Cloud-Based Retail Chain Management Software Book Demo

Cloud-Based Retail Chain Management Software Book Demo

Inventory Management Software for Real-Time Tracking

Adopt India's Best Inventory Management Software to handle your inventory operations and increase profits. Easily keep track of your inventory and identify which products sell quickly and which are about to expire.

  • Manage Orders
  • Track Inventory
  • Oversee Warehouses
  • GST Billing & Return Filing

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Features at Glance

Easy & Fast Billing

Improve billing speed by 40% with our inventory management system through quick searches, shortcuts, barcode scanning, etc. Handle all your sales and purchase operations, manage invoices and bills, also track your payments.

Order Calling

To Simplify the order-taking process, connect your mobile to the system by scanning the QR code & place calls directly to your customers for receiving orders in just 1 click.

Warehouse Management

Efficiently manage & track your stock in different warehouses, godowns, or shops centrally from Marg inventory software. Track item movements and generate customized specific reports.

Monitor Purchase

Manage all your bills, vendor details, and purchase orders in a single place. Make your buying process more effective by setting reorder points with smart automation features.

Centralized Dashboard

Get a quick update & view all your order status & transaction on a centralized dashboard system with our stock management software. Get deep insight into your business from a single screen & make data-driven decisions.

My shop QR code

Ensures 100% safe & saves time. List & upload product schemes and offers in QR code. Print & paste outside your warehouse/counter where customers can directly scan & place orders.

Connected Banking

Experience online banking inside MargERP integrated with ICICI bank. Manage all type of bank transactions i.e. NEFT, RTGS, etc. including Auto-Bank Reconciliation with 140+ banks.

GST Ready Solution

GST Billing &; Return Filing are made easy with Marg GST ready Inventory Software. File GST Returns, TCS & TDS directly from GST Software. Run Internal Audit to ensure 100% error-free reports

Send Bills On WhatsApp

Send Invoices, Outstandings, Stock and Sales Analysis, etc. & various reports to customers directly on WhatsApp through Software. No need to send it from the phone

Purchase & Sales Claim

Get reminders of schemes & benefits of claims against the purchases done. With Claims & Statements feature in Marg Inventory Software claim all offers & systems from vendors on time

Maximize Your Inventory Efficiency With Marg ERP 9+

Get the most efficient stock-keeping system and improve all your internal operations with Marg Inventory Management Software. It lets you make smarter decisions & keep all your key information at your fingertips. Marg Inventory Software is designed for managing inventory levels, sales & purchases, and the item’s in & out so that you never face any losses.

A Complete Inventory Management Software For Small Business

Inventory management can be complex work, especially if you have a regular moving inventory to take care of. Moreover, if it is not done the right way, it can lead to a lot of problems and financial losses. The best inventory management system is the key to the success of any business. Using Marg inventory management software can be a game-changer for your business.

Marg Inventory Software helps every business to streamline its dispatch system end-to-end along with financial & accounting. It is a one-stop solution enabling companies to be on top of inventory levels with real-time and detailed visibility on inventory control.

Due to its user-friendly features, Marg inventory management system is best suited to increase efficient functionalities integrated with the financial operations of any small, medium, or large business. It allows real-time visibility across multiple locations, and stores even at the micro- level. Integrated with the Mobiles application Marg Inventory software empowers you with your business at your fingertips.

