How to Choose the Right POS System for Your Business

POS System for Your Business

Point of Sale also called a POS is a retail point where transactions are carried out. Therefore, POS system software is software that facilitates your business. With the help of the data that is entered by you, regarding your customers, data, sales, stock items, and raw materials, it helps run your business, for you. It records things like your transactions, generates bills, and offers personalized discounts to your customers, consequently, strengthening your relations with your customers. But how do you choose a POS machine and software that works best for your business? Well, here, through this article, that’s what we are going to know. 

How Can a POS Machine Simplify Your Business?

POS software system strives to make sure that all your operations are running together smoothly, transforming into the central hub of your business in no time. POS systems can bring forth an increase in your business’s revenue generation. It can prove to be of great help to both the business owner and the customer. Here’s how a POS machine turns out to be of great help to your business.

  • POS speeds up and optimizes the check-out process, as it accepts various payment methods, like cash, credit card, and Internet banking. In turn, eliminating the long queues at the billing counter.
  • When the right POS system is put into service, it can help get rid of tons of manual tasks and data entry, consequently, also eradicating manual errors.  Businesses can improve inventory management by keeping a track record of their stocks.
  • Good customer relationships help convert new customers into permanent buyers or long-term clients. POS billing software will be keeping a track of a customer’s purchase history and will help gain insight into the purchase mannerisms, consequently curating personalized offers and loyalty points for them. Efficient and accurate services will help business owners gain loyal customers. 
  • With GST- ready automated POS billing software you can uncomplicate your business. Flexible management and calculation of tax structures can become easier. You can generate GST-compliant sale invoice receipts, extensive reports for tax like sales and purchases, and tax summary customized business receipts according to your business requirements.  generating all such transactions in the system without manual intervention, hence avoiding inaccuracies. 
  • POS billing software for businesses optimizes supply chain planning for better margin and customer prioritization. It helps businesses by providing them with an accurate inventory number, keeping the products organized, managing their stocks, filling orders, and tracking overall production or sales. With the help of the installation of retail POS software with inventory, manual errors can be reduced, and the business owner can focus on inventory tally and sales. 

Selecting the Right Point of Sale (POS) System for Your Business

The first and most important step in choosing the right POS software system that suits your business in the best possible way is to address your needs. You need to first sit with a pen and paper and list down the specific requirements of your business and your customers. 

Note down all the features and functions that you think might be important depending upon the type of business you own. After you get an idea about the features that you would want in your POS software, research various companies that provide you with the software. 

When you get your hands on the list of POS software systems as per your requirements, compare the various software thoroughly before making any purchase. Here are some key points based on which you can investigate the software, before making any payments. 

Choosing Right POS System

Budget and Costings

The most important feature to compare while looking for a POS software system software is, its Return on Investment, (ROI). Before you purchase any POS machine and software, you must compare different pricing models. 

The price of a POS system can vary from a few thousand rupees to tens of thousands of rupees. But, higher pricing does not always mean, better performance. The cost of a point-of-sale software system includes various other things than just the cost of purchase.

It is very important that you discuss, cost implications like operating costs, card processing fees, licensing fees, hardware and software installation fees, and transaction charges, these points will help determine if the POS software system will prove to be beneficial and affordable in the long run.  

Various Payment Methods 

In 2020, came a sweeping wave of COVID-19, that entirely changed the way of businesses. With every transaction, delivery, and various other operations being handled without contact, the payment system was entirely redefined with the arrival of UPI payments. 

The POS transaction system you opt for has to have options that accept various payment methods, like cash, debit cards, or credit cards, or be it the UPI transactions, they should all be transacted with ease. A befitting POS transaction system should accept all forms of payment, with minimum failures. 

This feature not only facilitates easy payments but, in case of returns or refunds, it helps to instantly calculate the due amount and return it to the customer. 

User Friendly Interface 

Learning to use the POS software system should not be like getting a degree in engineering. In simpler words, it should be simple to use. The user interface of the POS software should be friendly enough that you won’t need to call your technical support guy, over and over again to understand the interface. The software should be easy to understand for both you and your employees. 

