PAN Verification- Verify PAN Card Online By Name, Aadhar Card and DOB

PAN Verification

What is Online PAN Card Verification?

You can easily verify PAN online as this process is pretty straightforward. But only individual bodies are permitted for online PAN verification. Along with the applicant, someone else can also do PAN card verification online with mandatory documents required. 

The UTI Infrastructure Technology & Services Ltd or NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited conducts NSDL PAN Verification online. It is mandatory to fill the PAN verification form online as it is not available offline. 

In how many ways you can verify your PAN Card?

You can verify PAN card online in three different ways, such as – 

  • API-based PAN verification – With this mode, applicants can verify PAN with a software program at a PAN verification site
  • PAN Verification in NSDL format – NSDL e-Governance has defined a structure to upload a file with up to 1000 PAN cards by logging into an account. The site provides all the essential PAN details in 24 hours after submitting and uploading the file. The user will get a rejection message if the file format is wrong. 
  • On-screen verification – After a successful login, the user will be provided with some PANs that they need to furnish up to five PANs.  

Who is Eligible for PAN Verification?

As discussed, PAN verification is allowed to only certain entities. Here are the eligible entities for PAN card verification

  • Commercial Taxes department 
  • GST networks 
  • Income Tax bodies 
  • RBI
  • Depositories 
  • State and Central Government bodies 
  • Commodity Exchange
  • Stock Exchange
  • Clearing Corporations
  • Mutual Funds
  • Credit Card providers 
  • Insurance agencies 
  • Banks 
  • Insurance Repository 
  • Schools, Colleges, and other educational institutions established by Regulatory Bodies 
  • Companies where Annual Information Return should be furnished 
  • Entities that require Annual Information Return
  • RBI-approved non-banking financial organizations

What details are needed for PAN Card Verification?

  • The following details are requested about an organization: 
    • Name of the organizational body 
    • PAN and TAN
    • Category 
    • Personal details 
    • Contact details 
  • The following payment details are required about the entity:
    • Mode of payment 
    • Amount 
    • Instrument count 
  • Following details are required for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): 
    • Name of certifying authority 
    • Class and serial number of the DSC

Online PAN Verification by PAN No

Here are the steps for online PAN verification by PAN number through online mode:

  • Visit Income Tax e-Filing portal for PAN verification by PAN No 
  • Under the Quick Links, go to “Verify your PAN Details” 
  • Enter the “PAN Number” on the new PAN number verification page 
  • Fill in other necessary details like date of birth, full name, etc. 
  • Choose status
  • Verify with “Captcha Code” 
  • Click “Submit”, and you are good to go 

How to Verify PAN by Name and DOB?

Here are the steps for PAN verification by name and DOB:

How to Verify a PAN Card by Aadhar?

Here’s what you need to do to verify PAN details with Aadhaar:

  • Visit the official Income Tax eFiling portal. 
  • Under “Quick Links”, go to “Link Aadhar”
  • Select “Click Here” on the new page to check your PAN-Aadhaar Link status 
  • It will take you to another page to verify PAN No
  • Enter your Aadhaar and PAN no.
  • Click “View Link Aadhaar status” 
  • You can check your PAN Aadhar link verification status online

How to verify your applicability under section 194N?

Section 194N is the new section launched under the Income Tax Act from the Income Tax Department to further promote a cashless economy and minimize cash transactions. Any payment above Rs. 1 Cr through cash during the fiscal year attracts 2% TDS.  Here are the steps to verify your applicability under section 194N – 

How to use an Aadhaar card to e-Verify Return?

After filing the income tax return successfully, you have to verify your income tax return online. Without finishing this process, your return will not be verified by the Income Tax Department. Aadhaar Card can be used to e-Verify returns. Without further ado, here are the steps:

  • Visit the official Income Tax eFiling portal 
  • Use your email ID and password to log in 
  • Click “eVerify Return”
  • Select “I would like to generate Aadhaar OTP to e-verify my return” 
  • Check your phone and enter the 6-digit OTP, which is sent to your registered number. 
  • Click “Submit” to continue. 
  • Keep in mind that you must have linked your mobile number to Aadhaar in the UIDAI portal and your PAN should be registered with Aadhaar.

How to Register a Complaint to report any Aadhaar Service malpractice online?

Before discussing the steps, let’s find out what malpractices you can report online. You can report any Aadhar service malpractice related to – 

  • Aadhaar card not generated (with 14-digit Enrolment ID)
  • Enrolment Agencies and Operator (you may or may not use Enrolment ID)

You can send an email to UIDAI helpdesk, i.e., or dial 1947 (official toll-free number) to register other complaints. Here are the steps to register a malpractice complaint online related to Aadhar service – 

  • Refer to this official UIDAI link –
  • Enter the date and time and Enrolment ID (EID) 
  • Enter personal details as mentioned on your Aadhaar, such as full name, email address, mobile number, Town/Village/City, PIN code 
  • Select the complaint type – Enrolment Agency/Operator 
  • Select the applicable category 
  • Enter your complaint on the box given. 
  • Verify with “Captcha code” 
  • Click Submit. 
  • You will successfully submit your file and get a notification on your registered email and mobile number.
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