13 Amazing World Records Held by Indians

13 Amazing world records held by Indians

The Guinness book of world records is an annually publishing book which lists world records of both achievements of Human achievements & the extremes surprising levels of the natural world. The book is the brain-child of Sir Hugh Heaver & co-founded by Norris & Ross McWhirter (twin-brother) in Fleet Street.

The book itself holds the world record of best-selling copyright book of all time. All the listings on the book hold special records that are unique & extreme. The Guinness world record list is of utmost reputation & receives appreciation from all over the world.

There are thousands of records listed in the book till date from all over the world. In India Guinness world record holders have been amazing with extreme astonishing talents & records. Business, technology, science, sports, medicine, nature any field you name, there will be a number of records listed from India. The people in India are doing exemplary work & creating new records every year.

Let us discuss some bizarre records that Indian hold with pride.

1.Most Live Viewers in Session by Marg ERP Ltd

Recently in the month of September Marg ERP Ltd in partnership with Dr. Vivek Bindra, CEO Bada Business created a world record of maximum online viewers of a retail session. Dr. Vivek Bindra is a renowned business motivational speaker who teaches & helps the small & medium businesses to reach their goals. Marg Erp Ltd is also dedicatedly working towards small & medium business & providing their technical services to them from the last 28 years. As a part of corporate social responsibility, they together organized a session named as ‘Retail Ka Mahakumbh’ for the betterment of the small & medium businesses. The lesson was focused on the business strategies specifically for the retailer to travel the path from a small shop to a big retail showroom.

Following are the points that were covered in the World’s Largest webinar on how to build a small shop into a big retail showroom 

  • What is retail marketing?
  • Omni Channel Strategies
  • 5 R’s of Trust Revenue
  • Attract & Create New Customers
  • Technology As An Advantage For Retail Business
  • How to Drive Sales with Retail Marketing?
  • Inventory Turnover V/s Higher Margin
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Off-Season Sales
  • Low-Cost Marketing Ideas
  • Service Marketing
  • How to Build Brand Loyalty?
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • General Trade V/s Modern Trade
  • Retail Growth Strategies

The world’s largest webinar which was organized on Youtube created Guinness world records 2020 with more than 84 thousand peak concurrent viewers. This is a huge record & so many retailers on one platform were really amazing.

Such an outstanding session on a retail business listed in the genius book of a world record is really commendable for Marg ERP Ltd.

It’s a great initiative by Marg ERP Ltd to empower the retailer by providing updated & advanced technology & now with digital payments.

Indian being diverse & colourful in nature & culture have been invariably on a record-breaking spree with an approach of being best & unusual. There are some more records in India that can leave everyone stunned. Those are incredible records and sometimes it seems difficult to believe that Indians claim those world records. Let us discuss some of them in brief.

2. The Largest Laddu

The record for the largest laddu in the world book of records is listed on the name of Bhaktanjaneya Suruchi Firms based in Tapeswaram. The largest laddu was made with boondi, refined sugar, ghee, refined oil, cardamon, almonds, cashew & water weighing 24,465 kg.  The record was achieved in 2016 by PVVS Mallikharjuna Rao.

3. Longest fingernails on a single hand

Shridhar Chillal born in 1938 has the record of having largest fingernails on one hand which measures up to  197.8 cm. He has not cut his nails since 1952. He has struggled a lot with the weight of the nails, but still, he preserved the nails to achieve the record. He also wishes to presume his nails in the museum after his death.

4. Most worms eaten per minute

The man with this record seems an ordinary person with a weird habit of eating insects & worms. We are talking about Mr. John Peter who eats earthworms & dosa for breakfast, dragonflies in dinners, & 10-20 lizards in mid-day snacks.  He has made the record of eating maximum worms in a minute, it is one of the weirdest world records achieved by an Indian.

5. Longest Turban in the world

A stunning guinness book of records held by an Indian is Mr Avtar Singh Mauni from Patiala, Punjab for wearing the longest turban in the world. A turban extending right around 645 meters, weighing 100 pounds takes just about six hours to be tied on his head.

6. Fastest typing with Nose

Another weird record on guinness world record list by an Indian Mohammed Khursheed Hussain. He is the speed of typing with the nose is unbelievable. HE is the only person who holds this record for typing the alphabets fastest with his nose. He has a record time of typing 103 characters within 47.44 seconds.

7. World’s longest moustache

This guinness world record is held by a Jaipur resident Mr. Singh Chuahan. He has the longest moustache measuring 14 feet long. He has been toiling hard for 32 years to grow such long moustache.

8. Shortest woman in the world

Ms Jyoti Ange holds the dual record for being the world’s shortest woman & the tiniest teenager alive, She is only 61.95 centimetres or 2 feet long.

9. Biggest Chapati of world

Again an astonishing world record held by an Indian organization ‘Shree Jalaram Mandir Jirnodhar Samitee’. At Jalaram temple Jamnagar made the biggest chapati in the world weighing around 63.99 kgs.

10. Most Expensive Wedding

A renowned name in India holds the world record for the world’s most expensive wedding. The wedding of Vanisha, Mr. Lakshmi Mittal’s (steel tycoon) daughter. It was an amazing wedding with an expense of above 60 million USD in 2004. Bollywood Actor Shah Rukh Khan welcomed the guests in Bollywood style.

11. Longest solo dance marathon

Ms. Kalamandalam Hemaletha, an amazing dancer danced solo marathon for about 123 hours & achieved the world records at Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy.

12. World’s Heaviest Biryani

Undoubtedly Indians have done stunning accomplishments to win acknowledgement. One such endeavour was made by 60 Indian culinary experts who worked with shaft length spoons to cook biryani with 1200 kgs of rice. It just demonstrates that Indians are fixated on food.

13. Largest number of selfie taken together

The staff and students of Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Kochi were so taken over totally by the craziness of clicking selfies that they clicked 1000 selfies within a minute. They clicked it in a group.

It is surprisingly interesting to know the weird achievements of Indians. People work hard & stretch their limits beyond elasticity to achieve a guinness world record. Such record Breakers 2020 deserves all respect & pride as their achievements are worth mentioning.

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