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Are you looking to become a Marg Master Partner - HrXpert?

Great opportunities for IT professional, compliance professional or CA’s, Biometric vendors and PF& ESI consultants.

The opportunity for Marg ERP products is rapidly and continuously evolving and this opportunity can be explored and utilized by reaching out to more number of customers. This needs a broad spectrum of partners with zeal and energy. It's true that partners are pillars of our business, they deliver and implement our knowledge and expertise in different market segments. They help us to grab the potential market player and with the help of our channel partners, Marg has secured a prominent position in the list of Payroll software world. Our Partners enabled us to accelerate growth, the increase has a global presence, increase revenue and improve profitability.

Our partners are the soul of our company. Most of our sales take place through our partner network. Therefore, our partners are not only an integral part of our system but also pillars of our strength. They deliver and implement our knowledge and expertise to different segments of the market. It is there help which has enabled us to secure prominent position amongst the top Inventory & Accounting Softwares of the world.

Opportunity for Marg products is continuously growing in the market and this opportunity can be explored by proactively reaching out to Customers and providing the best service experience. This is motivating us to keep expanding and strengthening our partner network.

Every year 10,000+ companies get registered as start-ups. As per the survey, 90,000 + searches happen for payroll software every month, now is the right time to lay the foundation for this upcoming opportunity with Marg HrXpert.

Brand Support
Marg ERP have more than 9 Lakh plus satisfied users, 800+sales & support centres, 8000+ Sales & Service Professionals, Marg ERP has been a true leader in easing the adoption process of GST and Payroll Software.

Higher revenues
Willing to earn more out of existing customers & earn a distinction.

Marketing Support
Providing assets ensure our partners’ marketing campaigns incorporate Marg ERP branding and communicate the messages you feel are important. Partners can customize the assets with their own address and logo, but you retain control over the campaign. Marg ERP believes in participation in marketing activity with our partner pan India, we organized a workshop, seminar, advertisement and other activity.

Providing partners with training ensures they have the product knowledge and market understanding to sell your products effectively. We provide training that describes the features and benefits of our products, together with vast market opportunities. We also provide direct training by asking your sales representatives to work alongside with partners to develop business.

Partner Development
Our strategy is to grow business through our channel partners, we can improve their performance by driving more business to them.

Sales Support
We work hand in hand with our partners and support them from start to the end of sales and help them in marketing by providing valuable inputs to market. Moreover, we also answer the queries from our Head Office in their areas to potentiate the business.

Strong Line of Products
Marg does not limit you to any trade or segment all the more it opens more doors and opportunity resulting in never-ending sales generation.

Technical Support
Marg ERP, we hold 8000+ professionals for sales and Support pan India,200+ lines Mag Care and 50+ Partner care helpdesk. Continually we organized a workshop and seminar for our partner city wise. Becoming a Partner will let you have a tremendous business opportunity with the strong and vast network, as we train our partners in such a manner that he/she is not just the solution provider.

We work on 2 tier partnership programs. First is MMP- Marg Master Partner (Direct partner with Marg) Second is - MP (Marg Partner) - indirect partner working through MMPs.
Criteria of MMP:
  • Possesses growth aspirations.
  • Is ready to build channel/network with the mind-share of Marg.
  • Has commitment towards the brand and its goals.
  • Wants to learn, unlearn and relearn.
  • Owns an Office and skilled resources.
  • We prefer IT/ Software/ Hardware background persons.
  • Commits to bag minimum sales/customer acquisition.
  • 1 landline with 3 hunting lines .
  • Minimum office staff of 1+2, & Customer-staff ratio of 250:3
Criteria of MP:
  • Reference Partner
  • Sells Marg to his/her existing customers
  • Generate and suggest Reference

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