Tuesday, June 2, 2020

PPF Account – Opening of PPF Account, Required Documents & Withdrawal

Article Content: What is a Public Provident Fund Account? How to open a PPF Account ? Documents required to open PPF account Who can...
Tax Credit

Tax Credit – How to Calculate Tax Credit?

The tax credit is a sum of money that an individual can subtract from the total payable tax to offset his liability If the...
NPS Pension Calculator

NPS Pension Calculator – How is NPS Pension Calculated?

NPS Pension Calculator National pension scheme calculator is commonly referred to as NPS calculator. It is a tool to compute the amount of money receivable...
Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty – Stamp Duty Act, Rates, Payment & Tax Benefit

Stamp duty is a tax levied by the government, paid to register an agreement which is done amongst buyer and seller. As Stamp Duty...
What is Gratuity?

What is Gratuity – Gratuity Rules for Calculation, Eligibility & Exemptions?

Article Content: What is Gratuity? What is the Gratuity Act, 1972? When you will receive Gratuity?  Different categories to calculate the gratuity amount How...
Agricultural Income

Agricultural Income – How To Calculate Income Tax On Sale Of Agricultural Land?

Agriculture is the main occupation in India, and a large number of the rural population in India entirely depends on agricultural income. The government...
NPS Withdrawal

NPS Withdrawal – Online, Offline NPS Withdrawal Process, Limits & Taxation

Article Content: How NPS Can Witdrawal? Tier 2 Account limit for NPS withdrawal  Tier 1 Account limit for NPS withdrawal  NPS Premature Withdrawal Rules ...
Income Tax Refund Status

Income Tax Refund Status – Check Income Tax Refund Status Online

Article Content: What is Income Tax Refund? Income Tax Refund Status How to check Income Tax Refund Status ? NSDL Portal Meaning of Income...

E-Verification of ITR – Ways To Verify Your ITR

Article Content: What is E-Verification of ITR? Ways to verify your ITR Aadhaar OTP Net Banking Bank Account Number Demat Account Number Through Bank...

TDS Refund – How to Claim, Check Status of TDS Refund?

Article Content: What is TDS? What is TDS Refund? Sources from TDS Deducted How to claim a TDS refund.? Who deducts your TDS? TDS...