How To Choose The Best Restaurant Management Software?

Best Restaurant Management Software

In the last ten years, the food business has seen colossal growth in India. With different eateries, cafes, and cloud kitchens opening in every corner of the city. One can only handle this boom by computerising the operations in your restaurant. With COVID-19, growing like a wildfire, burning down businesses by businesses in its wake, only the restaurant businesses that were running with management software and worked well enough, with the no-contact rule, were somehow saved by the fire. Hence, it is pretty evident that a management software will save your business.

What is Restaurant Management Software?

Restaurant management software is a combination of multiple applications and tools, that are put together so that it automates your manual tasks. Several tedious tasks are necessary to run your restaurant business smoothly, effectively, and securely, for instance, handling orders, processing orders, processing transactions, and managing inventory. Utilising a restaurant POS software will streamline your major operations, hence, managing your tasks effectively and lessening your burden. POS software endeavours to guarantee that every one of your tasks is cooperating without any problems. But how to choose a restaurant software that will not only streamline profitability for your business but also, prove to be a safe and secure option for all your transactions? This is what we will be discussing in this article, which will help you make a sound decision before choosing a POS software system.

How Will Restaurant Software Prove To Be Beneficial To Your Business?

Restaurant POS software can take the burden of all your trivial, tedious yet important tasks like taking customers’ orders, accepting payments, managing food inventory, and ultimately managing the entire operation, off your shoulders in just a few clicks. When implemented correctly, the restaurant billing software can also increase revenue, drive customer loyalty, and achieve all your business goals. This software keeps a track record of all your sales purchases and inventory. Here are a few points on how a quick service restaurant management software will streamline profitability for your business.

Restaurant POS software will manage your complex inventory better than ever. Since your business entails food items with a quicker date of expiration, therefore the inventory will need to be managed more closely and accurately. Restaurant POS software will do just the same and will reduce food and funds wastage.

Adapting a restaurant billing software in your restaurant business will streamline your profits by accepting various payment methods, like UPI, cash, cards, or more. This will not only simplify the billing process for the restaurant owners but also improve the customer’s dining experience.

Restaurant Management software will record your crucial customer data which will, and hence, help you curate personalised benefits for your customers. This will, consequently, enhance your Customer Relationship Management.

When you adopt software for restaurant order-taking, it will aid in strengthening accurate communication between your staff. Accurate order-taking will decrease the wait time for the customers and will also make sure their order is presented to them error-free, as per their personalizations.

This software for restaurant order-taking will also take orders for your delivery, and accurately track them from this restaurant management software.

What Are the Major Features Your Restaurant POS Software Must Have?

The first and most significant stage in picking a precise restaurant management software that suits your business is to address your necessities. The first and foremost step is to note down the particular prerequisites of your business and your clients. Note down all the highlights and works that you think may be significant depending on your restaurant business. Before you decide to make a purchase for your restaurant management system, here are a few central issues in light of which you can examine the product.

Restaurant POS Software Must Have Features

Adaptable to various payment methods

The pandemic’s oncoming brought about some of the most significant changes in the financial sector. One of which was the no contact, or the cashless payment. The restaurant billing system that you decide on, has to have a system where it can accept payments via cash, credit cards, debit cards, cheques, or UPI. Most customers have chosen to be completely cashless, while some like to function the traditional way. If the POS system of your choice fails to accept the newly introduced UPI payment methods, it may significantly decrease your business’s crowd and profitability. An appropriate restaurant billing software should be well-entrained with a secure payment system, which will not only acknowledge all types of payment methods and various cards but also accurately calculate the due sum amount, discounts, loyalty points, etc.

Financial Plan and Costings

The main component to think about while searching for Restaurant management software is its Return on Investment, or ROI. Before you buy any POS machine and software, you should analyse different estimating models. The cost of restaurant management software can shift from a couple thousand rupees to a huge number of rupees. But, higher prices don’t generally mean better execution. The expense of a POS system software incorporates different things than simply the expense of installation You actually must talk about, cost suggestions like working expenses, card handling charges, authorising expenses, equipment, and software installation expenses, and exchange charges, these focuses will help decide whether the restaurant POS software framework will end up being useful and reasonable over the long haul.

