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Click Here To Download PAN CARD Form 49A


What Kind of Online Services offered by NSDL?

PAN card application form can be submitted online. Requests for changes, corrections like name changes, address changes, etc. can also be submitted online. The process of filing the PAN application form on NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) or UTIITSL (UTI Infrastructure Technology & Services Limited) or website is explained below. 

Steps to follow for online PAN Card Form Filling Process

✅ Step 1: Submit the PAN card 49A form online. The form can be filed online on the NSDL website or can be downloaded as a PAN card form pdf document.

Offline Form 49aOnline Form 49a

✅ Step 2: Enter complete details in the form and read all instructions carefully before submitting the form.

✅ Step 3: Payment Rs. 93 is a fee for applying PAN card which is excluding GST for an Indian residential address and it is Rs. 864 without GST for a foreign residential address. The government portal supports multiple payment options like credit/ debit card, net banking or DD (demand draft). You can pay via any suitable option, and after the payment is successful an acknowledgment receipt no is been generated which is displayed on the system. Remember to save this acknowledgment number for future references.

✅ Step 4: Document verification – Once the online process of the new PAN card application form is completed and payment has been initiated successfully, the applicant has to send the required documents to NSDL by courier or post for the verification process. It is very important to send the documents as only after receiving the documents, NSDL will process the PAN card application. Below mentioned are the documents required by NSDL.

✔️ One Identity Proof

✔️ One Address Proof

✔️ One Date of Birth Proof

Download from here the complete list of document which is mandatory for pan Documents

Click Here To Apply Online And Correction For PAN Card

Both the above-mentioned sites have been recognized by the government as the official site to issue PAN card and to make the changes/corrections in the PAN card on behalf of the Income Tax department. The online application of PAN is the easiest way of getting a PAN card. The applicant only has to fill the online PAN application form and submit it by paying the fees through online payment options. After submitting the form, the applicant can post the copies of the required documents to NSDL or UTIITSL for verification.

Process of Making changes Or corrections in PAN Card

You don’t have to worry if you need to make some changes or corrections in your already existing PAN card. The online process for changing the name, date of birth, address, etc is very simple and user-friendly. The process is similar to applying for a new PAN card with the difference you have to submit the supporting document for the specific change.

Steps For Making Changes Or Corrections in Pan Card:

✅ Step 1: Visit the UTIITSL website and go on to the Apply PAN card option from the drop-down menu.

Pan Card Correction

✅ Step 2: Then select the change/ correction in PAN card option from the displayed menu.

✅ Step 3: Select from the three options what you want to do?

✔️ Apply for change/ correction in PAN Card details

✔️ Regenerate Online PAN Application

✔️ Download blank/change correction request form pdf

✅ Step 4: Now you can either choose a physical method or go paperless with a digital method.

✅ Step 5: Enter the mandatory requirements and proceed further as per the instruction.

✅ Step 6: You can sign the card based on Adhaar or digital signature. If you wish to sign with e-sign an additional Rs. 5.90 will be added to the charges.

You can select PAN card mode also- e-PAN Card only or eCard and Physical card both.

✅ Step 7: Supporting Document for the changes – In order to make corrections in the PAN card supporting documents must be sent to authorities to initiate the procedure. For example, a change of name- will have a document that will support the change of name from old to the newer ones.

Click Here To Download PAN CARD Form 49A


Document Required For Making Changes in Pan Card Details

A. For married women: change on name/ surname in the account of marriage will require a marriage certificate, wedding card, ‘name change’ published in a newspaper, a certificate from gazette officer, copy of passport with husband’s name.

✔️ For individual (excluding marriage account): Published ‘name-change’ in a newspaper, a certificate from a gazetted officer.

✔️ For Companies: Registrar Of Companies’ certificate for change of name is necessary

✔️ For partnership firm: A copy of the revised partnership agreement

The physical card is delivered to the mentioned address and ePAN is sent on the registered email ID. 

What Kind of Features New PAN Card has?

✔️ PAN Card is now printed with the QR code.

PAN Card QR Code

✔️ Apart from the existing information, the QR code contains the photograph & signature of the PAN cardholder.

✔️ The enhanced QR code is readable by the Enhance PAN QR Code Reader app available on the google play store. A 12 Megapixel camera is recommended for reading the QR code.   

✔️ Photograph, hologram, a signature is placed on a different place and changes have been made in the Dimension of QR code.

✔️ Enhanced QR code is also available on the e-PAN Card

Note: PAN Card & e-PAN Card issued before 7th July 2018 in the old version will be valid. 


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