Cloud-Based Retail Chain Management Software Book Demo

Cloud-Based Retail Chain Management Software Book Demo

Payroll Software for Effortless Payroll Management & Accurate Payouts

HRXpert- A revolutionary payroll software by Marg helps you efficiently manage employees’ attendance, salary and payroll functions. Get rid of that annoying month's end. Get assistance with many management tasks from our payroll software for small businesses.

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Features at a Glance

Calculate Payroll Automatically

Create pay slips online with a detailed explanation of taxes, allowances, and deductions, and run payroll in a few simple clicks.

Support Diverse Salary Structures

Create several pay slabs for your employees, leads, and managers, and link the appropriate template to each one.

Always Pay Employees on Time

With quick internet transfers and accessible bank guidance, pay employees straight into their bank accounts.

Simple Statutory Compliance

Stay away from compliance fines for your company. We take care of all aspects of your statutory compliance, such as (PF, PT, ESI, LWF, and IT), and we make filing simple with tax reports.

Precise Administrative Rights

By using user roles and role-based access, you may allow your qualified personnel to process payroll while still maintaining control.

Easy data migration

Easily import all of your current data into HRXpert. Use our pre-made template to import salary or previous employment information, get rid of duplicates, and save time.

Manage Employee Raises, Promotions, and Appraisals

With the correct rewards, you can draw in and keep the best talent. Change the CTC and choose the start date for the pay increase to appear on the payslips.

Keep Track Of Salary History & Designation

Monitor the advancement of your employees' careers by keeping tabs on their history of compensation adjustments and title changes. Employees are also kept informed by automatic updates in the self-service portal.

Structured Employee Exit Management

To process the compensation automatically, provide the final settlement date and the last day your departing employee worked. You can cash in unused time off, send their Form-16 to a chosen email address, and send their final payslips.

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Why Do You Need Payroll Software?

It is impossible to overestimate the significance of having a top-notch payroll software system. All businesses that have adopted payroll salary management systems have noticed significant increases in worker productivity.

Other elements, such as HR management, leave administration, attendance monitoring, and many more, also helped to increase the overall effectiveness of the HR department. Given its many features that are ideal for both large corporations and small businesses, HRXpert can be regarded as the best payroll management software in India.

Know more about Marg® HRXpert

A complete framework to manage multiple HRM related functions with ease. Creation and management of different levels of communication from offer letter to appointment to promotion letters, everything comes into one place to make the whole process hassle-free.

Organizations/teams work in different shifts and timings. HRXpert comes with built-in shift management feature with multiple shift management, time & attendance management & hourly basis roasters etc.

Every business has its own unique needs when it comes to managing employees’ leave. Marg HrXpert, Leave Management System gives you the power to easily manage your employees’ leave application by using ESS Module. This system is designed to reduce the workload of HR department and HODs.

An Intelligent MIS is critical for any business, Marg HRxpert comes with multiple reports which can be used to track performance, behavioral patterns, department wise expenses etc. It gives enough data to management to create appropriate action plans for the business.

Business expenses are different for every employee based on their job role and requirements. With multiple employees, managing reimbursements becomes difficult. HRxpert comes with smart features for reimbursements management.

Information is critical for any business and what to be accessible to whom becomes more critical today. user level access rights in HRxpert really helps in managing these aspects of your business.

Why Choose Marg’s Payroll System?

From bringing efficiency to performance & decision-making capabilities to productivity Marg Payroll Software brings a lot to you.

The best part is that all this happens through a very user-friendly interface & you never need to create a robust infrastructure or implement hi-fi technology. We have simplified the way your payroll should work. Marg Payroll Software is capable enough to provide employees’ complete details on a single screen with few clicks, replacing the need to look into manual records.

Marg Payroll Software is fully capable of managing all the systems like Human Resources, Payroll Management, Compliance Management, tracking relevant information related to employee’s compensation & wages, etc... effectively and efficiently.

It is also equipped with leave & bonus management, user-wise access rights, automatic salary computation, an intimation of salary & attendance through SMS, salary slip over mail, etc. Also, Marg is considered as one of the best Payroll software for small business in India.

What Makes Marg Payroll Software The Best?

User Friendly

Marg’s HR Payroll software is easy to implement, use, and flexible to the organization’s nature of work. The interface has been designed keeping in mind the end users and how employees can easily use it.

Reduced Cost

Get rid of the costly and time-consuming manual process of managing payroll. A manual payroll process is both time-consuming and inefficient and wastes a lot of resources and man-hours, making it a costly affair.

Data Analysis and Informed Decision

Marg Payroll software generates multiple MIS reports analyzing the organization department-wise. It's easier to tweak employees' strengths in various departments.

Data Protection

We understand the importance of data and have provided multiple layers of security with access rights to make the system robust, secure, and efficient.

Simple and affordable pricing.

Silver Edition ₹ 12600/-

  • 1 User Full Rights
  • Multiple Companies

Gold Edition ₹ 25200/-

  • Unlimited Users
  • Multiple Companies

*Additional training and Implementations charges Rs.5400/- + GST

Silver Edition $ 600/-

  • 1 User Full Rights
  • Multiple Companies

Gold Edition $ 1100/-

  • Unlimited Users
  • Multiple Companies

Features - Marg HrXpert

  • Multi companies
  • Multi currency
  • Integrated sms and email alerts
  • Manual and video helps on click
  • All reports in pdf,excel
  • Operator wise menu & hot keys
  • ESS to access salary details , payslips & leaves
  • Generate letters and reports instantly
  • ESI computation, PF calculation with ECR generation
  • Automate reimbursements, loans and advances
  • Incremet module with arrear calculation

*Customisation and GST extra    |   We do not sell through online portals. No Service/support is available if you buy Marg ERP from these sources.

*Implementation charges extra

Looking for a Smart Payroll Software?

Check out Marg HRXpert for your workplace

Frequently Asked Questions

An on-premises or cloud-based solution called payroll software handles, keeps track of, and automates employee payments. A payroll processing system that is robust, integrated, and properly designed may lower expenses and help firms of all sizes comply with tax laws and other financial rules.
For employees to receive accurate, timely remuneration in the right way, the payroll management system connects with other critical company systems (such as direct deposit, check, or payment card). The software is normally accessible by employees, who may update their data, payment preferences, and other specifics.

In order to manage and automate payments to workers of all types (including paid and hourly employees, temporary and gig workers, and others), at various locations throughout the world, payroll systems for companies must be dependable, simple to configure, and flexible enough.
In order to manage and automate payments to workers of all types (including paid and hourly employees, temporary and gig workers, and others), at various locations throughout the world, payroll systems for companies must be dependable, simple to configure, and flexible enough.

Tasks should be made simpler by payroll systems so that employees may manage complicated rules, payroll flows, and checklists with ease and continue to adhere to tax laws and other financial restrictions.
MargERP is one of the best payroll software in India. For small to large organizations, hr and payroll software automates each stage of the payroll process. By making it simple to set up direct deposits, withhold payroll taxes, and maintain proper records so you don't get fined, it helps you manage payments for your employees. When carried out manually, these procedures can take a lot of time, and mistakes are simple to make.
Marg offers you the best payroll software price. To buy the best payroll processing software or attendance and salary software at a budget-friendly price visit
Free payroll software is definitely available in the market. You can also go for the free payroll software, but in practical situations free software provides you with very limited features. Therefore it is better you go for paid advanced software like HrXpert, with detailed features to help you manage your payroll easily.
With a few easy clicks, start a free trial of the payroll software from MargERP. To download free payroll software right away, click here. Payroll Software Free Download

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