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India Climbs The Top 100 Ranking List Of World Bank in Ease Of Doing Business

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Marg ERP Ltd
Marg ERP Ltd
MARG ERP Ltd. has its expertise in providing the perfect customized inventory and accounting solutions for all businesses to get GST compliant.

Ease of doing business in India is no more a dream but has become a reality as India jumped 30 places in the international market for ease of doing business.

With the onset of GST, the country has propelled to a new height and has assured a more new & stronger economy. As India has climbed up places and has grabbed a reputable images in the world market.

Most of the accounting and inventory software company believe that a high level of ownership is important for its success and the persistence shown in the initial phase of GST onset has already started to show up its result. With time it is definitely going to bring honors to the country.

Foriegn investors have a positive mindset towards Indian market and this has reflected as an increased investment which is just double the value of foreign investment made in 2013 and 2014.

Hats off to the effort taken by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi which has carried forward the reformation in the taxation history of India which assures to unify all the indirect taxes.

To climb further in the ranking status the government needs to investment more in infrastructure building, investment in its people and strengthening of the basic economic foundation for more progress in the future.

The World Bank has acknowledged the fact that around 60 million Indians in the recent past came out of extreme poverty. The GST is a very realistic way to demonstrate that progress is being made and that the World Bank looks forward towards India for a much broader contribution in world trading business.

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