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World Pharmacists Day - Marg ERP

On the 25th of September, World Pharmacists Day is celebrated all over the world.

This year’s theme for celebrating the big day is “Pharmacy: Always  trusted for your health”

Why This Theme?

According to the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), “Trust is a central part of all human relationships and a fundamental element of social capital. Trust is also essential to health care: there is a significant association between trust in healthcare professionals and health outcomes for patients.”

Across diverse settings throughout the world, it is observed that when the patients have higher trust in the healthcare professionals, they show a better satisfaction of treatment, fewer symptoms, & experience improved health behaviors.

Molecules become medicines when pharmaceutical expertise is added  – FIP

Why World Pharmacist Day is celebrated?

World Pharmacist Day was brought to life at the FIP Council 2009 in Istanbul, to promote & advocate the role of pharmacists all over the world. In every corner of the world, pharmacists play a vital role in maintaining the healthcare system, this day is celebrated in order to pay a tribute to their never-ending efforts.

Pharmacists are the real superheroes, the reason why every patient gets the medicine on time. They are tirelessly using their experience, knowledge, & expertise to make the world a better place for everybody. Not only providing the medicines, but pharmacists also give medical advice to patients, how to take the medicines & much more.

Why September 25?

The Turkish members of FIP suggested the Date because the FIP was established on the same day in 1912.

What is the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)?

The founder of World Pharmacists Day, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is a non-governmental organisation, the global body representing pharmacy, pharmaceutical education and pharmaceutical sciences. They represent millions of pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and educators around the world through their network of 144 national organisations and members. The Head office of FIP is situated in the Netherlands. In order to meet the health care need of the world, they work to support the pharmacist through their vast network & scientific innovations. They are dedicated to the development of the Pharmacists profession.

Where is the Word “Pharmacy” Generated?

Some of the oldest pharmaceutical records throw light on this that were found in Egypt from the year 2900 B.C. The “Papyrus Ebers”, a drug index collection of 800 prescriptions mentioning 700 drugs, that dates back to around 1500 B.C. The “Father of Pharmacy” is Aelius Galenius aka Galen of Pergamon a Greek physician, surgeon and philosopher in the Roman empire. His name is still associated with galenicals.

Our mission:

Being associated with the pharmaceutical industry for the last 29 years, we have been working towards digitizing the business processes of the pharmaceutical industry. Since the inception of Marg ERP, we realized that the pharmacy needs to be digitized so that the health care services could reach the patients before life. Also, computerizing the whole process eases out complex business processes.

To some extent, we have been successful in our journey. In India, we have been able to computerize 50% of pharmacies. Today our 1 Million users are using Marg for their billing, accounting, payments, inventory & delivery needs.

We’re on a mission to computerize 2.5 Lakh, new pharmacists, by 2023.

Pharmacist-Day-Infographic - Marg ERP

How We Celebrated the Day?

We’re celebrating the big day to express our gratitude and token of thanks to the real superheroes.

The chemist, the pharmacist and all medical workers, who have been working tirelessly for our good health. In celebration of this special day, to know our pharmacists better together we invited our customers as our guest of honor at Marg House.

Our Customers are our priority, and we are going to proudly celebrate this in their presence Live on Facebook & Youtube.

Our Guests for the Celebration:



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