Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar Card – How To Apply, Check Status & Correct Details For Aadhaar Card?

Guide on Aadhaar Card : What is Aadhaar Card? Information Aadhaar Card Carries Information required during the Aadhaar enrollment Who can apply for an...
coronavirus dos and don'ts

Coronavirus Dos and Don’ts

What is Corona Virus? COVID-19 is the disease caused by the new coronavirus that surfaced in China in December 2019. Large family of viruses are...
Income tax on Salary

Income tax on Salary – How to Calculate income tax on salary & know...

Article Content: Complete Guide for Income Tax on Salary Calculation of the Income tax on Salary Procedure to calculate the taxable income For taxpayer...
Invoice Registration Portal

Invoice Registration Portal – Process, Benefits & Mode of Registering in E-invoicing portal

Article Content: Invoice Registration Portal (IRN) Process of e-invoicing E-Invoicing in E-Way Bill Benefits of e-invoicing to Taxpayers Modes of Registering for e-invoicing   In India,...
TR 1 Sahaj and ITR 4 Sugam

Know About Form ITR 1 Sahaj and ITR 4 Sugam For AY 2019-20

The income tax department focuses on the income tax returns in the last week of March. As well as, they line up for the...

MCLR – What is MCLR, Latest Rate & Calculation

MCLR is the minimum lending rate issued by the banks based on which they lend money to the people or firms. Content of the Article: ...
Income Tax Dispute Resolution

Income Tax Dispute Resolution Under Vivad se Vishwas Scheme 2020

Latest News:Amid curfews and lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Finance Ministers Nirmala Sitharaman extended the deadlines for settling tax disputes under Vivad se...
Cancelled Cheque

Cancelled Cheque – What Is Cancelled Cheque And How To Cancel The Cheque?

Article Content for Cancelled Cheque: What is Cancelled Cheque? How to Cancel a Cheque? Why Cancelled Cheque is Important? When do you require a...
Income Tax Login

Income Tax Login – How to Register & Login in Income Tax Portal

Registration & Login Guide on Income Tax Department Portal: Things you need to Register on Income Tax Portal Step by Step guide for Registering...
E-invoicing Under New GST Return

E-invoicing Under New GST Return

Introduction of GST e-Invoicing The concept of electronic invoicing system (e-Invoicing) has been introduced by GST Council in its 35th GST Council Meeting. Further, the...