Pan Card Status-Track PAN Card Status Through Aadhaar, SMS, DOB

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PAN Card Status

Checking the PAN card status once you have applied for a new PAN card, duplicate PAN card, or have applied to make some changes in your PAN card is quite easy and simple. The government has provided various methods to individuals to check their status online without any hassle. You can check PAN card status by visiting UTI or NSDL website. If you want, you can check the status via call and SMS as well.

There are mainly two ways to check your PAN card status online. You can easily track PAN card status by entering your Name and Date of Birth. You can also enter your 15 digit acknowledgment number on the portal given to you at the time of filing the application. It doesn’t matter if you have applied for the new or duplicate PAN card through online or offline mode. After the completion of the process and successful payment, you receive an acknowledgment slip. 

You have to sign at the respective area on your slip, which contains a unique 15 digit acknowledgment number. This number is valuable as you can use it to track your PAN card status through any medium.

How To Check PAN Card Status Through UTI Website?

If you want to check your PAN card status through UTI, then carefully follow these steps:

Step 1- Visit UTI Official Website

Step 2- Type your “Application Coupon Number”

Step 3- If you don’t know the number, then you can type your ten-digit PAN number.

Step 4- In the next section, Individuals need to type their Date of Birth, and companies need to type their incorporation.

Step 5- Submit the Captcha in the following box. Captcha can be any random combination of numbers or alphabets. You must submit the right Captcha, or you have to do the process again.

Step 6- Click on the “Submit” icon.

Step 7- You will see your PAN card status on your screen.

How To Check PAN Card Status Through NSDL Website?

If you are tracking your status of PAN card through the NSDL website, then you must follow these steps:

Step 1- Go to NSDL official website

Step 2- In the Application Type box, select “ PAN-New/Change Request.”

Step 3- Type your 15 digit acknowledgment number carefully in the blank space.

Step 4- Then type the above-written code in the box below correctly.

Step 5- Click on the submit Icon.

Step 6- Your PAN card status will appear on your screen.

How To Track PAN Card Status Through Name and DOB?

There is no formal procedure to verify the status of your PAN card through your date of birth only on both the UTI and NSDL website. Though you can track the status of your PAN card through name and DOB while verifying your PAN details at the income tax department official website. You can not just track your PAN card status but also verify your PAN details in the process and file for your income tax return at the same time.

Follow these steps if you want to check your PAN status via name and DOB:

Step 1- Visit the Income Tax E-Filing official website at

Step 2- Select the option “verify your PAN details” below the “Quick Links” section.

Step 3- Write your PAN number, name, and date of birth.

Step 4- Select your status from the drop-down box option, such as an individual.

Step 5- Type the correct Captcha code as shown in the box above.

Step 6- Click on the “Submit” option below.

Step 7- The status of your PAN card will appear on the screen soon.

How To Track PAN Card Status Through Call?

This method is mostly used by people who are not comfortable with an operating computer or don’t have any knowledge about computers. You can also check your PAN card status by calling on their customer care helpline number.

The helpline number of TIN is 020-27218080. you can call on the helpline number and track your PAN card status by providing a 15 digit acknowledgment number. This process can be long and tiring.

How To Track PAN Card Status Through SMS?

For the convenience of applicants, the government of India has also provided the option of tracking the PAN card status via SMS services. This method is quite simple and efficient as you can have all the details on your phone.

An individual needs to compose the message as per instruction and send it to the respective number. You will receive a reply to the message soon. The message needs to be composing as “NSDLPAN”<15 digit acknowledgment number> and send to the customer care number 57575. Soon you will get a message from the department stating your PAN card status.

How To Track Pan Card Status Through Aadhaar?

According to the recent changes in the Union Budget 2019, taxpayers can now use their Aadhaar card as well to file the Income-tax return instead of the PAN card. If they don’t have the PAN card, income tax officers can allot the PAN card to those taxpayers who file their returns with Aadhaar. 

In short, you can file for the Income Tax return with an Aadhaar card only, but you must have a PAN card as well so that the government can keep track of your transaction and charge the correct income tax as per every individual and company.

Follow these steps to check the PAN card status via Aadhaar card:

Step 1- Go to the official website of the Income-tax department

Step 2- Type your 12 digit Aadhaar card number.

Step 3- Enter the correct Captcha code carefully.

Step 4- Click on the “Submit” button.

Step 5- Your PAN card status will appear on your screen soon.

How To Track PAN Card Status Without an Acknowledgment Number?

This is the last but not least favorite method because many people forget or lose their acknowledgment slip. Many people use this method to know about their PAN card status because they forgot where they had kept their slip, or it is out of reach. Well, Don’t worry. The NSDL website allows you to check your PAN status without an acknowledgment number.

Follow these steps to know your PAN card status without acknowledgment number :

Step 1- Visit the official TIN-NSDL website.

Step 2- click on the PAN- New/change request option in the application type box.

Step 3- Instead of putting acknowledgment numbers like before, enter your last, middle, and first name in the section.

Step 4- Type your Date of Birth or Incorporation date of your company.

Step 5- Click on the submit icon, and your PAN card status will appear on the screen.

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