Best FMCG Software: What are the 4 categories of FMCG


Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers work on medium-to-low margins and handle large-scale production. For such businesses, maintaining a large sales volume is important. Fast-moving consumer goods are made using complicated processes, including supply chain management, warehouse operations, store orders, quality control, and more.

Organizing multiple tasks using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is essential to manage multiple tasks using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software when a Manufacturing company is expanding and growing. For the FMCG industry to function well and scale smoothly, the best FMCG software is essential. Let’s examine in more detail why integrating FMCG software is essential for FMCG companies.

What Is FMCG Software?

FMCG distribution billing software is one of the best solutions for FMCG distributors. This software simplifies the work of super stockists and wholesale traders to automate their product flow by managing their bulk purchases to deliver their customers’ hands and returns.

Additionally, FMCG distribution software helps you in keeping track of all outlets in one location while providing precise information on each product, such as the FSSAI number, MFG date, and Expiry date. With distribution billing software, you can also use intelligent business information and reports at any moment to help you make better business decisions.

Why Do FMCG Companies Require Software for Distribution Billing?

The best software for FMCG distributors helps distributors to run their business in a well-organized manner by decreasing the time and errors happening between each operation by integrating everything into one software.

Moreover, FMCG software solutions let you manage returned or damaged goods with complete tracking, track each sale or purchase quickly and protect your assets.

With software solutions, you may make specific offers and even give away things based on the purchase value to win over customers and strengthen trade relationships.


What Are the Benefits of Using FMCG Billing Software?

The FMCG software benefits the FMCG distributor management in several ways:

Improves And Optimizes Processing Operations

All departments have access to the centralized data storage that is maintained by the FMCG Software. Users receive real-time information from the software, which also aids in tracking the advancement of all processes.

The seamless integration and productive collaboration of all departments are made possible by the end-to-end transparency of procedures. This improves output and speeds up all jobs, streamlining procedures.


Enhances Customer Relationship Management

In the FMCG industry, you work with a variety of stakeholders, such as raw material suppliers, retailers, and wholesalers, while your clients could be store owners, retailers, or wholesalers. All of this data may be tracked using ERP.

The workflow and communication between these stakeholders can be mapped using the CRM module of ERP software, providing transparency. The platform can both collect and classify all information. It supports your strategic choices concerning order acceptance, product production, and product sales.

Smooth Supply Chain Management

FMCG software allows total material traceability and tracking to make sure the supply chain runs smoothly.

In order to secure the timely delivery of finished items for sale, supply chain management includes contact with a variety of suppliers and partners for the acquisition of raw materials.

With ERP installed for your company, you may get rid of waste, increase workflow, and guarantee effective supply chain management for your FMCG company.

Maintains Consistent Quality

Customers are loyal to a brand because of the high quality of the products they receive, not because of the brand’s well-known name. Therefore, quality must never be sacrificed.

The majority of ERP systems have a module that handles all quality criteria and industry compliances. It becomes essential to sustain the quality of all processed and packaged goods in an FMCG firm as well.

Following the quality guidelines is important, from the vendor’s inspection to the finished goods’ quality inspection. Traceability, labeling, audit reports, shipping documentation, and other factors are included in quality control to guarantee uniform standards.

Boost Sales

As a producer of fast-moving consumer goods, you provide low-priced products that customers often purchase. Therefore, the growth of the firm and its profitability depend greatly on the number of sales.

An estimated future demand can be predicted with the use of extensive analysis and reports offered by software like ERP. By seeing these chances, such analysis aids in helping you enhance production and sales as well as get ready for new orders. For FMCG companies, Marg ERP offers complete solution software.


How to Choose the Best FMCG Software?

Selecting the best FMCG software lowers your stress and increases your success. Therefore, check that an FMCG distribution software has the qualities listed below before picking it.

  • Advanced financial accounting solution for tax automation for each transaction and simpler preparation of GST reports, E-invoices, and E-way bills.
  • Mobile solutions for more orders and customers with less time and work required
  • The capacity to track damaged and returned goods properly in order to prevent missing them between transits.
  • Provide administration to establish and appropriately maintain individualized, location-based, and occasion-based discounts for your customers without collapsing or obstructing other offers.
How To Download Free FMCG Software from Marg ERP?

You can download the free FMCG Software from Marg ERP’s official website.

Why Choose Marg ERP FMCG Distribution Software?

Marg ERP’s FMCG distributor billing software serves as a personal assistant for your FMCG distribution firm and minimizes labor and effort. Because of this, Marg ERP continues to be the best FMCG software among its rivals.

Marg ERP is also the best CRM for FMCG as it provides a variety of enticing features to manage and keep your customers with you.

These features include personalized offers, discounts, saving the complete sale track for giving suggestions based on previous transactions, managing their outstanding credits, and various customized reports to analyze customer data and their purchase preferences and fast-moving and slow-moving items.

Additionally, it helps to shorten the time between receiving, processing, and delivering orders by automatically sending live orders to warehouses and go downs for processing as soon as the salesperson closes the deal, ensuring on-time delivery and the satisfaction of your consumers.


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