ICICI Corporate Net Banking – How to Use this Facility?

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Technological advances have made banking operations more efficient and secure. Personal banking saves a lot of time and resources for customers. But ICICI corporate banking improves productivity of businesses by providing all banking facilities online.  The organizations don’t have to waste their resources and time on banks and save them for growth strategies.

What is ICICI Corporate Net Banking?

ICICI Corporate Net Banking allows users to perform various financial transactions directly from the comfort of their office. It significantly reduces paperwork load and gives an economical, efficient, and convenient way to perform transactions.

Here are the important highlights of ICICI Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) –

  • Check Account Balance
  • Open FDs online
  • E-Payment Gateways
  • Channel partners to transfer funds
  • Download account statements in 6 different formats
  • RTGS and NEFT transfers
  • MIS trading
  • Cash Management
  • Transfer funds to self-accounts
  • Get account statements on email
  • Global Trade Services
  • Over 302 registered billers for utility bill payments
  • Transfer fund to channel partners
  • Manage current accounts
  • Online tax payments
  • Stop cheque payment online
  • Request cheque book

Advantages of ICICI Corporate Banking

ICICI Bank Corporate Banking is well regarded for cutting-edge security features, user-friendly interface, and smooth transactions. It helps businesses by making the right balance of convenience and security of transactions. Here are some of the key features of ICICI Corporate banking –

  • Get account information in real-time – A business runs on the basis of information. You can track your account information in real-time.
  • Simplified account reconciliation – You can choose from six formats to download account statements for simple reconciliation.
  • Enable employees to conduct transactions – You can set authorization limits and rights to each employee through multi-level approval. To prevent the misuse, you can monitor the user id of each account.
  • Manage your Supply Chain
    • Customized and real-time MIS
    • E-payment gateway
    • Online bill payment
    • Upload single file to pay all your vendors
    • Manage your collections smoothly
  • Safety at its best
    • Audit trails
    • Filtering and firewalls
    • 128-bit encryption and SSL
    • Two-factor authentication with separate transaction password and login
    • Authorized access only

How to use ICICI Corporate Banking?

  • You need an ICICI Bank current account in your nearest ICICI Bank branch.
  • Go to your nearest ICICI bank branch to fill up the corporate net banking registration form.
  • You will get your User ID, Corporate ID, and Password.
  • Visit icicibank.com and use the above credentials for ICICI Bank Corporate Login.
  • Change your password for security purposes.

How Fund Transfer Facilities with ICICI Corporate Banking Works?

Fund transfer is the most important and basic feature for net banking. But you need something more than just fund transfer for corporate net banking.

Here are some of the great ways for fund transfer with ICICI Bank Corporate Net Banking –

Ways to Transfer Funds

  • Simplified bill and tax payment with ICICI Bank Corporate Internet Banking.
  • Transfer funds to anyone with an account in ICICI Bank or any other bank.
  • ICICI Corporate Online Banking offers “Bulk File Upload” feature to transfer funds to several beneficiaries smoothly.

Bulk Payments with ICICI Corporate Banking

You can easily make bulk payments to dealers, pay staff salaries, and make vendor payments. Go to ICICI Bank portal and create a text file as per the given format.

Transaction Limits and Authorization

  • Just like you have authorized signatories with powers to sign cheques, you can also assign each user with some limits to use your ICICI Net Banking Corporate Banking.
  • You can set limits on the basis of number of transactions per user or amount per user, or both.

The bank applies default limits according to the standards you have mentioned for each account category, if limits are not assigned to the users from your organization.

Multi Level Approvals

You can enable multi level approvals on your ICICI Bank Corporate Account. As per your business needs, layers of approvals are created. The bank will process transactions after seeking consent of final approver. This way, you can ensure the right balance of security and authority in your organization’s finances.

Fund Transfer Timings

  • You can transfer funds anytime with the IMPS feature provided in Online ICICI Corporate
  • Use RTGS and NEFT to transfer higher amounts. You can avail both from Monday to Saturday. However, these facilities are closed on Second and Fourth Saturdays.
  • You can use NEFT from 8AM to 6:30PM and RTGS from 8:15AM to 4:15PM.

You cannot avail both facilities on bank holidays and Sundays.

Channel Partner Login

Mandate is available to deduct the amount from your channel partners for your company. The funds can be pooled in your current account using this mandate with the account of channel partners. Both your vendors and your company can avoid several paperwork and formalities.

How to TracK Status of Transfered Funds?

You can transfer funds with ICICI Business Banking and track the same offline and online. You can track your transaction status by calling your phone banking executives in corporate care. You can also send the transaction details like amount, account number, date, and beneficiary details to corporatecare@icicibank.com. Or you can go to ICICI Corporate Net Banking Login Page to track payment status and click the link “Payment Mode”.

ICICI Corporate Banking Safety Precautions

  • Keep your password secret and unique for safety reasons.
  • Keep changing your password from time to time.
  • Visit ICICI Net Banking Login Corporate website for tips to create safe and strong passwords. The password must be complex enough to someone else to guess and easy enough for you to remember. Don’t share your password to anyone else nor write it anywhere. Just keep it in your memory.
  • Don’t use public computers to access ICICI Bank Corporate Banking Login, if possible. The ICICI bank provides a virtual keyboard to use in emergencies. A lot of cyber café owners and people around put malware in those systems to record keystrokes.
  • Be sure to logout of your account once you finish using services of Corporate Banking ICICI Bank. Never leave your computer unless you log out of your corporate banking account. Also clear the browser cache and close the browser before leaving.
  • Use the latest antivirus software to protect your computer.
  • Never share your OTP or password to any email, SMS or someone on a phone Bank employees are not authorized to ask for password from its customers.
  • In case you receive several OTPs without doing anything with your account, be sure to change your password and login credentials quickly. Also inform the helpdesk of ICICI corporate banking to take actions.

Always type the website address in the browser for ICICI Net Banking Corporate Login. Never click any link shared through any messenger or email as it must be a clone website to steal your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

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