Attraction About Marg

Key Features

Marg software is the only Real Accounting & Inventory Software which gives you 100% control on your business. Due to easiness, flexibility, self-customization options and time to time up-gradations are the major reasons behind its success. That's why in a very short period i.e. August 2002, it is widely adopted by more than 10 Lakh plus users. Readmore

Sales Bill Attraction

In Marg, billing system is very much advanced yet easy to use. In our views, customer spend more time on their billing so that we are always focused on the ways through which you can do your billing with the less use of enter key. Cash/Credit Management, Challan/Order Loading, Item Searching, Real Time with Live Balances on Multi-user, Light Fluctuation Security options etc are incomparable. Readmore

Counter Sale Entry

By this option, multiple salesmen can handle multiple customers on single computer. From Marg, it's a superb gift for over busy counters.

  • Multi customer handling provision
  • Direct interaction with database no need to save
  • Customer merge provision
  • Purchase bill feeding on counter entry
  • Operator wise counter sales
  • Supervisor can see all counter sales
  • Counter sale to Bill conversion

Multi Series Provisions

Series feature of Marg is very advance so that customer can use this option for maintaining reports, outstanding etc. In this you can set series wise rates & discounts. You can use company wise different series for billing & reporting. Even this can be used for differentiate Tax & Retail billing. Readmore

Point of Sales Provision

At fast sales counters POS Billing is very much important. In Marg POS Billing is fully advanced due to its certain unique features like Barcode, Virtual Keyboard, Touch Items Pop-ups and Tender for Cash/Credit/Other collection etc. Readmore

Credit Limits

In Marg two types of Credit limits are available i.e. Primary Credit Limits and Final Credit Limit. Bills can be generated by the help of password if primary credit limits get crossed. If final credit limits get crossed and once you have set "follow strictly" in party's master then it will not allow to cross the limit. In Marg you can set limits in three ways- Maximum Amount, Maximum Bills, and Maximum Days. In Marg there is advance provision available regarding Temporary Limits in which management can give authority to the party for bill generation in the case of emergency. Readmore

Rate Management

Rate Master of Marg is very much advanced for the fulfillment of the customer's need. In this 9 Price Lists, Party wise Special Rates, Minimum Rates, Pick Rates from Last Delivery, Net Rate and Lot Rate etc. advanced options are available, so there is no need to remember rates at the time of billing. Readmore

Salesman Selection

In Marg, salesman selection is done in various ways. Salesman wise reports and outstanding are very advance. Even there are provisions available to filter reports salesman wise and calculate commissions of salesman. Reademore

Free Scheme (Bonus)

In some business schemes management are very important part of billing. There are several ways to issue Free schemes, which are not possible in every software. In Marg, all ways are available to issue free schemes automatically. Readmore

Discount System

In Marg, Discount System is fully advanced. In this different types of discounts are available like- Percentage, per unit, Lump sum etc. in this you can set Bill wise, Item wise or Group wise discounts. Readmore

Margins & Losses

In Marg, high focus is given on Margin & Losses Management. In Today's competitive time, even a little mistake let your business down. Such type of Losses Management is built in Marg so that loss due to mistakes can be avoided. Readmore

Item Popup with lot of features

In Marg's item window all required information's are available for businessmen. You can even show or hide them as per your need. Readmore

Bill Printing

In Marg, you can design bill formats both in GUI and DMP. The Bill Format Designer is that much advance as it is fulfilling all the requirements of our 10 Lakh plus users Readmore

Flexibility & Facilities on Billing

In Marg, Billing system is much advance and flexible in which your Customer's, Transport & Bankers requirement can be fulfilled. Hot keys in Marg's billing system are very much advanced, you can switch over from bill to any report and vice versa. Readmore

Barcode Management

In Marg, barcode can be generated in GS1, Serial, Shuffle, Composite etc ways. In Marg, we have developed advance system to manage International and self- Barcode.

  • Barcode Searching on Item, Batch/Size/MRP/etc
  • Show item list with Barcode No. provision
  • Item Searching on Name for Barcode Missing on +key
  • Print only self-defined barcode for un-barcoded items
  • Barcode printing on Laser, Deskjet & Other Barcode Printers
  • Self-defined Barcode Printing Format
  • GS1, Serial, Shuffle Barcode creation system inbuilt

Challan Management

Sometimes nearby customers get loose items, you can't make bill for that every time, In Marg, we had given a provision of Challans. You can issue that loose items in challan and convert it partially or all into the bill as per your requirement. These challans always show pending unless you do not convert it into bill. These challans will only effect on your Inventory but not in Accounts. Readmore

Order Management

In Marg software, Sales & Purchase Order management is very advance, there is facility of loading partial or full order. To run Marg according to every customer there is several setups available such as balance order should be pending or get automatically deleted, at the time of overloading in bill whether pick rate from order or from masters etc. Readmore

Purchase Import (E-Milan)

In Marg, with a single click you can import bill from softcopy of any format provided by the supplier. Through which you can save time and get relief from manual errors. Readmore

Purchase Attraction

In Marg several calculation methods are available which will help you in matching the bill values sent by supplier. There is provision in which you can feed and check sales rates & deal etc at the time of purchase. Readmore

