Wednesday, December 1, 2021
NEFT - National Electronic Fund Transfer

NEFT – What is NEFT, Overview, Timings, Fund Transfer and it’s Charges

While making any financial transaction, you have seen the term NEFT transfer that enables people to access online/offline banking services and make financial transactions....
Sales Force Automation-Marg ERP

What is Sales Force Automation (SFA) – Importance, Benefits & Complete Checklist

Table of Content What is Sales Force Automation? What is the Difference between SFA and CRM? How Sales Automation help in increasing sales? Why is Sales Force Automation...
what is inventory management

What is Inventory Management? Process, Benefits & Challenges

Article Content Introduction Why is Inventory Management Important? What are the Benefits of Inventory Management? Inventory Management Challenges What is Inventory Management Process? Inventory...
IndusInd Net Banking - Marg ERP

IndusInd Net Banking – How to Register & Login into IndusInd Bank Net Banking?

Article Content | IndusInd Net Banking IndusInd Bank Net Banking For Convenience of Customers IndusNet: A Digital Initiative For Convenience​ Key Features Of IndusInd...
how to Start Medical Store

How to Start a Medical Store? Requirements to Start Pharmacy Business in India

Table of Content How to Start a Medical Store Business in India The business that remains mostly unaffected by the ever-changing economic cycles is the medical...
Pharmacist Day 2021

World Pharmacist Day 2021 – Marg Erp

On the 25th of September, World Pharmacists Day is celebrated all over the world.This year’s theme for celebrating the big day is “Pharmacy: Always ...
advantage of accounting software

13 Advantages of Accounting Software for any Business

Introduction When you run a business, finances play a crucial role. Insufficient funds can eventually create hurdles in the business, and hence tracking and...
Start Wholesale Business

How to Start a Wholesale Business and Run it Successfully – Marg ERP

Table of Content 6 Steps on How to start a wholesale business Research the Market & identify the key areas Choose a location for...
TDS rate fy 2021-22

New TDS Rate Chart of FY 2021-22 and A.Y. 2022-23 – Marg Erp

Table of ContentTDS Rates for FY 2021-22TDS Rates Applicable in IndiaNew TDS Rate Chart for the Resident of IndiaNew TDS Rate Chart for Domestic...

What is Form 16? Parts, Types, Eligibility, and Benefits of Form 16 | Download...

Article Content What Is Form 16? Parts Of Form 16 Part A Part B Types Of Form 16 Form 16A Form 16B Who Is...