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  • Your Expiry Loss will be 0% with Marg Pharmacy Software
  • Do effortless Stock management & Accounting
  • Complete customer management to increase your revenues
  • Uninterrupted GST Billing & Return Filing
  • Get Data-driven insights in Real-time
  • Increase your sales with easy Shipping & Deliveries

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  • Your Expiry Loss will be 0% with Marg Pharmacy Software
  • Do effortless Stock management & Accounting
  • Complete customer management to increase your revenues
  • Uninterrupted GST Billing & Return Filing
  • Get Data-driven insights in Real-time
  • Increase your sales with easy Shipping & Deliveries

Why we are the best pharmacy retail software in India?

Easy Billing, billing software

ERP-to-ERP Online Order

Easily place online orders after comparing the stock and schemes offered by multiple distributors using any ERP software Pan India. With this functionality, retailers can directly place orders from ERP system to the distributors' ERP systems without any hassle.

Filing GST Returns, billing software

Promise Order

This feature within Marg ERP allows Chemists to effortlessly specify the quantity of medicine needed based on the patient's requirements during the billing process. Once the items become available in stock, an automated SMS is sent to inform the patient.

Invoice Customization, billing software

Data Entry Free Software

Streamline your billing processes by eliminating the need for manual data entry. By simply scanning the batch number using the “All Scan App” on a bottle or strip, automatically input the data into the system.

Features at Glance

Stock Management

Track your stock, set min/ max stock level, make inventory up to date. Marg Pharmacy Software with advanced inventory tracking helps to streamline your entire pharmacy shop

Expiry Management

Keep a track of expired & near expiry products sitting at your shelves. Return the products to the supplier before expiry & save 100% losses due to expiry


Reach out to more customers by maintaining records of medical evaluation of the patient’s health by accepting paper & e-prescriptions

Rack Management

Easily maintain stock of multiple items Rack-wise which helps to identify which item is kept in which rack at the time of billing & generate Rack-wise stock reports

Alert Management

Get notification & alerts based on customer’s history. Send Reminders to customers regarding appointments, medicines, follow ups etc & deliver the medicine on time

Online Purchase Import

No need to feed manual Purchase. Import bill from any Excel, CSV or PDF format to save time with 100% accuracy & map items/products with existing items

Re-Order Management

Know the Fast, Slow and Non- Moving products in your store. Set Re-order points. Generate Re- order on the basis of Product Sale/ Profit/Stock level & Calculations

Substitute Availability

Boost your sales by suggesting Substitute medicines instead of the prescribed ones. The software will find appropriate substitutes with same Salt Composition & Strength

Free Drug Helpline

Get complete information of 4.5 Lakh Medicines inside Marg ERP. Increase 40-50% sales by searching substitutes & placing orders to nearby suppliers

24x7 Ordering

View stock updates, schemes & rates in real-time and place online orders to nearby suppliers anytime anywhere with Marg eRetail App

Doctor Account

Generate Doctor's & MR’s Commission, Incentives & Company wise Sales Reports. Know the profit margins & increase your sales accordingly

Family Ledger Management

Create & maintain the family-wise consolidated ledger in a Single Ledger Group & serve the entire family in a better way

Digital Payment & Collection

Simplify your digital collections & payments using MargPay with secure Payment Modes, Bill- by-bill Reconciliation, Same-day Settlement, Business Loans etc.

Connected Banking

Experience online banking inside Marg ERP integrated with ICICI Bank. Manage all type of bank transactions i.e. NEFT, RTGS etc. including Auto-Bank Reconciliation with 140+ Banks

Delivery & Shipping

Reduce Shipping Cost, Increase Reach, Deliver products to your customer on time with Marg ShipOnClick. We assure 100%Safety & Security with our trusted Delivery Partners. Coming Soon.

Digitize Your Pharmacy with Marg Pharmacy Software

Marg Pharmacy software is a comprehensive retail pharmacy software solution that includes an ERP for pharmacy. It offers robust features for inventory management, allowing you to efficiently track and manage your pharmacy's stock. It serves as an excellent pharmacy retail software solution, enabling you to handle billing processes effectively. Known for its reliability and efficiency, Marg Pharmacy software is considered one of the best pharmacy billing software options available for sales automation functions, seamless integrations, and mobile accessibility. Additionally, it functions as pharmacy ERP software, providing you with a complete business solution that covers everything from billing to return filing.

