Thursday, November 26, 2020

Marg ERP and Paytm Partners To Resolve MSMEs Payment Issues Digitally

Partnership Between Marg ERP & Paytm for the Eases of MSMEs Payment One of India's biggest enterprise solution provider; Marg ERP with over 50% market...

Marg ERP और Paytm का गठबंधन बनेगा उधमियों के लिए वरदान

मार्ग और पेटीएम बनाएंगे बिजनेस को आसान फार्मा और एफएमसीजी क्षेत्र के 50% बाजार पर देश की कंपनी मार्ग ईआरपी ने देश के लघु और...
Business on Google Map in Marg ERP Software

Sales Analysis on Google Map- Find New Customers in Marg Erp

Content of Blog: Sales Analysis on Google Map Process to Search New Customers Area Wise in Marg ERP Software Process of Date Wise Sales...
Pharmacy Management System To Connect Chemists & Pharmaceutical Distributors

PharmaNXT: Pharmacy Management System To Connect Chemists & Pharmaceutical Distributors

Last time when I went to the chemist store with my medical prescription, I was amazed to see how fast Chemists understand the medicines...
Auto Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup in Marg ERP-Storing & Securing your Data

Cloud Data Backup is also known as online backup. It refers to storing a secured copy of all your data online on a virtual...

Marg ERP: Ease of Multi-user Billing like never before

Time is one of the most precious assets for every business. This awareness of ‘importance of time’ has increased the interest of business owners...

5 Tips for a Thriving New Financial Year

After completion of FY18-19, now we are stepping into the new financial year, here are some tips that we recommend for FY 19-20. Retaining customers,...

Marg ERP Ties-up with GST Hero: For Seamless GST Integration

GST is a plain and simple tax but making your business conform to its regulations requires a lot of work. You’ll need to incorporate...

Speed your POS transactions, Marg ERP Ties-up with Bijlipay

Marg Customers & Business owners have a reason to celebrate, as Bijlipay is now integrated with Marg ERP. Bijlipay is a POS payment solution...

HrXpert Payroll Software now includes functions for easy task and performance management

Imagine a company managing the payroll of its employees through Microsoft Excel. The struggle of maintaining the scattered data and confusing formulas can be...