PAN Card Reprint – How to Request for PAN Card Reprint Or Duplicate PAN Card?

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What is PAN Card?

PAN Card is an essential document for filing income tax and tax returns. Every taxpayer must have a PAN card, and this is how the government keeps track of every individual and company’s income every financial year and stops tax evasion.

The process of applying for PAN Card Reprint involves a series of small and significant steps which are mandatory for the reissue of PAN card. As the PAN card is a high-value document, PAN card reprint also involves police procedure for the authentication. There are several modes of applying for PAN card reprint. You can apply for the PAN card reprint through an online and offline method. 

Who Can Apply For Duplicate PAN card?

The Government of India issues a PAN card not just to Individuals but also to HUFs, Companies, and other bodies as well. Except for personal PAN cards, not just anybody can apply for the reissue of PAN Card. Only the authorized signatory can apply for the PAN card reprint in case of loss or damage. Let us have a look who can apply for duplicate PAN card in case of different entities:

✔ Individual – They can apply themselves for the PAN card duplicate copy.

✔ Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) – Karta of the HUF can only apply for the duplicate PAN card.

✔Company – Any director of the company can apply for the reissue of PAN card.

✔ Firm or LLP – Any authorized partner of the form or LLP can apply

✔ Association of Person (AOP) (s) – whoever is the authorized signatory according to the in-corporations document can apply for the PAN card duplicate copy.

In What Cases Can You Apply For Duplicate PAN Card?

Well, there is a reason why every individual or company has only one PAN card issued by the Government to avoid tax evasion and keeping a clear view on every transaction by individuals, HUF, and Companies. The PAN cardholder has a different and unique ten-digit alphanumeric number. Once the PAN card is made, the PAN number will never change in your lifetime. That is why you apply for the reissue of the PAN card but not the new one.

You are allowed to apply for PAN card reprint for specific reasons only such as:

➤ Loss/ Theft – A PAN card is a widespread and important document, so people usually carry it in their purse or wallets, which increases the possibility of getting lost or stolen. It is also among the most common reasons to apply for a PAN card reprint. In this case, you also need to file FIR at the nearest police station, and a copy of FIR needs to be attached with the application for reissue of PAN card.

➤ Misplaced – many times people forget where they kept their PAN card and apply for a duplicate in emergencies.

➤ Damaged – If your PAN card is old or damaged somehow then you must apply for reprinting as it is the only solution.

➤ Amendment – In case of change of information such as name, address, and signature, one must apply for the reprint of PAN card. Many also do this while linking their PAN card to Aadhaar as the information has changed, and they both must have the same details; otherwise, you cannot complete the process.

How to Apply For Reprint of PAN Card?

As we have mentioned earlier, the process of applying for a duplicate PAN card or PAN card reprint through online and offline mode. People generally prefer online methods because it is easy and time-saving, whereas it could take weeks for the offline process to get complete and reissue of PAN card.

Steps for Online Process of PAN Card Reprint:

➡ Step 1- Visit website

➡ Step 2 Select your category such as individual from the box if you are applying for yourself at the bottom of the page from the section under “ Apply for changes or corrections in PAN card”.

➡ Step 3 Once you select an individual, a form will appear on your screen under the name “Request for new PAN card or/And changes or correction in PAN card.”

➡ Step 4 Fill out the form with all the personal and necessary information required such as name, address, PAN number, Aadhaar number, email address, and mobile number, etc.

➡ Step 5 Now, you can submit the form online while doing the online payment. Once the payment is done, the form will submit along with the required documents and proof of previously owned PAN card copy.

➡ Step 6- After the successful payment and online submission of the form with documents. You will receive a slip with an acknowledgment number which you can use further to track your PAN card application status.

Note: In case if you haven’t made the payment online then you need to make the payment via demand draft and send it to the NSDL office along with an acknowledgment slip and required documents that you need to submit with proof of pre-owned PAN card. Mark the envelope with “APPLICATION FOR PAN CHANGE REQUEST”. Make sure to deliver the envelope within 15 days otherwise your application will be rejected. Once the process is completed, you will receive the PAN card at your address within a few days.

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Steps of Offline Process to Apply for PAN Card Reprint:

➡ Step 1- Visit the official website, download and print the form “Request for new PAN card or/ and changes or corrections in PAN card.”

➡ Step 2- Fill the form in BLOCK letters with blue/black pen.

➡ Step 3- Fill out all your personal details along with ten-digit PAN number and Aadhaar number.

➡ Step 4- Attach your two passport size photos with cross-signed and send it to the NSDL office along with required documents of proof.

➡ Step 5- After the completion of payment, you will get a 15 digit acknowledgment number on a slip.

➡ Step 6- you will receive your new PAN card or duplicate PAN card after two weeks of the submission of the application.

How to Apply for Cancellation of Duplicate PAN Card?

Sometimes you receive multiple copies of your PAN card. According to the Indian government, it is not allowed to have more than one copy of the PAN card at one specific time. It is also essential for security and privacy purposes. You can cancel or surrender the extra copies to the income tax department.

Write a letter to the assessing officer and mention your details like name, address, date of birth, PAN card details that need to be retained.

You can speed post the letter or personally handover the envelope to the assessing officer.

In return you will receive an acknowledgment slip for the cancellation of a duplicate PAN card.

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