Specially Designed & Flexible Solution to suit your Pharmacy Needs

With Marg Pharmacy software, which is considered one of the best pharmacy software systems, you can run entire retail pharmacy operations smoothly. It simplifies a wide range of activities such as maintaining records of billing, doctor/patient-wise reports, effective inventory management, smart order management, flexible payment methods, and even provides negative stock alerts. Additionally, the software includes advanced features for online pharmacy billing and pharmacy medical billing, making it an excellent choice for pharmacies looking for an efficient solutions

Marg Pharmacy software also offers unique functionalities like keeping track of restricted drugs such as Narcotics, H Schedule, and H1 Schedule. It enables you to notify medical representatives of upcoming field visits, schedule follow-up activities, set reminders, and update customers accordingly. By leveraging the software's capabilities, you can learn from your customers' preferences and order history, allowing you to improve your sales approach for maximum engagement. If you're looking for software specifically designed for retail pharmacy or pharma retail ERP, Marg Pharmacy software is an ideal solution for streamlining your operations and enhancing your overall efficiency.

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Know more about Marg® ERP

  • Control on Pilferage, Stocks, Expiry & Claims
  • Easy & Fast Billing with GST
  • Cross-check of Purchase Rates, Disc. Deal & Cost
  • Effective Purchase management to reduce costs
  • Maintain patient Prescriptions & Get Appointment Reminders
  • Re-order generation & Best suppliers planning
  • Auto Purchase feeding on Email / Pending Order
  • Suggest Substitute / Salt & Location wise search
  • Zero Percent Chances of Manual Mistake
  • Customers Satisfaction & Business Improvement
  • Easy & Fast Billing
  • Salt /Substitute /Rack / Name wise search
  • Barcode/ Strips Code/ Item Code wise Search
  • Sales in Strips & Tablets
  • Doctor /Patient /Salesman /Operator wise Sales Records
  • Prescription wise Sales & Pending Reminders
  • Cash, Credit, Panel wise Bill /Challan
  • Narcotics /Sch-H indication to check Prescription
  • Attract Customers i.e., Card/ Point System
  • Various types of Discounts & Schemes
  • Flexibility in Stock for Govt. Employees Bills
  • Multiple Series & Wholesale Billing Option
  • Expired Item & Near-Expiry Indication
  • Margin Loss Indication
  • Multiple Customers Billing at the same time on a single PC
  • Switch over from Sale to Purc. to Sale to anywhere
  • Shortage Reminders/ Place Order to Suppliers
  • Reorder Generation on Sale/ Minimum/ Manually/ Today Sale/ Zero Stock & Auto Purchase Generation
  • Supplier wise companies & order planning
  • Day wise Supplier Ordering System
  • Supplier wise Order Limit
  • Last purchase deals of item at the time of Ordering
  • Centralized Order System for Pharmacy Chain Store
  • Benefits of Chemist Reorder system - "No Need to feed Purchase Manually"
  • Auto purchase load from Order/ Email
  • Display Last 4 Deals of Selected item to cross-check Rate, Deal, Disc., Tax & Cost
  • Fix different Sales Rate on MRP/ Purchase Rate on Margin basis
  • Cash/ Credit Purchase
  • Supplier wise various outstanding reports & reminders
  • Pending Brk/ Expiry, Dr/Cr & Replacement Notes
  • Stock adjustment add for without purchase
  • Easy option for Management to Crosscheck Bills
  • Centralized Purchase System for Chemist Chain Stores
  • Easy error finding of Manual Purchase
  • Easiest Accounting from competitors
  • Simplify Accounting Process
  • Billing to Balance Sheet
  • Online Accounting with Zooming Facility
  • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L on Tips
  • Arrow Cash, Fund Flow & Ratio Analysis
  • Bank Reconciliation & Interest Calculation
  • Bill Wise Suppliers Outstanding & Bank Summary
  • GST, VAT Returns, Sales Tax Registers & Summaries
  • Columnar Register/ Ledger Printing
  • Multi Ledger/ Voucher/ Dr/Cr Note printing
  • Merge Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L for Pharmacy Chain Stores
  • Cheque & Voucher Printing
  • IT-ST Auditor Reports
  • Gross Profit reports on Day/ Month/ Item/ Company/ Bill & Supplier with zooming up to Bill
  • ABC Analysis, Fast & Slow Moving Items
  • Purchase, Sales & Stock Analysis
  • Suppliers wise Stocks, Dumping, and expiry & Valuation
  • Panel/ Doctor/ Patient/ Supplier Wise Sales Reports
  • Bill not Printed/ No. of Prints/ Modification Track
  • Operator wise Log Book, Cash Collection & Sales Reports
  • Supplier Wise Companies List & Best Supplier Planning
  • Adjust Margins of Bills for personal sales
  • Pending Challans & Single Bill for Counter Sales
  • Product/Suppliers & Patient Queries
  • Doctor's Commission & Company wise Margins
  • Self-designed Reports are also available