Beginner’s friendly user interface

Learning to use a quick service restaurant management software, should not equate to getting a degree in rocket science. It should be easy to learn for both you and your staff. The user interface of POS software should be simple to utilise so that you do not have to waste time learning about it, and then call your technicians or refer to your manual every now and then. It is both time-consuming and frustrating to learn a complex interface. Marg ERP billing, for instance, is one such inventory and accounting software that will take you not more than a day or two to learn how it is used, and you will be ready to go for your business. Therefore before purchasing your restaurant POS software, make sure that the POS system is equipped with a straightforward interface, has a low learning curve, intuitive navigation, and customizable options that make it easier to adapt. Various categories such as product categories, product prices, payment options, and discounts should be organised in a way that is easier for the working staff.

PCI DSS Compliance

PCI DSS, short for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Any business that is associated with the exchange of electronic payment techniques ought to compulsorily remain consistent with the PCI DSS compliance. With developing innovation came technical fraud issues, like, payment frauds, information breaks, and more. PCI DSS compliance assists the business with avoiding the said information break and safeguarding the delicate information of your clients.

If a restaurant billing software will be handling all your transactional exchanges when this software should strictly stick to the compliances. This will assist with defending installment information, accomplish better brand esteem, and keep away from significant expense monetary fraudulent activities.


Versatility means that the product is capable of developing with the business. Oversee expanded deals, and that it can deal with differing measures of work, without compromising the quality. It is critical to evaluate the versatility of restaurant management software with the goal that it doesn’t turn into a barrier to the development of your business. Versatility offers lower costs, higher productivity, and better client experience. A versatile POS software exchange program will accelerate your checkout cycle, lessen mistakes likewise adjust to your spending plan and your requirements. A versatile POS software envelops the capacity to deal with expanded errands, exchanges, and worth, and to coordinate with innovations and stages. It also permits adaptation to evolving business.

Plan a Demo

After you appropriately investigate the POS software in light of the previously mentioned highlights, you shouldn’t race into buying the product. It is vital to book a free demo of the POS software you want to put your money into. A demo is critical to survey the expressed highlights of POS software appropriately. You ought to evaluate the product by remembering the requirements of your business. As a restaurant entrepreneur, you should look at the product that will end up being the best restaurant POS software, so that it ends up being valuable for your business.

End-to-End Encryption

In the era of huge innovations and even greater fraud, end-to-end encryption is the most important feature any restaurant billing software should have. It protects sensitive client data, both online and offline. Cashless payments are specifically subjected to fraudulent activities, therefore sensitive client data such as their phone numbers, bank details, etc, should be protected at all costs. This will ensure safe and secure payment processing.


Various factors come together to make POS software the most hardworking employee of your business. Your restaurant management system needs to be equipped with factors that cater to all the needs of your restaurant business. From streamlining profitability, and productivity, to staying compliant with all the safety measures. Only then a quick-service restaurant management software will come to its true potential. The software that Marg ERP offers to food entrepreneurs comes equipped with the above-mentioned features, making your business profitable, and secure.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why do you need restaurant management software for your business?

A restaurant management software will not only help your business in streamlining profitability, it will also take care of various tedious tasks for you, and your staff so that they can pay attention to what is most importantly needed. This will boost productivity and offer better services to the customers.

How does a restaurant POS software take care of your security?

Any POS software that comes equipped with end-to-end encryption and PCI DSS compliance will make sure your customer’s sensitive data is safe and secure and all your transactions are being carried out without any errors or fear of future fraudulent activities.

What are the most important features restaurant billing software should have?

Some of the most important features that a restaurant software should entail are that it should accept various payment options, it should be easy to use for new users. it should be equipped with security features like PCI DSS compliance and end-to-end encryption.

How can restaurant POS software help my business?

Restaurant POS software can greatly reduce the burden of daily tasks. It handles order-taking, payment processing, and inventory management, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. By streamlining these processes, the software helps increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve your business goals more easily.

Why is it important for the software to be versatile?

Versatile software can adapt to the changing needs of your business. As your restaurant grows, you may handle more customers, transactions, and tasks. A versatile system can scale up to accommodate this growth without compromising performance. It ensures that the software remains effective and efficient, no matter how big your business becomes.

What should I consider about the cost of restaurant management software?

When considering the cost of restaurant management software, look beyond the initial purchase price. Factor in ongoing costs such as installation, maintenance, transaction fees, and any additional features you might need. It’s important to assess the overall return on investment (ROI) to ensure that the software provides long-term value for your business.

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