Deadline for filing GSTR2 and GSTR3 Extended


Looking at the consistent technical glitches faced by the taxpayers across the nation, the GST council on Monday decided to extend the filing dates of GSTR2 and GSTR3.

The new dates for filing GSTR2 for July is now extended to November 30 and for filing GSTR3 the date is extended to 11th December. Around 46 lakh taxpayer have completed their tax filing for the month of July but with the extension in filing dates, it will now allow another 3 million taxpayers to file their July returns which are still pending.

This positive move by the GST council was much appreciated by the Confederation of Indian industry as they have consistently sought for extension in filing dates.

The GST council has given strict instruction to Infosys the company which is responsible for the maintenance of the GSTN portal and make it equally effective in such a way that all the modules of GSTN portal gets activated to amend core fields in registration. The minister in GST council has asked that there should be no technical glitches reported from here onward.

The Infosys company believes that the challenges faced by some of the taxpayers in dealing with mismatches in GSTR2 will get easily resolved in November.

The taxpayers have welcomed the decision taken by the GST council by one month more which is extremely helpful to file returns in the extended timeline.


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