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Know more about Marg® Erp

  • Multi Rate, Price List, & Discount
  • Cash / Credit / Split Invoice & Challan
  • Sales Return & Replacement on Sale Bill
  • Party Wise Rate, Discount and Scheme
  • Salesman / Route / Area Wise Bills & Reports
  • Indication for Loss, Min, Max, New / Old Rate & Expiry
  • Negative Stock Billing Facility
  • Self-Designed Price List (Set Formula in Price List)
  • Sales Return on Same / Separate Bill & Its Adjustment
  • Back Date Stock Position at the Time of Billing
  • Switch Over from Bill to Bill Anywhere
  • Godown Wise Billing & Stock Position
  • Bill Import / Export & Message on Bill
  • Auto Calculation of Levies & no Chance of Manual Mistake
  • Display last four Deals at the Time of Billing
  • View O/s Stock, Ledger. Last Deal of Sale & Purchase Returns, Receipt Payment Bill Modification at the Time of Billing
  • Counter Sale Entry Provision
  • Party History Dashboard on Party Selection
  • Provision to Load Item from Other Bill
  • Display Last 4 Deals at the Time of Purchase to Cross Check Rate Deal, Disc Tax & Cost
  • Purchase Planning & Purchase Order Management
  • Supplier Wise Various Outstanding Reports & Remainder
  • Pending DR / CR & Replacement Notes
  • Auto Barcode / Label Printing from Purchase Bill
  • Fix Sales Rates & Deals at the Time of Purchase
  • Online Shortage Management
  • Purchase Costing Comparison
  • 1000's of Purchase Reports & Analysis
  • Online / Softcopy Purchase
  • Items Wise Double Percentages Discounts
  • Item Wise Double Volume Discounts
  • Four Different Discounts on Complete Bill
  • Party Wise Discounts & Schemes Pre-Fixing
  • Data Wise Schemes, Quantity Based Rate & Discounts
  • Various types of Schemes, Like A Item Free with B Item Etc.
  • Accounts Vouchers & Cheque Printing
  • Receipt/ Payment Advice
  • Sales / Purchase Invoice, Estimate A7 Challan
  • Sale / Purchase Return Replacement & Price Difference
  • Debit Note/ Credit Note
  • Sales Orders / Purchase Order
  • Bank Pay in Slip & TDS Certificate
  • Stock Transfer Memo
  • Delivery Note, Goods Receipt Note & Dispatch Summary
  • Tax Inclusive, Exclusive & MRP Billing
  • Multiple –taxes in Single Invoice
  • Manufacturing / Trading Excise Invoice
  • Export Invoice & Packaging Slip
  • Option for Pre-printed Stationary
  • Self-Designable Invoice Format
  • Cash Flow, Funds Flow & Ratio Analysis
  • Budgets / Targets / Credit Limits
  • Online Graph, SMS & E-mail
  • Any Report Export to Word & Excel
  • Sales / Purchase Analysis
  • Gross Profit Analysis
  • Financial, Expenses & Budget Analysis
  • Operator Wise Powers & Boundations with Operator Log Book

SMEs, MSMEs, Or Large Scale, Marg Inventory Software Supports All Businesses

Barcode Scanning

Marg Inventory Software is compatible with different types of barcode scanners, making it easy to add SKUs, serial No., and batch No. to track & search items in real-time

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of all saleable items, accessories, substitutes and even expiry dates with the advanced search options & shortcuts of Marg Inventory Management Software

1000+ MIS Reports

Get complete control over your inventory, vendor payments, item details, purchase orders, and stock valuation from a range of MIS reports which can be customized, downloaded, and shared easily with our software for billing and inventory purposes.

Reorder Across Multiple Locations

With constantly moving stock & changing customer demands it is tough to predict when to reorder. Restock by using existing sales data with the Marg Reorder Management feature. Set location-specific re-order points to automatically place an order

Dispatch Management

Marg Inventory Software also helps you monitor packages and shipments to keep your deliveries on time. Track orders at every stage from billing to delivery with specific color indications.

Marg® ERP Integrated Mobile Apps

Marg eRetail App for Retailers to place orders

E-Retail app is a step much Faster & reliable for ordering. It increases the order value and adds mobility for retailers when placing an order to their suppliers / distributors. The user can track their short supplies and view suppliers offers, stock rate, schemes and can also check their ledger and outstanding with much ease.

The eRetail app made for Retail business increases the retailer’s efficiency and connectivity with their distributors and suppliers which ensure long and healthy relationship. The eRetail app assures easy search of items and gets a 24*7 access for ordering anytime. The app is error-free and time-saving while order feeding/ punching through automated diary system. Moreover, The app also is easy to use and helps run your business efficiently.

Features of eRetail app

  • Ordering : Easy to order from any distributors/ suppliers anywhere anytime
  • Stock : Can view and analyze multiple distributor stock rate, deals, and schemes
  • Ledger : Retailer can view his ledger without any hassle
  • Outstanding : Checking outstanding with balance and date
  • Easy to use : Adaptable or feasible in nature
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Marg eOrder App for taking orders by salesman

E-order app is enriched with some beneficial aspects which have a key role in revolutionizing the business operations especially for distributors/suppliers in collecting Orders & collections which is fully automated, time-saving, instant information of stock details and on-spot acknowledgment.

