Where To Focus Your Marketing Efforts During Lockdown?


As India is facing a nationwide lockdown, several companies have shut down their operations. Brands are still uncertain about what they should promote in the market. The country is facing a difficult situation and things are still not looking well, we have to figure out how to do business in these difficult and unfamiliar circumstances.

To survive this, Brands will need to adapt according to the Circumstances. They’ll need to find new ways to promote their business, offer value to the existing customer, engage their new and potential customers, and a new way to sell their products.

COVID-19 pandemic has created a new world – one you need a new plan for.

In this article, we collected the information which can help you understand how to keep the brand alive, how to connect to your customers. It might help you to tell what needs to be done in this situation.

Why Brands need to keep marketing?

When things are not right for the economy and for the companies, marketing is always the first budget to be severely cut. But many studies have shown that if the brands still maintain marketing during the economic crisis, it puts brands in an excellent position when the market will improve. 

Because brands which stays connected with the consumer in this situation will get better response compared to brands that are silent in this situation and start their promotion when things get better. When all your competitors are cutting the budget, your brand will stand out in a quieter market to connect with your customers.

Respond to your audience’s

The most important point your brand should do in this period is to respond to your potential and regular clients, with some added benefits which makes them feel special.

Never miss the opportunity to present your brand special and respond to your customer with added benefits most importantly, make sure your message offers support and share of helping like; Automobile dealers could extend the service time with some extra benefits, on the new Automobile which was bought before the crises. This helps to increase your brand value in the market.

Build your Brand

Building a brand during the crisis is not easy, compared to a normal economic recession. It is not the time to invest money in marketing to gain a high sale.

It is the time to stand with your regular and potential customer to offer your services in free it might hurt your brand revenue “like; Marg is currently offering free unlimited plans of Retail Ordering Apps for distributors to collect online orders from their retailers, till 30th June 2020” but helping people now is the best way to create the brand awareness which helps your brand later.

Invest in your existing customer

To attract new customers you need to spend money on promotion which is not a good idea in the present scenario. So in an uncertain and shrinking market with a limited budget, investing more time in your existing customers makes more sense to nurture the customers you already have.

There are many studies suggesting that increasing customer retention will help in increasing profit, and it costs way less than attracting a new customer. It also helps to increase customer loyalty towards the brand. You don’t need a new database to do that, all the information you need will already be present in your system, you can easily contact them with any medium through Call, SMS or Email. You need to find ways you can give more value, show them support by providing a freebie and help them to get more benefits from what they have already bought from you.

Follow these rules, get in touch, listen – then be ready to adapt.

Connect with potential customers

Existing customers are important but you need to look for the marketing opportunity to be in the limelight which helps you to get new and potential customers. But your marketing should be in a way which does not hurt people’s emotions.

Follow these ideas to promote your business:

  • Promote on social media to connect with a new customer, India is in lockdown so most of the time people are spending on social networking which helps the brand to reach a large number of people.
  • Creating goodwill is always better for the brand, so look for any opportunities you can offer to help people in the Crisis. “Like; Marg is currently offering free unlimited plans of Retail Ordering Apps for distributors to collect online orders from their retailers, 30th June 2020”
  • It is the best suitable time to create your all-around presence in the internet medium which helps the client to find you more easily. This also helps you to get the online order.
  • You need to adapt according to the Circumstances which makes your offer more valid like still some traveling companies running their regular ads suggesting you to travel the globe, which is completely irrelevant as all flights are closed. You need to provide content that shows you are supporting and care for them.
  • Show your new and potential customers that you’re open for business or for some free recommendations.

 These points will help you to connect with new and potential clients by doing some simple steps.



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