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Need of Pharmacy Software in Retail Pharmacy Business


The pharmacy & uses of medicine date back to ancient times when only wealthy people could afford medicines. In earlier times, the doctor & the pharmacist were the same, the doctor used to prescribe & provide the medicine by own. Patients also take the prescribed remedies & got even better. With the evolvement of time & technology, in today’s world pharmacies have acquired a vital place in the market. In 2020, you can’t avoid the usage of the pharmacy management system for development. Especially the need for pharmacy software for retail pharmacy businesses can not be ignored. Today, the patient urges to see the doctor online, receive an online prescription & send it to the pharmacy. He expects online delivery within a few hours. To match up the growing expectation of the patient small pharmacy businesses need to implement a technology that could be easily merged with the business operations & practicality. Today the focus of pharmacies is to deliver the right medicine to the right patient at the right time.

Let’s See How a Pharmacy Software For Retail Pharmacy Business Can Help To Achieve This:


Being the extremely profit-making niche in the world, the pharma sector needs technology in business system management no less than other industries. Pandemic in 2020 accelerated the contactless reach to medicines & drugs. B2C business processing in the pharma sector has reached many new heights by delivering online solutions. Under quarantine situations, many big companies allowed online delivery to patients ensuring distance selling.  The companies with continue this in the future also as it brings in more profits. Therefore, the small Pharmacy businesses here need to equip themselves to compete with the changing markets & trends.

Based on the above said, willing to automate your retail pharmacy business you can opt for a pharmacy management system tailored to the pharma specific needs. With free Marg pharmacy management software, you can easily manage your sales processes based on market offers & enhance the development experience for B2B & B2C customers. 

What is Pharmacy Management Software?

A pharmacy management software is also known as the Chemist Software. The software is specifically designed to ease out the complex routine process with automation related to patient’s history, medication, patient care, billing, relationship with suppliers, prescription management, delivery, dispatch, substitutes, pharmacy chain trading, medical supplies etc.

Advantages of Best Pharmacy Software

  1. In scaling B2C pharma retailers, regular small pharmacies who want to retain better relations with their customers & want to meet the customer’s expectations.
  2. Maintaining better B2B relations with suppliers, manufacturers & partners.

Why you Need a Pharmacy Store Management System?

When you are tired of error-filled, slow daily business operation that forces your customers to go to the next shop, then you must look for the remedy for your business in the form of a pharmacy store management system. 

If you want to transform the heaps of paper into digital reports, manage the sales purchase of prescribed & other drugs, control your stock & inventory, estimate customer demand & meet supply, get the full insight of your business performance in the form, of the dashboard, you will need an automated solution that is Marg Chemist Software.

In addition to all this, Marg pharma software enables your finance management with real-time alerts, revenue management, user wise control & more. It will help you from billing till balance sheet. A complete solution for all your business worries.

Following is the list of obvious issues that you might be facing but don’t have the solution. The software used in pharmacy will empower you to resolve all of that:

  • Medicine classification & selection
  • Pricing, loyalty points, offers & discounts
  • Integrated ordering system from suppliers
  • Integration with payment & other devices
  • Integration with POS
  • API Integration
  • Online pharmacy management
  • Prescription management
  • Family ledger & history management
  • Substitute availability on the basis of salt & composition

Features of a Pharmacy Management System

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a crucial part in Pharma ERP software which is responsible for taking care of accurate inventory with automation. The software will provide digital reports of all in-out flow of inventory which helps in centralize all the information & maximize the inventory turnover ratio. It helps in making data-driven decisions like updating stock level, managing supplies, selecting drugs, re-ordering, clearing outstanding, providing notifications & alerts on dues, tracking H1, N1 scheduled drugs. 

 Prescription Management

It helps in managing multiple prescriptions & flow over the counter to maintaining accurate inventory levels. It will be very convenient to have automatically scheduled appointments with patients to achieve a systematic workflow in your pharmacy. This will not only increase your profits but will also reduce the customer’s waiting time at the pharmacy. The software used in pharmacy will reduce the incoming calls flow, optimize your delivery system, & will generate more effective prescription management with higher profits.

Analytics & Reporting

Even a small pharmacy is a complex hub of data & reports. The government has levied many rules & regulations over the working of pharmacies, which need to be fulfilled. With a retail pharmacy management system, you can utilize these thousands of reports for your growth. You can channelize the energy towards your success. You can get the digital overview of every report including patients’ personal information, transactions, supply chain, sales, profits, inventory level, purchase etc. Manually analyzing these reports is very difficult & can take hours. Also, the chances of errors are extremely high. A software for pharmacy can simplify your reporting by analyzing & creating consolidated reports automatically. Now you can utilize your crucial growth in building new strategies for business growth.

Accounting & Payments

Pharmacy Billing is too complex. It depends on the government taxation system, vai=riation in rules & regulations. And keeping up to date manually is next to impossible.  It requires a robust system to manage revenue generation & offer competitive pricing for pharmacies. Consider GST Billing Pharmacy Software, which created GST-ready invoices & pushes transactions directly into the GST portal for return filing.

Marg Pharmacy software is No. 1 in GST billing which assists you completely at every step till return filling. It ensures 100% error-free reports & GST return filing. It also helps in managing multiple payers, delayed payments, profit & loss. You can also avail of online banking & auto-bank reconciliation with banks. Multiple payment modes for customers. 

With Marg ERP Pharmacy software you also get Free access to Marg Pay– a payment gateway for B2B transactions. With Marg pay, you can reconcile every bill on the same day, pay to your supplier with SMS, & Qr Code, & can also get 2% cashback on every payment through Paytm UPI. 

Pharmacy Software Free Download


Being a retail pharmacy business owner, you are running a business in a highly profitable market which is not easy to enter.  Take it as an advantage, you are already in the market. Now it’s time to embrace the technology to heighten your business growth statistics.

If you choose Marg ERP to automate your retail pharmacy business, we will put our whole experience in providing a customized complete solution for you. With giving much thought just went to adopt a pharmacy software & witness the miraculous change in your business.


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