Wednesday, August 17, 2022
Pharmacy Management System To Connect Chemists & Pharmaceutical Distributors

PharmaNXT: Pharmacy Management System To Connect Chemists & Pharmaceutical Distributors

Last time when I went to the chemist store with my medical prescription, I was amazed to see how fast Chemists understand the medicines...
Auto Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup in Marg ERP-Storing & Securing your Data

Cloud Data Backup is also known as online backup. It refers to storing a secured copy of all your data online on a virtual...

Marg ERP: Ease of Multi-user Billing like never before

Time is one of the most precious assets for every business. This awareness of ‘importance of time’ has increased the interest of business owners...

5 Tips for a Thriving New Financial Year

After completion of FY18-19, now we are stepping into the new financial year, here are some tips that we recommend for FY 19-20. Retaining customers,...

Marg ERP Ties-up with GST Hero: For Seamless GST Integration

GST is a plain and simple tax but making your business conform to its regulations requires a lot of work. You’ll need to incorporate...

Speed your POS transactions, Marg ERP Ties-up with Bijlipay

Marg Customers & Business owners have a reason to celebrate, as Bijlipay is now integrated with Marg ERP. Bijlipay is a POS payment solution...

HrXpert Payroll Software now includes functions for easy task and performance management

Imagine a company managing the payroll of its employees through Microsoft Excel. The struggle of maintaining the scattered data and confusing formulas can be...
Pharma Software

How The Top IT software solution Providers helped Pharma Retailers

Looking for building a smart billing software for your business – great! But you need to be clear of what is arguably one of...

Accounting software by Marg ERP: Streamline the accounting processes

Quick access to company’s financial health is the need of the hour for every business to be successful today. The present scenario says, analyzing...

Marg ERP & Data Quest Join hands for DQ Digital Leadership Conclave & Awards

Data Quest is a highly acclaimed Indian magazine which mainly focuses on Information technology. The magazine started its journey in 1982 to suffice the information needs...