Security Features in Modern POS Software

Security Features in POS Software

An e-commerce initiative formulated to reduce costs, increase profits, and grow retail, is a point-of-sale system software, also called POS software. Installing a POS software system in your business will attract a significant profit in your business. It will not only prove to be beneficial for the business but also to the customers that are in transactions with the business. With a reliable and accurate POS software system put into use, your business can rid itself of, many tedious manual tasks. POS software will bring about a turn in your revenue and help you reach new heights of success in your business. But with better technology, comes a threat of increased malevolent practices. Technology has both perks and disadvantages, that follow its implementation everywhere. In this article we will learn about how you can avoid these malicious activities in your business, using a secured POS billing software system.  

What is a Point of Sale System Software?

A point-of-sale system software works to collect all your data about your sales, inventory, and your customers. You can use this information to calculate your profits and also run marketing campaigns that will further attract customers to the business. It will record customer transactions, generate bills, and update loyalty points to the customers, for you. Some of the security features in modern POS software that will make your business revolve around the POS billing software system are listed as you read on.  

  • POS software will help keep a track record of all your sales and purchases, and its price listings.   
  • POS will speed up and optimize your check-out process. This will help eliminate long queues at the billing counter.  
  • You can improve your inventory management by keeping a track record of your stocks.

What is Modern POS Security and How Does it work?

POS hacks address a significant chance for cyber criminals. POS applications contain a tremendous measure of client information, including their phone number, their addresses, and their financial details like bank account numbers and card numbers.  and by and by recognizable data that could be utilised to take cash or commit more extensive crimes, like identity fraud. By hacking one application, malevolent actors might get close enough to a huge number of card details that they can either utilise deceitfully or offer to different third parties. These hackers can also take advantage of retailers’ compromised POS applications, which can give them access to immense measures of client information, as well as extra applications and frameworks the retailer works with. Associations should utilise point-of-sale system security to safeguard their applications, avoid unapproved access, and keep hackers from going after their back-end frameworks. 

An attack launch commonly starts with a programmer accessing an objective framework by taking advantage of a weakness. They will then, at that point, introduce POS malware that is explicitly intended to take card details from POS systems which spreads through a firm’s POS framework memory to scratch and gather information. Associations can safeguard against these assault vectors by sending innovations that aid in POS fraud prevention. This incorporates whitelisting explicit technologies to safeguard against malevolent practices, utilizing chip readers so clients don’t need to swipe their credit and check cards and making it harder for hackers to replicate card information. 

Modern POS Security Features Must in POS Software

You must check and thoroughly analyze the POS billing software that you are planning to invest in, several factors might affect your analysis and thoughts, like budget and cost, user-friendly interface, and implementing various payment methods or a dynamic-looking POS system software. But the most important feature that you must look into before buying your Software is its security feature which is an extremely important feature for both the company and the customers. Here are some security features that you must look into before buying your POS billing software. 

Modern POS Security Features

Secure Cash Management

Having a POS that has built-in secure cash management features is a must-have for any business. Your POS framework ought to be totally fully informed regarding what is going on from store opening to shutting, and timing in and closing down for the day should require staff to enter the sum in the money cabinet each time. This component can likewise be continued to shift, with the goal that how much money in the money cabinet is constantly represented per worker.

Staff Permissions 

Prevention is always better than cure. Taking steps to prevent any fraudulent activities in your business beforehand will reduce any upcoming security breaches. Your point-of-sale system must have staff permissions as a core part of their system. This feature will help limit any kind of activities that are unrequited by employees. For instance, making a sale using the cash register, and accessing a customer’s sensitive data will be barred to all employees unless specified. The employees will only have limited access to their respective features. A permission pop-up for employees, before practising features like offering discounts or gift cards, can help the company save tens of thousands of bucks. 

Account Based Login

Requiring all individuals on the staff to sign in when they make use of any POS feature in your business guarantees that movements of every kind can be tracked. If you notice any abrupt declines in real money, any bizarre deals, or an overflow of limits, you can follow these activities back to the account that approved them. This degree of safety is straightforward, however can surely save your business from being required to figure out which of your representatives may be cheating you. In the event that interior POS security is an issue you are worried about, it is best to have a supervisor or somebody you trust to access their account even with a mobile POS system.  

End-to-End Encryption 

End-to-end encryption is one of the compulsory highlights of POS for protecting and making a solid shopping environment for clients whether on the web or disconnected. Payment gateway with no contact payment options must be secured against extortion and robbery of data or information. Organisations utilise retail location security highlights to make safeguard for any extent of data spillage connected with client personality or client-sensitive data as these can be utilised for greater robberies. The security framework will be beneficial in POS fraud prevention, and help secure payment processing. 

How Can You Practice Secure Payment Processing with POS Software?

  • To secure your customer data so that it never becomes exposed to malicious practioners is through encryption. Encrypting credit cards and other sensitive data as soon as the POS device receives the data and when it gets sent to the POS software server will ensure that it is never accessible to them.
    • Installing antivirus software will allow your business to secure its systems and prevent any  POS attacks. Antivirus software will prevent malware from attacking your businesses’ systems by scrutinizing devices to detect hazardous or strange applications, documents, and user activity that should be blocked or taken action against.  
    • Modern hackers can attack POS software from the comfort of their homes. This is normally conceivable through systems that can interface with third-party applications, which hackers will use to penetrate through programming that stays dormant until it associates with POS software.
    • Businesses with POS software, therefore accordingly, need to try not to interface with third-party applications and make sure that their frameworks stay local, internal, and secure. They should restrict the handling of critical business tasks to secure corporate networks. 


    Security is one of the greatest dangers of a POS software system. Hackers are continually keeping watch for security holes and potential shortcomings that could permit them to send off attacks on POS applications. Point of Sale security (POS security) establishes safe conditions for clients to buy and complete exchanges. POS safety measures are urgent to keep unapproved users from getting into electronic payment frameworks and decrease the risks of credit card data robbery or fraud. Implementing a safe and secure POS  software system like Marg ERP in your business, will not only push forward your business ventures but also keep your and your customer’s data safe and secure.

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    Frequently Ask Questions

    How can you prevent a cyberattack on POS Software?

    A cyberattack, that targets your POS software, and carries the risk of data theft, can be avoided by investing in a secure POS software, which works to secure your customer’s data and facilitate easy and secure payments. Secure software comes with various security features like end-to-end encryption, an authorized login facility, and secure cash management. These features will make sure your business runs smoothly and securely.

    Which is the most secure POS software for your business?

    It is important to purchase secure POS software that will protect your and your customer’s sensitive data and streamline safe and secure payments. Marg ERP is one such secure software that will make sure your business is saved from any robbery or data theft.

    What is POS Security?

    POS security creates a safe space for people to make transactions using their preferred mode of payment, without the worry of any fraudulent activities, or cyber attacks that can intend harm to your personal information.

    What are the key features to look for in secure POS software?

    The key features to look into before purchasing a safe and secure POS software are that it should be end-to-end encrypted, and should be pre-equipped with features like secured cash management, managing permission, account login, etc.

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