groups of stores, or all stores, depending on your business needs. Additionally, you can easily add and configure different tender types for accounting and processing at the point of sale. Our hierarchical security settings allow you to assign roles and policies to employees. And with centralized master and admin control, you can quickly and easily open new stores in just 10 minutes

Comprehensive CRM

  • You can create outlet-specific offers with predefined validity, and create item-based offers such as buy one get one, buy X get Y, and discounts by amount or percentage. Additionally, you can create bill-wise, category-based, combo, and item group-based offers. You can also identify non-moving items and run local offers or clearance sales. Read More

    You can also create gift vouchers and discount coupons as a master in the head office and send the data across outlets. The vouchers can be printed in the desired format and issued to customers. Additionally, you can create bill-wise, item-wise, and category-wise loyalty programs and map them to respective outlets. The loyalty programs can be run with loyalty cards or mobile numbers, and customers can acquire and redeem loyalty points at any outlet. Our system also allows you to set minimum redemption limits and calculate loyalty based on tender type. You can also create and manage loyalty programs based on billing amount, and automatically upgrade or downgrade customers based on their buying patterns

Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app

Financial Accounting

  • Software allows for the classification of groups, ledgers, and vouchers specific to each user, with multiple options for setting budgets and determining how accrued amounts are verified at the time of voucher entry. It also provides centralized payments for suppliers and customers, with the ability to reconcile accounts across multiple bank branches. Read More

    Comprehensive reporting options are available for managing accounts payable and receivable, including age analysis and visual representation. Users can access trial balances, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements based on location, and make adjustments on a bill-by-bill basis, including accounting for discounts and charges. The software also allows for tracking and following up on returns, breakage, damage, and expiry, as well as credit notes from suppliers. Payment tracking and cheque preparation, printing, and issuing to suppliers are also included, with the ability to set alerts for payments and collections, and outstanding amounts.

Security And Operations

  • The system provides centralized control over all stores, roles, and users, and generates audit reports for all operations as well as reports on security measures such as item voids, bill voids, and cash drawer openings/closings. The system also facilitates encrypted data transfer for secure communication Read More

    between the head office module and retail POS and generates reports on data synchronization and outlet backup attempts. Additionally, the system allows for data sync commands to be sent from the head office to any outlet as needed and can set up automatic alerts for critical failures such as data sync failures or system date changes.

Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app
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