How Marg ERP is showing the Path to SMEs?


We often hear our ancestors, our senators, and our people saying that “India is a developing nation and one day it will be a developed nation” but, do you remember since when we are listening to this? This question may seem worthless to you because it doesn’t matter since when, but have you ever wondered until what time?

When will we become a progressed nation? When will be the apt time to say that, we are a significant part of a developed nation and we are the one who has transformed this country from a developing country to a developed nation?

I know this thought gives goosebumps and seems to be a very challenging situation but it needs our consideration. After all, we are Indians and if we don’t think of our country who else will do. The right time has come now for participation that will ensure the growth of our nation?

What about an honest participation in initiatives like ‘Make In India’?

It is undoubtedly true that SMEs are the key drivers behind the growth of a nation and as per the recent studies it is said, that the estimated count of SMEs in India comes around 42.50 million including registered & unregistered firms which is a staggering 95% of the total industrial units in India. The SME sector includes various businesses like manufacturing, infrastructure, service industry, FMCG, and IT. In lieu of initiatives like ‘Make In India’, can we support these SMEs and help them in accelerating their growth?

Let’s go through the major challenges and the lacunas which the SMEs are facing today and how Marg ERP Ltd., an Indian based inventory software and accounting software solution provider company that supports ‘Make In India’ in its truest sense has become a rescuer for them in such situations.

Lack of Technology: In today’s fast-paced world when technology is evolving day by day, every SME is required to stay updated. However, they have a fallacy that implementation of software in their business will only contribute towards increased costing and will not help them with their business processes in any way.

Marg ERP’s assistance: In order to help SMEs in India, Marg ERP has designed a customizable one-stop solution for every business needs. Their software is a complete package in itself that comprises of software packages like ERP, inventory, accounting, billing, SCM, and many more that serves the requirement of every business. More importantly, it’s a desktop based software which is easy to understand and thus it’s affordable for all.

Lack of Finance: Every rich idea should be backed up to evolve as a promising step of success, however in the present scenario this turns out to be a major challenge that SMEs are facing. Due to lack of investments or financial issues, their precious business ideas stay suppressed and do not allow them to raise funds even from banks unless they are backed by a phenomenal business tycoon.

Marg ERP’s assistance: Marg ERP provides an integrated banking solution to every customer, where SMEs using their software can avail loans from ICICI Bank at low-interest rates and with hassle-free documentation.

Lack of Direction: Most of the SMEs are started by young entrepreneurs who have a tendency to do everything on their own. They don’t want any support or guidance. They just go with the flow and forget to keep an eye on significant areas of their businesses like business processes, the financial situation of their business, market research and market analysis etc.

Marg ERP’s assistance: Marg ERP is facilitating SMEs with its customizable software which is capable of making 1000s of beneficial reports in no time for their business. These reports bring transparency in their business processes. These reports clearly show the demand for their product in market, profit & loss, and ultimately help the management in strategy & decision making for future.

Conclusion: From the shreds of evidence given above, we can conclude that Marg ERP is empowering SMEs for the last 2 decades with its innovative and advanced ERP software solution. Now is your time to take maximum benefit from it and lead your business towards success.

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