Use our Innovative Ad Formats to reach your Marketing goals

Target your audience with our High-converting, High-performance advertising platform. Promote your brand in the market, where 3 lakh+ Retailers and 1 lakh+ Distributor are available on a daily basis, and get leads with the lowest cost per lead in the industry.

Home Screen Ads

Deliver your message straight to the target where it catches most of the attention with the most effective ad on our platform. These Ads can’t be skipped or closed without clicking, therefore the Chemist & Distributor had to view your ads and visit your webpage.


  • Expected Monthly Impression: 5 Cr
  • Expected Monthly Clicks: 6 Lakh
  • Guaranteed visibility for Retailers and Distributors
  • Increased ad clicks
  • Get Data according to UTM source
  • Get Data for every ad click

Side Screen Ads

Promote your specific products at a place that is the perfect marketing mix of 7 different ads. You can promote 7 different products at one go and increase your product awareness manifolds. On click, the ads will be redirected to your web pages where the user can get more information.


  • Expected Monthly Impression: 20 Cr
  • Expected Monthly Clicks: 4 Lakhs
  • 7 different ads are available
  • Get Data according to UTM source
  • Get Data for every ad click

Advertise your products on Marg ERP Software, with a large customer base


High-End Placements

on Marg ERP software home screen, with non-intrusive formats


10x Higher Engagement

than regular ads, because your ads are visible to the right audience


Target Specific Audience with smart AI

Target audience based on Type, State, City, Area, or Pincode.


3X Sales Growth

Increase your sales with a strong CTR & effective CPM

Advertise to Retailer & Distributors with ease

How does it work?

Accelerate your Sales with Marg Ads

A smart advertising solution to drive awareness and target Retailers and Distributors on Marg ERP Software. Our best-in-class technology helps you reach your audience at the country, state, city, and area levels.

Why Choose Marg Ads?

Easy-to-use interface

High-quality, engaged Pharma Retailers & Distributors

Reach 4Lakh+ Retailer & Distributors monthly, pan India

Promote new/ non-selling/ high-margin products

Advance targeting capabilities

Full control and transparency on placements

What to expect with Marg Ads?

Find and target active retailers and distributors on Marg. Our best-in-class targeting helps you reach your audience by country, state, city, and business type.

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