Create New Financial Year in a Click with Marg ERP

Make your New Financial Year hassle-free with Marg ERP & Start generating bills without any interruption.

Before starting a new financial year in Marg ERP, make sure you have taken the Backup of the previous Financial Year
If you want to know the process of ‘How to take a backup of the Financial Year’, please scroll the page & go through our Videos.



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Step by Step Guide for New Financial Year Creation

Important Information:

  • Take a Backup of the Financial Year 2020-21 before all these processes
  • If the software is multi-user then close all your Nodes (Clients Systems)
  • Don’t Interrupt the Process until it is Completed

1 Run Marg/ Counter → F8 → E (New Financial Year)

2 Check Closing Date → Alt + E → Yes

3 Select ❛Yes❜ or ❛No❜ as per the Customer❜s Requirement

4 Press ❛Page Down❜ Key → ❛Yes❜ to proceed

5 Now the software will automatically run ❛Files Maintenance❜ and ❛Error Checkings & Re-writing❜

How to take Backup of Financial Year in Marg ERP

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