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how to Start Medical Store

How to Start a Medical Store? Requirements to Start Pharmacy Business in India

Article Content How to Start a Medical Store Business in India Select the type of medical store: Before applying for registration of medical shop, the person/owner...
Start Wholesale Business

How to Start a Wholesale Business and Run it Successfully – Marg ERP

Table of Content 6 Steps on How to start a wholesale business Research the Market & identify the key areas Choose a location for...
what is clinic management software

What is Clinic Management System? Features & Benefits of Clinic Management Software

Table of Contents What is Clinic Management System?​ What are the Features of Clinic Management Software?​ Electronic Health Records​ Appointment Management System​​ Dedicated App​ ...
Marg Mart

Marg Mart – A life-saver in the era of Covid-19

Article Content What is Marg Mart? Why Is There A Need For Marg Mart? How It All Started? Conclusion To Marg Mart FAQs What is...
Inventory management system guide, what is inventory management system

What is Inventory Management System? Features, Benefits & it’s Types

Article ContentIntroduction​What is an Inventory Management System?​What Features Marg Inventory Management System Provide?​What is The Difference Between Periodic & Perpetual Inventory System​What are The...
online payment, accepting online payments ,digital payments, b2b payments, online payment mode, Margpay, b2b transaction, online payment gateway, b2b payment solutions

7 Amazing Benefits of Accepting Online B2B Payment In India

B2B Instant Online Payment Quick Setup to Increase Sales Trusted Online Payment Modes For Global Market Online Payment Gateway With Auto-Reconciliation & Auto-Posting Trust-building in Customers by Accepting...
B2B Payments Portal, B2B transactions, Digital Payments for b2b

6 Steps Complete Guide of B2B Payments in India – MargPay

Article Content What is B2B Payments? How B2B Payments Differ From B2C Payments? Ways to Collect B2B Payments Credit cards Bank/Wire Transfers Checks Cash ...

Loan For Startup – Tips How To Raise Funding For Your Startup Business

How to Raise Startup Capital for Your Business? Self-Financing Crowdfunding Angel Investor Bank Loans Government Schemes NBFCs and MFIs Peer-to-Peer Lending Business...

Need of Pharmacy Software in Retail Pharmacy Business

Article Content: What is Pharmacy Management Software? Advantages of Best Pharmacy Software Why you Need a Pharmacy Store Management System? Features of a Pharmacy...

Marg ERP and Paytm Partners To Resolve MSMEs Payment Issues Digitally

Partnership Between Marg ERP & Paytm for the Eases of MSMEs Payment One of India's biggest enterprise solution provider; Marg ERP with over 50% market...