Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Impact of GST on Power Sector : Assured Growth & a Better Economy

The ongoing journey of GST though slow was able to overcome many transitional hurdles and today it’s time to look ahead and improve further. With...

Impact of GST rate on Jewellery/ Footwear/ Garment Industry

Impact of GST rate on Jewellery/ Footwear/ Garment Industry On 3rd June 2017 three major industries i.e Jewellery industry, Foot ware industry and Garment industry...

Impact of GST on Pharma Sector

The generic drugs forms the largest segment of the Indian pharmaceutical sector. About 20 per cent of global generic medicines comes from India which...

Impact of GST on E-Commerce sector

E-commerce is a big sector in India today and involves huge transaction of buying and selling of goods and services online. Most of these...

Impact of GST on Jewellery Industry

Will buying jewellery be a burden with the Implementation of GST India is already a leading player in the jewel and Gem industry and...

Impact of GST on Restaurants

The Chief Economic Adviser to the Indian Government headed a committee in 2016 which had recommended a two slab tax structure for the GST....
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