Post Dated & Advance Cheque Management

The Cheques you have received are of today's or future date. You can post today's dated cheques in bank but what will about future dated cheques?
In Marg, we have developed a provision of PDC by which you can maintain your future cheques and clear them on the bases of Bank-Paying-Slip. Same provision is also developed for Advance Cheque Issued. Readmore

Outstanding Analysis

In Marg, several reports are available in outstanding these are very beneficial for your company. You can check Area/Salesman/Route/Party or whole outstanding. Tagging system for collection in Marg software is very strong. Readmore

Printing Attraction

In Marg, you can design formats of bill, voucher, bank letter, reminder, barcode, label, estimate, etc. There is provision to print Bill & Reports on separate printers automatically, you can also select printer port at the time of printing and can be pre fixed as per requirement. Readmore

User Friendly

Marg is fully menu driven and pop-up based software so there is no need of remembering codes. Marg is designed according to those businessmen's who have less knowledge of computer so they can operate this software easily. Readmore


Marg is very advance and flexible software as you can customize it according to your business. It means there is no need to change yourself according to software as software will change according to your requirements. Readmore

Switch Over

In Marg, customer doesn't feel bounded because several hot keys and jet hot menus are available so that you can keep a hold on current work while doing other pending works. Eg at the time of billing, without exiting from bill you can modify or print your old bill or print party ledger etc. Readmore


In Marg, management can set powers and boundations operator wise. There is a provision through which you can freeze ledger's transactions. There are provisions through which data can run with defined hard disk or only on defined computer. Readmore

Multi Options

You can operate MARG with multi provisions.

  • Multiple Companies
  • Multi Unit
  • Multiple Godowns
  • Multi Currencies
  • Multi Locations
  • Multi Language
  • Multiple Financial Years
  • Multi Firm Billing on single Bill

Utilities & Backups

In Marg, strong backup facility and related utilities are available so that there is no loss of data and you can work smoothly. Readmore

Email, SMS & Personal Organiser

In Marg, there are provisions of auto sms & email regarding bills, outstanding, reminders, schemes, etc. You can maintain your personal diary & appointments in Marg software. Readmore

Visual & Audio Indications

In Marg, Errors or Indications can be presented through audio or visual alerts in case of any error.

  • Negative Cash
  • Negative Stock
  • Minimum & Maximum Level
  • Profit / Margin Loss on Item / Bill
  • Budget & Credit Limit Cross
  • Backup Indications
  • Near Expiry & Expired Item
  • Message from supervision / other user


In Marg, there is advance provision for letters or reminders which make your tasks easier.

  • Overdue Reminders / Letters
  • Account Confirmation Statement
  • Bank Letters of Sales
  • Scheme/General Letter to Customers
  • Pending Forms
  • Collection Reminder

One Time Masters

In Marg, once you set all the setups or masters then there is no need to remember and software can run accordingly.

  • Party & Others Ledgers
  • Account Group (If not defined)
  • Sales/Purchase Tax Masters
  • Inventory Groups/Salt/Company/Category
  • Item Master
  • 9 Price Lists
  • Date wise Price List
  • Party wise special dealings
  • Opening Balances of Ledgers & Items
  • Stock Minimum / Maximum / Re-Order Levels
  • Setup & Formats

Data Entries

In Marg, there is 18+ different types of Inventory entries & 12+ different type of accounting entries system you can show & hide them as per your requirements. Readmore

Self-Defined Software Setup

Marg's setup is its brain which can be set according to customer's requirements. In this 1750+ setups are available which are already set trade wise and can be modified according to your requirements. Readmore

Accounting Reports

Marg is an advance accounting software. Its reporting system is very powerful as you can convert any report in XML, XLS, CSV formats etc. and can mail to your customers on a single click. Readmore

Stock Reports

In Marg, you can maintain as well as manage Company wise Reports, Batch- wise Reports, Old/Expiry wise Stocks Reports, Minimum/ Maximum Level wise Stock Reports, etc. Through these reports you can enter into stock register and from there you can reach the bill. You can also export these reports & statements in excel, pdf, csv, etc. Readmore

Sales Analysis

In Marg, you can analyze your business with the help of thousands of reports. In each and every report there is several filters or options are available so that you can analyze your requirements. You can transfer these reports even on excel, pdf, csv etc. Readmore

Purchase Analysis

In Marg, you can analyze your purchase with the help of thousands of reports. In each and every report there is several filters or options are available so that you can analyze your requirements. You can transfer these reports even on excel, pdf, csv etc. Readmore

Management Reports (MIS)

In Marg, you can see all sales reports through gross profit by the help of which you come to know all details regarding profits or losses area, route, salesman, party, company, item, etc wise. Readmore

Management Utilities

In Marg, there is provision of bulk updation or deletion.

  • Delete Special Rates, Deals & Discount in single button Company Special,Special Note on Invoice, Heading of Invoice.
  • Multi Deletion of Non working Items & Ledger, Printer Port, Bill Headings, Formats, Ledger Transactions, Import Data, Closing/Opening Balances, etc
  • Multi Editing Item, Party, Company, Credit Limit, Auto Fix Credit Limit, Party Area / Rout / MR, Voucher Remarks, Old Discount % to New Discount %, Old Tax % to New Tax %, Tax of old bills, Re-arrange Bill No/Receipt No/Retail-Tax invoice headings, etc. Readmore

Professional Graphs

In Marg Professional Graphs are available through which you can do your analysis with help of graphs. Readmore

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