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Ship On Click- a subsidiary of Marg ERP Ltd aims at improving delivery times, lowering shipping costs, and providing a hassle-free delivery system. We provide a technology-enabled delivery system working on a dynamic Cost per delivery structure best suited for your business requirements.

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Why we need Ship On Click?

Thakur Anup Singh, Founder & Group CMD Marg ERP Ltd., for a long time realized that the major problem for distributors was to deliver their products to the respective retailers. This gave birth to an idea of creating a delivery platform where the distributors can easily schedule for pickups & deliver the products in a single click. Therefore to provide frictionless & hassle-free delivery solution, Marg ERP Ltd. launched Ship On Click to make B2B shipping & deliveries easy.

Our technical & service team operates from multiple states all over India around the clock to provide best delivery & shipping solutions that are constantly updated, cutting-edge and tailor-made for your business. Our Delivery Platform provides you with Flexible Delivery Times, Multiple Pick-ups, Reduced Manpower Cost, Fixed Cost System with tailormade business strategies specially crafted for your business.

Our Mission

At Ship On Click, we are on a mission to reach at the micro level to remove the last barrier of shipping & delivery. We believe that any business, regardless of size, should be able to sell & deliver.

Our Leadership


Thakur Anup Singh

CMD of Marg ERP Group

Thakur Anup Singh, a renowned name in the world of software & technology, is Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of Marg ERP Group

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Mr. Mahender Singh

MD of Marg ERP Group

Mr. Mahender Singh is the Co-founder & Managing Director (Technical) of Marg ERP Group

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Mr. Sudhir Singh

MD of Marg ERP Group

Mr. Sudhir Singh is the Co-founder & Managing Director (Sales & Marketing) of Marg ERP Group