Marg ERP Ties-up with GST Hero: For Seamless GST Integration


GST is a plain and simple tax but making your business conform to its regulations requires a lot of work. You’ll need to incorporate the different GST rates for various products and create a framework to efficiently file your GST returns on time.

Marg ERP 9+ does all the above effortlessly. Currently, to file GST with this accounting and inventory software, users need to fetch the details of the period they need to report within the software. The user can review the specifications and choose to generate GSTN excel template, GSTN CSV sheets, GSTN JSON file, or a plain excel file.
However, if you’re using GST Hero with Marg ERP 9+, you won’t have to worry about generating a JSON file that needs to be uploaded on the GST portal. GST Hero is a cloud-based GST return filing software that complements the functions of Marg ERP 9+.

GST Hero takes care of filing GST returns automatically. It will allow you to extract heaps of useful data from Marg ERP 9+ to eliminate complications. The web-based solution will streamline online GST compliance so you can see through the changes.
It is extremely secure, cuts costs, and allows users to customize certain elements to their advantage. There is a simple interface that complements the minimalism of Marg ERP. You do not have to install anything on your hard drive to use GST Hero’s services.

GST Hero will help share data collected from Marg ERP in real-time. This means that there will be no delay in coordination with your chartered accountant regarding your taxes. Time is a precious commodity that GST Hero values. You can communicate instantaneously with your tax consultants and chartered accountants while making changes on the go.

Marg ERP 9+ integrates with GST Hero in a very simple manner. An ‘Application Program Interface’ (API), facilitates the communication between Marg ERP and GST Hero. The API routes data from Marg ERP 9+ to GST Hero’s Active Server Pages (ASP). This is in turn sent to GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) server of GST Hero and then it finally is uploaded to the GST portal’s official server.

See it as Marg ERP’s sidekick. Where Marg ERP does a bulk of the work, GST Hero lends a hand to finalize it. Users will have double the help as the expert technical support teams of both Marg ERP and GST Hero will be available to service their needs.
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