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Introduction to Marg Books

Marg Books is online accounting software which is powered by Marg ERP Ltd. Marg ERP 9+ has been in the business of accounting & inventory management for 21 years. Since its interception, Marg ERP has been working towards the betterment of small & medium enterprises. With its array of products, Marg ERP has delivered quality services to Indian as well as worldwide businesses. Presently Marg ERP is serving 1million + customers in 27+ countries in 21+ different trade segments. With this support & love of customers, Marg ERP introduced Marg Books.

“Marg Books is revolutionary online accounting software that will transform the way of doing business. Now the Indian businesses will be empowered, more digitized with the services on the cloud. MWe have been working on Marg Book for a long time and has designed it in such a way that the modern interface, interactive dashboard, user-friendly shortcuts & tools make the everyday business easy for small, medium, large enterprises.” said Thakur Anup Singh, CMD Marg ERP Ltd.

Why Marg Books?

There are multiple options available in the market that may attract with lucrative offers but at a point doesn’t serve the purpose. Therefore Marg Books is online accounting software with the best inventory management. Yes, with Marg Books you can easily manage your inventory & and you need to have any other software. Moreover, Marg ERP is a complete business ecosystem starting from billing till delivery till payments, Marg network is integrated with MargPay, eBusiness Mobile Apps and many more.

With Marg Books, in addition to perfect accounting you get access to inventory management, get the liberty of digital collections via MargPay, integrated mobile apps to manage your business, the trust of Marg ERP & the freedom to access your business from any device, what more can you expect?

What are the Advantages of Marg Books?

There are numerous benefits of Marg Books, but to list a few:

  • Simple & Affordable Pricing
  • Easy & fast data entry process
  • Automation of all monotonous tasks
  • In-depth & comprehensive financial reports for better-informed decision making
  • Reduction of Manual errors
  • Saves Time & Cost on Manual Accounting
  • Secured storage to crucial company Data
  • 7 Layer Data protection
  • Centralized access to multiple departments
  • Scalability with the growth of the organization

What are the benefits of Marg Books?

  • Improved accuracy due to reduction of errors
  • Better collaboration between departments due to centralized access
  • Reduced operational cost due to elimination of outsourcing
  • Simplified tax compliances
  • GST compliant- file 100% error-free GST tax returns
  • Improved productivity
  • Better decision making through the acquisition of timely & informed reports.

Features of Marg Books

Now when we have discussed the benefits & advantages of Marg Books. Let us now discuss the features of Marg Books in detail.

Cloud Access

Access your business Online from any device to manage your finances, automate business operations and work collectively across all departments.

Dashboard Control

Modern & interactive dashboard that displays all insights of your business at one place. Easily customize & design your software dashboard as per your preferences.

Collaborative Commerce

Reduce 50% of manual work & increase 100% work efficiency by importing sales bill & automatically uploading it as purchase bill in software.

Customized Invoice Templates

Simple interface to customize & generate professional Invoices instantly & give your customers a highly personalized shopping experience.

End-to-End Accounting

Right from comparing deals to raising sales orders and generating invoices, Marg Books handles all accounting tasks so you can focus on your business.

GST Compliance & e-Invoicing

Stay GST Compliant with Marg Books. Generate e-invoices, GST invoices, stay updated with tax liability and file your GST returns directly on time. Start e-invoicing in 5 easy steps with Marg Books. Upload your B2B transaction invoices authenticated by Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) of Registered Party’s Credit & Debit Note on the GSTN portal electronically & reconcile directly without any hassle.

eBusiness Mobile Apps

Stay connected & get real-time updates on all order status on your mobile phone. Manage and complete orders, receive payments, check your outstanding on the go with Marg eRetail & eOrder App.

Free Drug Helpline- Pharmanxt

Get complete information of 4.5 Lakh Medicines inside Marg Books- Online Accounting Software. Increase 40-50% sales by searching substitutes & placing orders to nearby suppliers.

Effortless Reconciliation

Integrated with MargPay receive all your payments digitally directly into your bank accounts. Experience connected Banking with 140+ Banks. Marg Books helps in easy, effortless & auto-bank reconciliation of every transaction.

Customized Reports

Get complete control over your inventory, vendor payments, item details, purchase orders and stock valuation from a range of MIS reports which can be customized, downloaded and shared easily on Whatsapp & Email.

Re-Order Management

Know the Fast, Slow and Non- Moving products in your store. Set Re-order points. Generate Re- order on the basis of Product Sale/ Profit/Stock level & Calculations. Set location-specific re-order points to automatically place orders to your Supplier/ Distributors without any hassle.

Auto Cloud Backup

Your Data is important. We assure 100% security with 7 Layer Data protection. Automatically backup your Data on Cloud & easily access or restore the Data from anywhere.

Barcode Printing

Design & Print barcode labels for the stock items. Get unmatched Billing speed by Barcode scanning & defining shortcuts using intelligent search options like category, brand name etc.

Touch Screen POS

Bill instantly with increased efficiency using the Touch Screen POS system. Evaluate your daily reports; get complete customer history, track products in a click & much more.

Inventory Management

Manage & Track inventory levels, set reorders points, make inventory up to date when required on the basis of smart recommendations, Marg Books with inventory tracking helps to streamline your entire business.

Multi-User Access, Roles & Privileges

Create multiple users and assign them different roles, Set permission to access the documents that help to manage the system properly and also keep track of their daily billing and accounting related activities.

Multi-Unit/ Multi Branch Billing

From Billing to Balance Sheet, manage Multiple Stores & Godowns from anywhere on any device. Easily do Billing, Transfer & Manage Stock/Inventory between different branches.

E-mail / SMS Configure

Get paid on time by sending the softcopy and PDF of sale bill/ purchase bill; sending notifications to your customers about remaining outstandings, bill dues etc. via email & SMS. Our intuitive & specifically designed online accounting software for your business drastically reduces your burden by saving time & cost.

Multi-Lingual Billing

Increase your sales by designing beautiful customized invoices in any Local Language like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, etc. in the easiest and most convenient manner using Marg Books. Efficiently design headers and print items/products in invoices in any Local Language so that your customers stay better connected with you.

Modular Page Settings

Simplify your business operation by customizing the layout & different page setting easily on one tap. Based on Modules make shortcuts, set a dashboard, keep your business insights at your fingertips with Marg Books- Online Accounting Software.

Data Migration

Get 100% Data Migration support from Marg ERP. Easily transfer your business data from Marg ERP or any other existing software to Marg Books for easy online accounting & inventory management. Start using managing your business on the cloud from anywhere anytime.


With Marg Books- Cloud-Based Accounting & Inventory Management Software for Your Business, you can manage your entire business at your fingertips online. Complete Stock Monitoring, Fastest Billing, Tracking Finances, Auto-bank Reconciliation of every Transaction, & more- Marg Books does it all for you.


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