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Capital Gains

Capital Gains Tax, Long Term Capital Gains and Short Term Capital Gains Tax in...

Know About The Capital Gains Tax India What is Capital Gains? Kinds of Capital Gains Long Term Capital Gains Short Term Capital Gains ...
MSME Registration

MSME Registration – Guide for MSME Registration, Documentation, Advantages and Schemes

Latest News: Considering the present situation the government has planned to suspend the section 7, 9 and 10 of insolvency and bankruptcy code for 6...
ESIC Registration

ESIC Registration – Benefits, Process, & Documents Required for ESIC Registration

Brief Guidance About ESIC Registration In this scheme, the employer has to contribute 4% of the total monthly salary which is payable to the employees....
No objection certificate

No Objection Certificate and NOC Format

What is No Objection Certificate (NOC)? Basically, No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a type of legal document offered by the government to define that they...
how to Start Medical Store

How To Start Medical Store Business in India? A Complete Guide

Article Content How to Start a Medical Store Business in India Select the type of medical store: Before applying for registration of medical shop,...

MCA Portal – All You Need To Know About Ministry Of Corporate Affairs Portal

Article Content: MCA Portal Registration  MCA portal homepage About MCA Portal Acts & Rules for MCA Portal My Workspace at MCA Portal MCA Services ...
what is clinic management software

What is Clinic Management System? Features & Benefits of Clinic Management Software

Table of Contents What is Clinic Management System?​ What are the Features of Clinic Management Software?​ Electronic Health Records​ Appointment Management System​​ Dedicated App​ ...
franchise business

Top 10 Low Investment Franchise Businesses Opportunity In India For You

Article Content: Introduction What is a Franchise business?​ How to Set up a Franchise Business in India?​ What Points Should Consider While Setting Up...
FSSAI Registration

FSSAI Registration – Importance,Documents and Process for FSSAI Registration

Complete Guide on FSSAI Registration: What is FSSAI? Importance of FSSAI Registration Registration Process Types of FSSAI Registration Requirements for FSSAI Online Registration  FSSAI...
B2B Payments Portal, B2B transactions, Digital Payments for b2b

6 Steps Complete Guide of B2B Payments in India – MargPay

Article Content What is B2B Payments? How B2B Payments Differ From B2C Payments? Ways to Collect B2B Payments Credit cards Bank/Wire Transfers Checks Cash ...