Marg Pharmacy Billing Software helps you sell
Smarter, Faster & Better

GST Billing & Return Filing

Experience easy GST billing & return filing with Marg Pharmacy Software. File GST Returns, TCS & TDS directly from the Software. Run Internal Audit to ensure 100% error-free reports
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eRetail Mobile App

Place direct orders to Suppliers/Distributors Online with eRetail Order & Payment App Check & manage Stock, Schemes, Shortage, Credits, Online Payments & more
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Effortless Accounting

Streamline your finances & accounting from ‘Billing till Balance Sheet’ with an integrated accounting solution that covers your entire finances to boost your business
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Easy & Fast Billing

Improve Billing Speed by 40% by Quick Searches, Shortcuts, Barcode Scanning etc. Handle all your sales and purchases operations, manage invoices and bills, and also track payments.
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Suggested Items

Based on the customer’s purchase behavior, suggest best buy item related to their purchase & increase your profits margins with Marg suggested item feature
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Marg® ERP Integrated Mobile Apps

Marg eRetail App for Retailers to place orders

E-Retail app is a step much Faster & reliable for ordering. It increases the order value and adds mobility for retailers when placing an order to their suppliers / distributors. The user can track their short supplies and view suppliers offers, stock rate, schemes and can also check their ledger and outstanding with much ease.

The eRetail app made for Retail business increases the retailer’s efficiency and connectivity with their distributors and suppliers which ensure long and healthy relationship. The eRetail app assures easy search of items and gets a 24*7 access for ordering anytime. The app is error-free and time-saving while order feeding/ punching through automated diary system. Moreover, The app also is easy to use and helps run your business efficiently.

Features of eRetail app

  • Ordering : Easy to order from any distributors/ suppliers anywhere anytime
  • Stock : Can view and analyze multiple distributor stock rate, deals, and schemes
  • Ledger : Retailer can view his ledger without any hassle
  • Outstanding : Checking outstanding with balance and date
  • Easy to use : Adaptable or feasible in nature
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Marg eOrder App for taking orders by salesman

Marg E-order app is enriched with some beneficial aspects which have a key role in revolutionizing the business operations especially for distributors/ suppliers in collecting Orders & collections which is fully automated, time-saving, instant information of stock details and on-spot acknowledgment.

Marg E-order has some impressive features

  • Ordering : Salesman order placed immediately appears on Marg ERP
  • Collection : Direct collection from retailers with date, time and outstanding details
  • Stock : Access to real-time stock with relevant information like product rate and schemes
  • Location : Salesman can locate retailers with ease
  • Easy to use : Adaptable or feasible in nature
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Marg eOwner App to keep complete track of your business

eOwner keeps a strong vigilance on your business and is a perfect Management app for entrepreneurs (Retailers, Distributors & C&F's). The app keeps eyes on Sales, Collection & GPS tracking of field staff which guarantees an increase in the sales revenue which influences on time business decision making power and assures 100% business success.

eOwner is a cloud based system integrated with MARG ERP 9+ which provide real time information for businesses to take an instant business decision.The eOwner app allows you to manage multiple businesses at one go and gives an in-depth analysis of your inventory.