The interface must be equipped with a straightforward interface, low learning curve, intuitive navigation, and customization options so that it is easier to adapt. Different categories, such as product categories, price, payment options, and discounts should be properly organized to be clear for the staff working on the software. Utilizing visually attractive designs can also enhance intuitive navigation. Software with an attractive dynamic but a tough user interface will only cost the business, funds, and time.  

PCI DSS Compliance 

PCI DSS is abbreviated for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Any business involved in the transaction of electronic payment methods should mandatorily stay in compliance with this. With growing technology came technical issues, like payment failures, data breaches, and many more. PCI DSS compliance helps the business to reduce the said data breach and protect the sensitive data of your customers.

Now when all your transactions will be handled by your POS billing software, it is important for this software to adhere to the compliances. This will help safeguard payment data, achieve better brand value, and avoid high-cost financial fraud. 


Scalability refers to the software’s ability to grow with the business. Manage increased sales, and that it can handle varying amounts of work, without compromising the quality. It is important to assess the scalability of a POS system so that it does not become a hindrance to the growth of your business. 

Scalability offers lower costs higher efficiency, and better customer experience. A scalable POS transaction software will speed up your checkout process, reduce errors also adapt to your budget and your needs. A scalable POS software encompasses the ability to handle increased tasks, transactions, and value, and to integrate with technologies and platforms. It also allows easier addition of features, and adaption to changing business. 

Schedule a Demo 

After you properly scrutinize the POS software based on the aforementioned features, you should not rush into purchasing the software. It is very important to book a free trial or demo of the POS software you are planning to invest in. A demo is extremely important to properly assess the said features of POS software.

You should assess the software keeping the needs of your business in mind. As a retail business owner, you must examine the software that will turn out to be the best retail POS software, in the same way, the owner of a food chain will make sure that the restaurant POS system he is investing in, will prove to be beneficial for his business, and become the his choice of restaurant POS software. 

POS Software Demo


Point-of-sale software uses e-commerce initiatives to boost your sales and push ahead, both profit for the business and customer loyalty. It is very important to choose a reliable and accurate POS machine and software for your business. The right POS machine system will facilitate your tedious manual tasks like, management of inventory, uncomplicated and stress-free billing, management of GST and tax invoices, and curation of loyalty points for the customers. It not only simplifies the experience not just for the retailer or the business owner but also, for the customer. Choosing the best POS system will not only build customer loyalty but also empower the staff.

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Frequently Ask Question

What are the most important features a POS software should have?

A reliable point-of-sale software should be low in cost, and consequently, high in return on investments, and should be adaptable to various payment methods like cash, cards, or UPI transactions, with providing different payment options should also, make sure that these transactions are carried out with ease, which means it should also be PCI DSS compliant. The POS software should also grow with the business growth, which means it should be scalable.

What is the most accurate POS software for businesses?

Working in adherence with various features that are mentioned in this article, entailed to prove to be the most reliable POS software, Marg ERP POS billing software, is by far the most compatible POS billing software, for all kinds of business, ranging from pharmacy, restaurants, FMCG, garments and various other industries, Marg ERP POS billing software has indeed proved to be the most accurate billing software in India and its adjoining countries.

What is the aim of POS Software?

With correct implementation, the POS billing software can help increase profit significantly, enhance customer loyalty, and can also help in achieving peak profit levels. POS systems can work to record customer transactions, generate bills, and update loyalty points to customers. As a consequence, it will strengthen the consumer-producer relationship. It will also help empower the store employee members by updating inventory levels, generating receipts, and recording their revenue data.

What are the benefits of POS software to a business?

POS software speeds up and optimizes the check-out process, businesses can improve inventory management by keeping a track record of their stocks, which helps the company manage its stocks, fill orders, and track overall production or sales and efficient and accurate services, provided by POS Software can also help gain loyal customers.

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