Coronavirus Dos and Don’ts


    What is Corona Virus?

    COVID-19 is the disease caused by the new coronavirus that surfaced in China in December 2019. Large family of viruses are called as ‘Coronavirus’. Human coronaviruses are common and are typically associated with mild illnesses which is similar to the common cold.

    Until now, this new disease was not diagnosed in humans. Rarely, animal coronaviruses can infect people, and more rarely, these can then spread from person to person through close contact.

    How is Corona Virus Spread?

    Coronavirus is a contagious disease which spreads person to person.

    • Due to close contact (within 6 feet) between people.
    • Due to respiratory droplets produced by the cough or sneeze of an infected person.

    These respiratory droplets can be possibly inhaled into lungs of the people nearby. 

    A person also get COVID-19 on touching the virus present on any surface or object & then transmitting the virus on touching their own mouth, nose or eyes. 

    What are Symptoms of Corona Virus?

    • Fever
    • Cough
    • Shortness of Breath

    How to protect yourself from Corona Virus?

    • Wash your hands frequently with Soap or use alcohol based Sanitizer
    • Cover your mouth & nose while coughing or sneezing
    • Avoid cold drinks, ice-creams, fast food etc.
    • Avoid contact with anyone showing flu-like symptoms

    How to avoid catching and spreading coronavirus?


    ✔️ Follow Precautions and don’t create much panic 

    ✔️ Drink plenty of water/liquid and eat nutritious food 

    ✔️ Avoid frequently touching your eyes, ears and nose

    ✔️Avoid wearing mask for more than 1 day or wash to reuse it


    ❌ Touching eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands

    Shaking hands while greeting

    Spitting in Public Places 

    Taking medicines without consulting a doctor

    Disposing used napkin or tissue paper in open areas

    Watch this video & Follow the very Easy and Simple Steps to Fight against Coronavirus



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