Marg E-order has some impressive features

  • Ordering : Salesman order placed immediately appears on Marg ERP
  • Collection : Direct collection from retailers with date, time and outstanding details
  • Stock : Access to real-time stock with relevant information like product rate and schemes
  • Location : Salesman can locate retailers with ease
  • Easy to use : Salesman can locate retailers with ease
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Marg eOwner App to keep complete track of your business

eOwner keeps a strong vigilance on your business and is a perfect Management app for entrepreneurs (Retailers, Distributors & C&F's). The app keeps eyes on Sales, Collection & GPS tracking of field staff which guarantees an increase in the sales revenue which influences on time business decision making power and assures 100% business success.

eOwner is a cloud based system integrated with MARG ERP 9+ which provide real time information for businesses to take an instant business decision.The eOwner app allows you to manage multiple businesses at one go and gives an in-depth analysis of your inventory.

The app gives a clear view of your financial reports like balance sheet, cash& bank, profit & loss, debtors balance and creditors balance.

The features of eOwner app

  • Field staff tracking : Easy tracking of field staff
  • Stock : In-depth analysis of stock details
  • Outstanding : Clear overview of clients outstanding any time
  • Purchase order : Easy modification of purchase orders
  • Financial reports : Keep eye on accounting activities
  • Easy to use : Adaptable or feasible in nature
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SFAXpert- Field Force Management App

CRM/SFA Solution is an online reporting software which ensure online reporting for field force and provides crucial information such as their daily calls, Monthly sales report territory wise, automatic missed call alert etc in a well designed user friendly and industry specific formats.

It is generally acknowledged by top Pharmaceutical organizations for their employs as it tracks GPS location of sales employee and manage their day to day activities by capturing authentic data from point of execution. The app also reduces the redundant form filling and manual information processing.

Features of SFA which makes it widely accepted

  • Stock sales analysis
  • Easy Connectivity with Marg
  • Dash Board Notification
  • Attendance& expenses
  • GPS tracking

PharmaNXT- Medicine & Salt Information App

Pharma NXT is an application extremely valuable for Chemists, Pharmacists and Medical Stores where chemist can seek information of more than 3 lakh medicines with their salts at one go. The app also gives info about adjacent suppliers based on selected location.

PharmaNXT has some impressive features

  • Side Effects : Know about the medication's side effects, assuming any, for a specific condition of the patient like pregnancy and so on..
  • For Distributors & Wholesalers : Distributors can feed their complete profile with the companies they are dealing in, so that the Chemist can get information.
  • For Manufacturers : Manufacturing Companies can feed their complete information with items manufactured, their salt compositions and distributors, so that chemist can get information.

GPS Tracking App

The GPS Tracking Application of Marg ERP helps in tracking of Field staff activity, allows a smart scheduling and gives real-time updates about the field sales force which ensures positive consumer experience. The GPS tracking system assures the smooth running of any business operation, increased workers’ punctuality and ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Benefits of GPS Tracking system

  • Improved punctuality
  • Decreased Fuel costs
  • Increased Productivity

Frequently Asked Questions

Inventory management software is a program that simplifies the processes needed to efficiently maintain inventory, manage to reorder, and update accounting data. It automates some aspects of inventory and warehouse management.
Utilizing inventory management software will reduce the amount of time needed to process, audit, and track your goods. You can monitor the stock levels for all of your merchandise using a single interface, keep tabs on what's selling and what isn't, locate supplier details, and link to payment apps for invoicing and purchase orders.
The main motive of accounting and inventory software is to place the right products in the right place at the right time. Knowing when to order, how much to order, and where to store goods calls for visibility into the inventory. Below are some basic steps of inventory management that show how inventory management works:
  • Purchase Inventory- Purchased and delivered either directly to the warehouse or the point of sale are items that are ready to sell.
  • Storing Inventory- Inventory is kept until it is required. Materials or goods are moved around your fulfillment network until they are prepared for shipping.
  • Profiting From Inventory- The number of goods available for purchase is limited. Orders are filled by pulling finished goods. Customers receive product shipments.
MargERP is the best software for inventory management. The software comes with plenty of features that make inventory management so easy. Above, we have mentioned all the amazing features of the inventory management system.

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