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GST Software Leader Of The Year

A well-known Indian publication with an intense information technology concentration is called Data Quest. To meet the information demands of the IT business, the journal first launched in 1982.

Over the years, it has solidified its position and expanded its coverage to cover technology regulations, marketplaces, and resellers. Since 2008, the publication has undergone a complete transformation. It now serves the IT community and targets the IT sector, including CIOs and IT businesses

We are highly honored to receive the GST software leader of the year award from Data Quest. It is our significant achievement that we have solved our customer’s problems and made their work easy.

What Is GST Software Leader Of The Year?

Data Quest magazine hosts The DQ's Digital Leadership Conclave & Awards, an important yearly event for the software industry, academics, and professionals. It involves discussion and debate on major digital business technology and current trends in a comprehensive way.

It's a gathering where diverse IT stakeholders from various backgrounds can join together to talk about potential future-oriented strategies.

Marg has been awarded GST software leader of the year by Dataquest Digital Leadership in 2017.

Why Should You Choose “GST Software Leader Of The Year” Awarded Company?

Working with a GST Software Leader of the year Awardee is a success in and of itself because the association ensures success. Additionally, it makes a positive impression on the affiliated firm's counterparts.