No Objection Certificate and NOC Format


What is No Objection Certificate (NOC)?

Basically, No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a type of legal document offered by the government to define that they have no objection to any of the work or services which are mentioned below. This NOC can be used for various purposes like, for taking employment, any type of exchanges, litigation, immigration, etc so that no other party can raise any dispute.

Who are The Numerous Individuals Who Can Take NOC(No Objection Certificate)?

This legal document called No Objection Certificate can be attained by following individuals or firms: –

  • Occupant
  • Employer
  • Landowners
  • Representatives
  • Individual, etc

Uses of No Objection Certificate or NOC

Well, it is an essential document which can be issued by the government to start something new like: –

  1. For carrying exchange of trade
  2. For an offer
  3. For any kind of business

In addition to that, if any of the parties will raise any dispute, this NOC can be used as a piece of evidence in the court on behalf of an individual or firm. On the other hand, it is addressed to that party who is the real owner of that business or land, and it is inclusive of some necessary details.

Format of No Objection Certificate

Issued date:


Name of the person or party whomsoever it may concern

This is to inform that (name of the person), resides in (full address) is the real owner (name of the property, lives at (Name of the place and city) have this property ID (number of the property) have this much area.

Certifies that (name of the organization) have no objection to the above-said property.

Date of issue(here), which is requested by (name of the person), has this application number (number of the application).



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