HrXpert Payroll Software now includes functions for easy task and performance management


Imagine a company managing the payroll of its employees through Microsoft Excel. The struggle of maintaining the scattered data and confusing formulas can be too much for the HR. And in case the data is lost or compromised, the company may face trouble.

Marg’s Payroll software HrXpert solves these problems with finesse and adds a sharper edge by introducing two new features to the software.  Namely, the Task Management System (TMS), and the Payroll Management System (PMS).

Marg ERP understands that the strength of a business or an organization is its workforce. It’s why monitoring the payroll and managing employee tasks is imperative. PMS and TMS do that exactly, along with a host of other functionalities. Let’s take a better look.

Task Management System (TMS)

With the task management system, users can create tasks for employees and supervise them until the task’s completion. This component opens a clear channel for communication between employees from different departments. Tasks can be created, assigned to the member of another team, and can be monitored live while the workforce carries them out.

The task management system works on the basis of ticket generation. Users can generate tickets to initiate tasks and then assign them to different users. It’s also a good way to create a to-do list for oneself. Several tickets can be created by users to plan out the workflow of a specific employee or self. This helps to plan the day perfectly.

The generated task-tickets can be sent to multiple individuals at once. To do this, the user has to mention the assignee, due date, department, and the priority of the task. Hence, the communication is eased and paced faster. The chances of mistakes are also minimized in the process.

Once the ticket has been sent, it is reflected in the assignee’s inbox. The assignee now has the option to change the task’s status, which will reflect back to the user who sent the task ticket.

Performance Management System (PMS)

Payroll of the employees makes up an organization’s expenses by bulk. Therefore, it is essential that the entire payroll system is managed by the best software. HrXpert Software brings efficiency and simplicity to this indispensable process. It’s especially effective during appraisal seasons in an organization.

In the software, employees are required to fill six sections, which is parallel to self-assessment forms given by the HR. The HR team can skip the difficult part with Performance Management System as the software makes appraisal calculation easy.

The first of the six sections is ‘Self- Assessment’, where employees have to rate themselves out of 10. They are required to mention their key areas of responsibility in the KRA section (Key Responsibility Area).  Next is the SWOT analysis section, where employees have to mention their Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. Similar segments follow, ending with a feedback feature, where HRs and reporting managers can add comments and feedbacks.

The strength of an organization lies in the work culture that its employees nurture. Keeping employees regimented adds a tremendous advantage to a company’s bucket. Marg ERP’s Payroll Software-HrXpert serves just that.


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