Marg ERP Direct Calling App – Requirement, Benefit & Process


The two most important things in any business are customers & payments. Let’s face the fact, the payments are important, and the customer will pay you. If you receive your payments on time, then your business will succeed else chances of failure is high. Without these two on time the business will fail very quickly.

Are you worried about asking for payments of overdue invoices?  Do you often forget to call your customers for orders & payments in your busy schedule? Are you tired of dialing numbers on your mobile for making calls daily? 

Don’t worry. It’s absolutely normal to get tired & forgot things. With some technology & techniques you can definitely get rid of this struggle. Yes, we are talking out calling your customers directly from your system or software.

To simplify the overall calling process for Retailers & Distributors Marg ERP launched a ‘Direct Calling App’ which can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store. There are many ways of contacting your customers, and you might already have tested many. But just ask yourself, if there is any better way then direct Calling. Marg ERP, therefore, introduced a concept where the user can call the customer by just clicking on the Call icon on the system.

SMEs & MSMEs are already dealing with countless problems on different fronts. But what is potentially damaging is late payment. Marg ERP with 28 years of experience as the market leader and helping small businesses to build have studied that around 50-60% invoices can be cleared via email only. But the rest still needs further input & efforts. You need to messages or call the customer and remind them of payments. While calling via phone you also to the entire customer history handy, which is also a challenging process.

This is where the need for Direct Calling App arises, and Marg ERP being the backbone of the business for over 1 million users, tried to simplify the process of calling. This modern feature i.e. Direct Calling, of Marg ERP, eliminates the need for typing numbers completely. Moreover, complete details of the customer is displayed on the software screen at the time of calling which is an added benefit. Searching for numbers, dialing them, collecting other details is a very time-consuming task. Let’s say your operator needs to make a 50 calls per day, and he need 10 minutes times to collect everything before every single call. That calculates to 500 minutes wasted every day. Now being a businessman you can easily calculate the losses here.

Benefits of Direct Calling 

?No need to Dial manually

?Designed for Distributors & Retailers

?Call at just 1 click

?Customer’s history at one place

?Save time & Hassle-free

?Control losses by Direct Calling

?Improves Efficient & Accuracy

Direct Calling Process

 Step 1: Download Mar Calling App from Google Play store

Step 2: Scan the QR code to sync your mobile with the software

Step 3: Click on the Call icon on the software screen

Step 4: All Done 

Now let’s discuss some beneficial strategies for Direct Calling

The below-listed strategies, if you put in the right place, you don’t have to worry about anything. It’s a good idea to apply strategies before invoices become overdue and your customer starts avoiding your calls. Direct Calling is one of the most effective ways of getting paid.  

Have all the necessary information in front of you. 

You can manage it easily with Marg ERP.

?Invoice reference number

?Category of invoice

?Issue date

?Overdue days (if any)

?Payment history

?Ledger details

Keep the objective in mind

Make sure you politely hit the target, whether you are calling for outstanding payments, order, etc. Make sure to: 

?Resolve any dispute

?Finalize a payment Date

?Offer multiple payment options

?Simplify the process

Always approach a customer with an unbeatable positive approach. 

The above-explained need and importance of the Direct Calling feature highlight the support Marg ERP is offering to its customers. This feature helps to manage customer flow in an orderly manner. It helps in hasslefree calling done by just 1 click. This system developed by Marg ERP is an economical, simple & effective system consisting of one system with Marg ERP software & one mobile with Marg ERP Calling App. No technical training required and thus helps to reduce cost & other expenses.

Direct Calling is a wireless system that is an ideal solution that helps to improve User experience by eliminating the need of dialing numbers of Mobile and is completely free for Marg users. This approach helps to save time and increases business efficiency to many folds. The unique feature designed by Marg ERP for retailers & distributors is suited for the following trades: 


?FMCG retails stores


?Pharmaceutical companies

?Grocery stores

?Retail stores etc.

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