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Withholding Tax

Withholding Tax – What is Form W-4, Withholding Tax Rate & Tax Due Date

Article Index: What is Withholding Tax? Why Withholding Tax is Important? What is the Withholding Tax Rate? What is the Due Date of Withholding...
tcs on sale of goods

10 Important Things Of TCS On Sale Of Goods

A seller collects a tax known as “Tax Collected as Source (TCS)” from the buyer as sale consideration for selling the goods with a...
wealth tax

Wealth Tax -Definition, Assets, Charges, Applicability Under Wealth Tax Act 1957

Article Content: What is Wealth Tax? Who Should Pay Wealth Tax? How to charge Wealth Tax? Where Wealth Tax in India 2020 is applicable? ...

Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) – Minimum Alternate Tax Meaning, MAT Debit, Credit & Calculation

Article Content: What is the Minimum Alternate Tax? How To Calculate MAT? Amount Debited to The Profit and Loss Account The Amount Credited to...

TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) – TDS Exemption, Challan, Interest Rate and Calculation on...

Article Content: What Is TDS? TDS Rate chart By IT Sections TDS Challan Exemptions TDS Rates on Withdrawal of EPF TDS Rates for Non-Residential...
Deferred Tax Asset vs. Deferred Tax Liability

Explained – Deferred Tax Asset vs. Deferred Tax Liability

Article Content: What is Deferred Income Tax Asset and Liability? Temporary and Permanent Differences Temporary Permanent Deferred Tax (DT) Virtual Certainty Deferred Income Tax...
Tax-free-source- of- Income

27 Tax-Free Sources of Income in India for Great Returns

Article Content: Agricultural Income Some Components of Salary House Rent Allowance Provided by The Company Share From HUF Profit Earned From Partnership firm Benefits...
Presumptive Taxation

Presumptive Tax Scheme – Presumptive Taxation under section 44ADA

Article Content: How Presumptive Tax Helps Creative Professionals to Save Taxes and File Returns? Taxable Income With Presumptive Taxation Section Should You Include Foreign...
Surcharge On Tax

Surcharge on Income Tax – A Complete Detailed Guide on Surcharge on Income Tax

Article Content: Surcharge Rates Revised for Higher-Income Groups Surcharge for Individuals How Much is Health and Education Cess? Current Surcharge Rates Income Tax Surcharge...
Tcs Under Gst

Tax Collected at Source (TCS) under Good and Service Tax System (GST)

Latest Update as on 18 April 2020 According to the GST law, the e-commerce business owners are not permitted to get TCS enlistment in certain...