The app gives a clear view of your financial reports like balance sheet, cash& bank, profit & loss, debtors balance and creditors balance.

The features of eOwner app

  • Field staff tracking : Easy tracking of field staff
  • Stock : In-depth analysis of stock details
  • Outstanding : Clear overview of clients outstanding any time
  • Purchase order : Easy modification of purchase orders
  • Financial reports : Keep eye on accounting activities
  • Easy to use : Adaptable or feasible in nature
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Frequently Asked Questions

A pharmacy management software allows you to track the entire purchase history of a customer, their medical information, prescriptions, bills and other relevant information. This will give a better experience to the customers, and at the same time, easily keep track of your sales.
The pharmacy software provides transparency to any business process. Using pharmacy software is a boon for pharmacists as it helps is ease out the business operations & helps in running a business more competently. It also makes sales and profits more predictable and increases clientele.
There are numerous pharmacy softwares available in the market. The pharmacy software which is capable of handling every detailed process & is affordable is the best pharmacy software for any business. For small & medium businesses Marg pharmacy software is one of the best software that is available for use.
The cost of pharmacy software depends on the complexity, quantity and requirement of the number of users of the software and hardware.
Marg pharmacy software is one of the best pharmacy software for small businesses. Marg pharmacy software provides all updated features & options to digitize a pharmacy.
Pharmacy management software or pharmacy accounting software enables pharmacy owners to keep track of different records, patients' reports, and drug stocks. Pharmacy accounting software allows getting updates related to GST, taxes, billing, balance sheet in addition to maintaining records of expiry stocks, pending prescription, and keep check on sales.
You can download Marg Pharmacy Software from the link:
Yes, you can file GST return easily with Marg Pharmacy software.
You can directly file GST Return from the software. You can directly push all transaction into JSON format & file return easily. The software also runs internal audit & alerts you to errors.
Yes, all reports & customer data can be analyzed using Marg Pharmacy software. The Customer data can be analyzed to make informed data-driven decisions.
Marg pharmacy software provides you with a very advanced alert & notification system, whenever your regular customer’s medicine will be about to finish, the software will give you an automatic alert. You can send timely reminders to customers & increase your sales.
Pharma billing software is a complete pharmacy software with a POS package that efficiently handles billing, GST return filing, inventory/ stock management, expiry management, and reorder management with the free information of restricted or non-restricted drugs, drug helpline etc. This helps to streamline the overall business process.
Pharmacy management software is the same as the pharmacy billing software which is an entire package to manage billing, GST return filing, inventory, prescription, doctor commission, expiry etc.
Pharmacy software refers to computer-based applications designed specifically for managing various aspects of a pharmacy's operations. These software systems are developed to streamline and automate processes such as inventory management, prescription management, sales tracking, customer management, and billing. Marg ERP is considered as one the best pharmacy inventory management software and billing software for pharmacy.
Marg ERP 9+ Pharmacy Software is considered one of the best software for pharmacy shop in India due to its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, integration capabilities, real-time reporting, and reliable customer support.
Software in pharmacy refers to computer-based applications specifically designed to assist in managing and automating various processes within a pharmacy. It encompasses pharmacy retail software, pharmacy billing software, pharmacy ERP software, and other pharmacy software solutions.
In hospital pharmacies, various software solutions are used to efficiently manage operations and provide quality patient care. One prominent software solution in this context is Marg ERP pharmacy software. It is a reliable software solution for hospital pharmacies.
Pharmaceutical software, such as Marg ERP, provides immense value in the pharmaceutical industry. It offers online pharmacy billing software capabilities, comprehensive pharmacy medical billing features, software for efficient retail pharmacy operations, and a robust pharma retail ERP software solution. Marg ERP's software suite empowers pharmacies to streamline their processes, enhance productivity, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.
The cost of pharmacy software can vary based on factors like the required features and functionalities, pharmacy size, and software provider. Marg ERP pharmacy billing software price is categorized into Basic, Silver, and Gold tiers. The pricing structure allows pharmacies to choose a package that aligns with their specific needs and budget. Moreover, MargERP is known as one of the best pharmacy retail software in India, boasts a massive customer base of one million in India.

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