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NEFT - National Electronic Fund Transfer

NEFT – What is NEFT, Overview, Timings, Fund Transfer and it’s Charges

While making any financial transaction, you have seen the term NEFT transfer that enables people to access online/offline banking services and make financial transactions....
What is Net banking? -Marg Erp

What is Net Banking? Features & Benefits of Internet/Online Banking

Table of Content What Is Net Banking? Features Of Internet/Online Banking Benefits Of Net Banking Disadvantages Of Online Banking How to Get Register with...
IndusInd Net Banking - Marg ERP

IndusInd Net Banking – How to Register & Login into IndusInd Bank Net Banking?

Article Content | IndusInd Net Banking IndusInd Bank Net Banking For Convenience of Customers IndusNet: A Digital Initiative For Convenience​ Key Features Of IndusInd...

What is IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) – Know Everything About IMPS Transfer, Payments, Timings...

Article Content What is IMPS? What are the uses of IMPS? Important Details for IMPS transaction Transaction Timings for IMPS Transaction Limit for IMPS ...

What is Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)? A Complete Guide

Article Content Introduction​ What is Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)?​ What is The Required Information To Make an Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Transfer?​ What are...
Axis Bank Net Banking

Axis Bank Net Banking – Know Everything About Axis Bank Net Banking

Article Content Introduction How New User Can Register for Axis Bank Internet Banking?​ Method 1: Through an Online Portal Method 2: How to Login...
online reconciliation, automatic reconciliation, financial reconciliation,

Key Benefits of Automated Financial Reconciliation- Margpay

Article Content What is Financial Reconciliation? Benefits of Automated Financial Reconciliation Online Reconciliation How to Apply...
Unsecured Business Loan, business loan,

Apply Unsecured Business Loan In India With Complete Guide- MargPay

Article Content What Is Unsecured Business Loan? What Are The Benefits Of An Unsecured Business Loan? What Are The Features Of Unsecured Business...
section 269ss of income tax act, 269ss, 269ss of income tax act, loan, deposits

Everything About Loan Or Deposits Under Section 269SS of Income Tax Act, 1961

Article Content What Does Section 269SS Of Income Tax State? Exceptions Of Section 269SS Of Income Tax Act...
ICICI Corporate Banking

ICICI Corporate Net Banking – How to Use this Facility?

Article Content What is ICICI Corporate Net Banking? Advantages of ICICI Corporate Banking How to use ICICI Corporate Banking? How Fund Transfer facilities with ICICI Corporate Banking Works? Bulk...