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Fastest Growing Inventory And Accounting Software

The traditional marketing medium is no longer a reliable source for B2B consumers to learn about the newest technological goods and services available on the market. They receive a tonne of information from social media, online sources, and peer reviews in addition to massive data supplied by vendors, affecting their choice to work with a particular vendor.

What Is Economics Times' Best Brands In 2015?

The Economic Times Tech Brands 2015 is a program that honors the nation's top providers of hardware, software, and services as well as the USP that distinguishes them as industry leaders in the B2B technology sector.

The Summit is based on a survey that MRSS and The Economic Times conducted of 268 tech brands, gathering opinions from nearly 2500 people in eight chosen cities. The survey's goal was to gain a deep understanding of consumer preferences and the factors that influence channel partners to favor one brand over another.

We are highly honored to tell you that Marg ERP has been felicitated as the ‘Fastest Growing Inventory & Accounting Software in India’ by The Economic Times - Best Tech Brands in 2015. It is our significant achievement that we have solved our customer’s problems and made their work easy.

Why Should You Work With “The Fastest Growing Inventory And Accounting Software”?

The “Fastest growing inventory and accounting software” is one of the most significant honors given to businesses that have aided the country's development. The recipients of this award are regarded as dependable and trustworthy when it comes to making frequent innovations to better their clients' businesses.

Working with the fastest growing inventory and accounting software is a success in and of itself because the association itself ensures success. Additionally, it makes a positive impression on the affiliated firm's peers.